Destiny 2 The Curse Of Osiris Reveal Stream #1 Recap

Last week Bungie held the first in a series of three livestreams which will steadily reveal more about the first upcoming expansion for Destiny 2, the Curse of Osiris. In this livestream Bungie covered the new stories to tell in this expansion, but what exactly did that entail? Let’s take a look to remind ourselves before the next livestream.

New stories to tell is intended to cover the new location Guardians will be exploring, the story of the Curse of Osiris, and the characters we’ll meet along the way. The opening cinematic shows Osiris in a bit of a pickle, obviously in the Infinite Forest searching for something. Here he is scared by what he finds and throws his Ghost away through a portal to protect her.

From this we can surmise that Guardians will be searching for Osiris in order to help him, and then defend him from whatever is hunting him. At the point Osiris freezes time in the cinematic the Vex actually manage to unfreeze and attack him, so what is that all about and why are the Vex so vehemently searching for one outcome from the future in the Infinite Forest?

We’re told that the Vex are amassing on Mercury because the Traveller‘s Light awoke a portal on it. This is bad and it’s why the Guardians are now investigating it.

Next up is Osiris himself, and a bunch of lovely screenshots that I’m sure will feature on the site in the future. This guy is the greatest Warlock to ever have lived, and he was exiled to Mercury by the Vanguard. Osiris took what he had on him to Mercury and since then he’s been modifying his gear and weapons with Vex technology in order to keep one step ahead of them.

Now we see Sagira, Osiris’ Ghost who is the first named Ghost in the franchise, as well as the second Ghost to be heard in the series ever. She’s also been stylised to look more Egyptian than other Ghost shells in Destiny 2 and that’s important because it’s the whole theme of Osiris.

Ikora Rey will feature heavily in the Curse of Osiris because she’s the one who knew Osiris the best, and she’s the one who sends the Guardians to Mercury. She also needs to explore who she is as the Vanguard leader and how to be better at that in order to lead the Last City forward.

Brother Vance is the next subject shown and it’s hinted that while Osiris knows there is a Cult of Osiris who worship him he doesn’t like to think of himself on that level. In Destiny 2 Brother Vance wanted to find the perfect Guardian to bring Osiris back, now he knows Osiris is coming back and he is beyond excited about it.

Bungie then move onto locations and Mercury is the focus of it all. The key word they thought of when creating this planet was mystery, and that is going to be the theme throughout this expansion. Whatever we see when we’re exploring the planet will always have more to tell, even when fighting in the Crucible. Before the Vex Mercury was a lush garden world, but then the Vex arrived and hollowed it out into their own machine world.

The gate through which players will venture in Curse of Osiris will take them to different versions of Mercury, namely past, present, and future. What the Vex are doing is trying to find the right equation for the future, finding all possible realities until they locate one that they can use to their advantage. Through this gate players will have to face Vex from the future and the present, but also precursor Vex from the long dead past.

Due to the theme of the Vex there will be missions in the Curse of Osiris that play out differently each time. Bungie has made different combinations of set pieces that they will implement in different ways each time a mission is loaded in order to make it feel different and unique. This is by no means procedural generation but it does give the impression of it.

Future Mercury is next on the screen showing a place called the Dark Future in which the Sun has died, and no life remains but the Vex. This is a terrifying future and obviously one that the Vex would love to achieve. The Lighthouse in particular is a real hellhole, but in the present day it is a social space. Here the Cult of Osiris eagerly await Osiris’ return and have gone ahead and invited everyone there. This will be the start of a number of missions and it’ll be the place where you interact with a bunch of characters.

The player level has been raised to 25 and Power Level to 335, but this is not something Bungie go into here. What they do show is some Warlock armour with a Vex helmet that looks seriously creepy. On one of the walls in the Lighthouse there is an in-game tracker for activities after you’ve completed the Cure of Osiris. The activities specifically relate to weapons that you’re able to craft from vex technology just like Osiris.

Deej moves onto the surface of Mercury to give us all a taste of the planet. The social space is similar in size to others in Destiny 2 and will feature all the same activities. Apparently there are survivors from the wreck of the Almighty on the planet and that’s who we’ll be facing as we explore. He moves us through the planet which is as you’d expect, but then we hit the Infinite Forest.

The Infinite Forest exists within Mercury, the entire centre that the Vex have hollowed out. Here players explore and go through other gates in order to access different realities. The gates are controlled by ‘trees’ which have different appearances for each of the realities.

When the updated activity director is opened there is one surprise I wasn’t expecting, The Almighty. Obviously Mercury is a destination but the Almighty is right there, and sadly they don’t go into it.

At this point Deej takes the opportunity to address the question of new Raid content coming to Destiny 2. It sounds like there isn’t a new Raid being added but something called a Raid Lair. While the Leviathan is still available the new Lair named Eater of Worlds is now available as a six player activity. This lair features new encounters, puzzles, and bosses, but if you enjoyed the original enough then you’re fine because they’re upping the level requirements to Power Level 300. The idea for a Raid Lair is that it’s shorter and something you can do if you don’t have enough time to take on the entire Raid in an evening.

The Raid Lair is set to go below the city on top of the Leviathan, into the belly of this planet eating machine. The devs were keen to tell fans that there are a lot of stories left to tell with the Leviathan so expect more content to come. While it may be that we see more Raid Lairs added to the game I think that’s okay, because it expands the universe and gives us so much more in this rich universe.

That was all for this stream but there are two more to come over the next two weeks leading up the launch of the first expansion. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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The Hero’s Burden Vs Antiope-D Which Is The Better SMG?

The Hero’s Burden and Antiope-D are both SMGs in Destiny 2, but there’s some debate over which one fo these weapons is better. While you’re able to equip both SMGs at once since The Hero’s Burden is an Energy weapon and Antope-D is a Kinetic weapon, that just makes it harder to choose which is better. At least if you have a truly terrible SMG you know you’ll equip one of these two over it, but the similarity in certain stats as well as other factors turn these two into a hot debate among SMG enthusiasts.

Let’s start with the Antiope-D. This weapon has an Impact of 25, Range of 63, Stability of 39, Reload Speed of 27, and Handling of 26. In terms of hidden stats the Zoom is 15, Inventory Size is 30, Aim Assistance is 58, and Recoil Direction is 90.

It has a Precision Frame that makes for better vertical predictability and two sights, the GB Iron has a short zoom, and increases handling speed and range, while the SC Holo is a medium zoom that greatly increases range while slightly decreasing handling speed. You can choose from Ricochet Rounds, which increase range and stability while making bullets ricochet off of hard surfaces, or Tactical Mag which increases stability, reload speed, and magazine size. The final perk is Kill Clip which grants increased damage if you reload after a kill.

Many claim that this is the best SMG for PVP thanks mainly to the weapon stats. It’s range is significantly more than most other SMGs which can be a real advantage given the impact and overall power they pack. Usually the tradeoff with an SMG is that you need to be able to smell your opponent before you can kill them quickly, but the Antiope-D bucks that trend. With that said this isn’t the weapon for those who like to sit back and snipe, or even those who like a decent amount of distance between them and their foes. this is the weapon for getting up into someone’s face and making them panic while their health quickly whittles away as each bullet from this SMG inevitably hits them.

The Hero’s Burden has an Impact of 20, Range of 50, Stability of 46, Reload Speed of 58, and Handling of 63. All of these stats are up on the Antiope-D with the exception of Range which was that weapons strong suit. With Range aside however, this is the better SMG on paper based on stats.

The hidden stats for this weapon are a Zoom of 12, Inventory Size of 43, Aim Assistance of 51, and Recoil Direction of 93. these are fairly similar to the Antiope-D but also higher, meaning that the recoil is going to be worse with The Hero’s Burden, but that additional Aim Assistance probably helps to counteract the difference. Again, on paper this is still the better SMG.

This weapon has an adaptive frame so it’s much sturdier than others, and a choice of three sights. The SLO-10 Post sight has a short zoom and increases handling and slightly increases range. The SPO-28 Front sight has a medium zoom and increases range and slightly increases handling. Finally the SPO-26 Front sight has a short zoom and increases handling speed as well as rang. this last sight is probably the best.

The gun also has a choice between High-Caliber Rounds, which increases range and knock back from bullets, or Drop Mag which greatly increases reloading speed at the cost of ammo. The last perk is Threat Detector which increases reload speed, stability, and handling when enemies are close.

The Hero’s Burden is a close quarters gun with no exceptions. The rate of fire is so fast that you’re spent on all your bullets within a couple of seconds, and you need that handling to make sure you hit your target. However, getting up close and personal and having a couple of seconds with which to kill an enemy is no easy feat in the Crucible, and that can lead to a lot of death with this weapon.

Overall both weapons are pretty good, but the Antiope-D comes out on top for the added range and that safety it provides by not forcing you into one on one fights all the time. With that said, The Hero’s Burden is the better gun up close, but does force you to play in a different way by hunting down individuals as opposed to being able to take out an entire enemy team. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris Wallpaper

With the first expansion for Destiny 2 on the way soon we thought it would be good to put together some of the best images for it as wallpapers for you to use on all your devices. The Curse of Osiris is an expansion that focusses on the character of Osiris, specifically his relationship/interest in the Vex and a huge force that seems to be amassing on Mercury.


This first image depicts Osiris as he walks out of what appears to be a Vex portal onto the surface of Mercury. We know from the details released so far that we’re actually contacted by Osiris’ Ghost, Sagira, who has recruited the Guardians to help her find Osiris after they were separated. At this point they’re together so it could just be a cinematic made for marketing purposes, but I’d like to think that we’ll see these two fighting alongside each other at some point during the expansion.


This next image is of Mercury, of course. This is the planet that’s at the core of the upcoming expansion, Curse of Osiris. While Osiris might have an intimate knowledge of the Vex there’s currently no knowledge regarding his whereabouts. What we do know is that Mercury is where he was banished, and it’s also where the cult of Osiris and Sunbreakers find their home. Osiris disappeared a while ago, which isn’t surprising considering he’s been investigating a race that can travel through time, but Mercury is more than the Vex.

On Mercury Guardians will be able to patrol through the Infinite Forest, a simulation forest the Vex built some time ago. I’m very excited to see this area since it’s the Vex representation of what a forest on Earth might look like, meaning it could be filled with some really weird stuff.


This final image is a wallpaper of the new Crucible map releasing for Playstation 4 first. Here we can see a glimpse of what the Infinite Forest is going to look like, as you can see it’s nothing like what you’d see on Earth. This new Crucible map is going to be a lot of fun to play in because it’ll be available on Playstation 4 first, allowing one group of Destiny 2 players to gain the advantage over others initially.

Image Source: Power-upGaming

Faction Rallies Season 2

This week sees the return of Faction Rallies to Destiny 2. If you’re new to the game Faction Rallies is an event in which you need to align yourself with a faction for the week, one of the big three from the Tower. These factions are New Monarchy, Future War Cult, and Dead Orbit. Once you’ve aligned yourself with them you then need to complete activities in order to earn reward tokens to spend on faction rewards. That is how you’ll net yourself all the faction gear and weapons you crave, but there’s a prize for the best faction. The faction that has the most tokens at the end of the week will have their weapon go on sale for just 1000 Glimmer, which is obviously a bargain.

Now this week is different to the last faction rallies event in that the gear up for grabs is new and the faction weapons up for grabs to the most popular faction are different also, let’s dive in and take a look.


This time around New Monarchy is offering this awesome sword as an incentive to fight for them this time around. I’ve got to say that this really does look brilliant and I want it so much, but I’m a Dead Orbit man through and through so I don’t think I’ll be contributing towards it.


Future War Cult are offering this Fusion Rifle as their reward. This looks much better than what they offered last time around, and the fact that it’s all in their colours makes me want to get it for my Future War Cult themed Warlock.


Finally we have Dead Orbit’s Grenade Launcher. This looks pretty awful right? There’s no character to it, and all there is to trace it back to the best faction in Destiny 2 is that tiny logo on the back. I’m not impressed by this and it makes me want to fight for a new faction. But how can we earn tokens for the faction we ally ourselves with?

Bungie posted last week the changes to how players can earn tokens for their factions, which has been updated from last time after some Guardians felt their efforts weren’t rewarded enough.

You can now earn 5 to 9 tokens per Strike completion, up from 3 to 7 last time, and Nightfall Strikes will reward 10 to 18. Heroic Public Events will now reward 5 tokens, down from 8 last time, and destroying enemy resources no longer rewards tokens at all. Finally, opening Lost Sector Chests will reward you with 3 faction tokens.

So from the looks of things the best way to go and get as many tokens as possible is to do your Nightfall Strike and keep on Striking. When you’re on Patrol you want to do the Heroic Public Events and take all the Lost Sector Chests you can. I think the real way you’ll farm these tokens though is through Strikes, especially if you’re a new player because you will grind through those Power Levels so fast with all the loot you’ll win. Let us know which faction you’re rooting for in the comments.

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New Details For Destiny 2 The Curse Of Osiris

A few more details about the upcoming expansion, The Curse of Osiris, have been leaked through various mediums over the last few days. You’ll know the basics from our previous articles so let’s go through all of the new information that we have and dissect this DLC a bit more.

Level Caps

The player level cap will be increasing from the current 20 Max to 25. The Power Level cap will also be boosted along side this from 300 to 330, with some new Legendary mods that will push weapons 5 points beyond that cap as they do at the moment. This allows for more player progression for anyone who’s grinding the endgame content, but it also makes the end of the game a lot further away for anyone who’s not at that point. MMOs like Destiny 2 thrive on having things to do, so extra levels to grind is only a good thing.

Brother Vance

We will see the return of Brother Vance in the Curse of Osiris. Previously this character was introduced as part of the House of Wolves Expansion for Destiny 1, organising the Trials of Osiris. Of course being a member of the Cult of Osiris Brother Vance will be super excited to see Osiris returning. However, Osiris is a potentially bad Guardian to be around so maybe we shouldn’t be so excited to see him coming back.

One thing that Brother Vance’s return could signify is the return of the Trials of Osiris. Whether or not this will replace the Trials of the Nine is completely up in the air.


Sagira is a new character being introduced to Destiny 2, and in fact she’s Osiris’ Ghost. The pair have become separated and she may encounter the player Guardian in her search to find Osiris again. If Osiris has been messing around in space and time then it would be easy to lose his Ghost, but is that a good thing? Sagira is voiced by Morena Baccarin of Firefly and Homeland.

The Infinite Forest

This is an area on Mercury, which is probably also the Patrol area on the planet, where Guardians will have to keep the peace under the gaze of former pupils of Osiris, Ikora and Vance of the Vanguard. The Infinite Forest is a simulated reality created by the Vex and controlled by them, so who knows what’s out there to take us on?

The Vex

The Curse of Osiris Expansion aims to provide more information on the Vex as a species, as well as what they’ve been up to throughout the Destiny timeline up until now. My money’s on building an army to go back in time and wipe out all life on Earth.

In addition Playstation 4 players of Destiny 2 will be getting access to an exclusive map, though this will probably be a timed exclusive. The map is futuristic spaceship overrun by the Hive, so gross. The map is set in Titan’s New Pacific Arcology.

That’s all the new information we have right now, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Destiny 2 – Understanding Mercury

In the upcoming first Expansion for Destiny 2, the Curse of Osiris, we’re going to Mercury. The problem is that we don’t know a lot about this scorched planet that’s closest to the Sun, so I thought I’d do some research and explain where Mercury is going to be at by the time we return there in the upcoming DLC.

First let’s talk about Mercury in Destiny 1. The planet is already a machine world owned by the Vex, but no one goes there apart from to compete in the Crucible. Part of Guardian efforts in the Crucible that see them on Mercury is the Trials of Osiris. This is an event that celebrates the big man himself, and those who get a flawless win in it will get to go to the Lighthouse, the last bastion of the Cult of Osiris. This shady bunch build the Lighthouse in order to honour Osiris, but he’s long since gone and got himself dead or alive, no one actually knows.

So what do we know about Mercury’s history? Well the Traveller transformed it into a garden world with thick forests as far as they eye could see. We know part of these still exist in Destiny 2 because they’re mentioned in the patrol area included with the Expansion.

When the Darkness arrived and started the Collapse, the Vex arrived on Mercury and took it. In a short period of time they turned it from paradise to hell, making it a machine of their will and somewhere they could summon massive Vex machines from. Apparently the reason you can see the Sun without being blinded is something to do with the way the Vex machine world within alters your perception of it.

Also on Mercury is a Cabal base named Vertigo, which has been mysteriously abandoned, as well as the Sunbreakers. Obviously these are Titans who prefer the Sunbreaker Subclass and it’s where they obtain that power.

During the Red War the Cabal weapon, The Almighty, tore Mercury in half. This means that half of the planet is intact while the other half is strewn between the Sun and it. So I guess when we arrive on Mercury we’re only going to have half of it to run around right? Well I could be wrong, let me explain.

The Vex can mess around in time, going back and forth. So it follows that as Guardians we might go through a Vex portal and end up on a past version of Mercury where they’re sending this huge Vex army. If there’s a lot of activity in one time period it would also attract someone like Osiris, a Warlock obsessed with the machines. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Character Bio – Osiris

With the big reveal of the Curse of Osiris Expansion last night at Paris Games Week, I thought it would be good to look at the character that’s going to be the highlight of this first piece of Destiny 2 DLC, Osiris. The Expansion is set to take Guardians to Mercury where the Vex are building an army to take on, well pretty much anything. This is highly dangerous because the Vex are bringing machines from the past, present, and future together for their force, but seeking help from Osiris could be equally harmful.

Osiris is a Warlock, specifically a Dawnblade, who was exiled from the city. Before he was exiled he was so good at killing aliens that Saint-14 himself recommended him as Vanguard Commander. He’s even been an apprentice to the Speaker, for a time.

However, Osiris isn’t all that great when you get to know him. Soon it became apparent that he was descending into madness, searching for the true purpose behind the Guardians and the nature of the Darkness that nearly ended the Traveller. His beliefs are considered borderline blasphemous, and when it was discovered that he was diverting Guardians and Tower resources away from the protection of the City and refugees no one was very happy with him. He used these resources and Guardians to explore legends from the system, including the Vault of Glass. It’s implied that Osiris inspired Kabr, the Legionless to enter the Vault.

Osiris studied the Hive in great detail, and even predicted the coming of Oryx and the events of The Taken King. It’s also said that he came too close to understanding the Vex and their logic and processes for travelling and seeing through time. the Speaker banished him for his misuse of Guardians and the resources of the Vanguard, believing him to be dangerously obsessed.

He formed a Cult on Mercury, the planet to which he was banished, who follow him to this day. The Crucible Tournament held in his honour is still active, the Trials of Osiris. His followers, such as Brother Vance, spend their time testing their Light, seeing how far they can bend it to their will before it can be broken. Even though the cult lives on, Osiris himself is said to be both dead and alive, missing from this universe as we know it.

At some point in time he held council with both The Nine and the Queen of the Reef. He receives reports on the goings on of the system from Eris Morn, and employs the group known as the Sunbreakers.

In the Curse of Osiris Guardians are tasked with finding Osiris for the help he might be able to provide in fighting the Vex. If this guy has driven himself almost to the point of madness by researching them, maybe he’s too far gone to be of any help. Or maybe he’s the perfect man for the job. I think that when we meet Osiris he won’t make any sense, he’ll speak in riddles that have something to do with events we’ll experience in the future and won’t understand until then. But I have to say that I’m very excited to meet this guy. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris Revealed

It’s Paris Games Week which means Sony is having a massive slew of trailers and news burst from their mouths at long last. One of those trailers was for (you guessed it!) the first expansion coming to Destiny 2, the Curse of Osiris! The new trailer is pretty crazy, I’ll put it at the bottom of this article, and shows a bunch of new stuff but also loads of stuff we’re familiar with. Let’s have a look at the information that’s been given and go through all the new details about this exciting first expansion.

With regards to story the expansion sees the Vex assembling an army on Mercury. Here they are coming from the present, past, and future, bringing all kinds of of unknown and long-dead machines with them. The only hope for stopping this swathe of Vex is the banished Osiris, the most powerful Warlock in the history of the Vanguard, and a heretic who’s ideas saw him out of the Tower, never to return.

Guardians will need to track down Osiris, and a cast of equally colourful characters along the way, on Mercury. The newly explorable planet is filled with a dense forest and obviously a hell of a lot of Vex architecture. Sadly Mercury is one of those planets the Vex went back in time and occupied at its formation in order to transform it into a machine of their own will.

Mercury is going to a have a new area to patrol filled with Adventures, Public Events, and new Quests for us to complete. There will be new Strikes and a new Raid when the expansion launches, adding to the endgame content on offer for all those who have hit the highest Power Level they can reach. Finally, the Lighthouse will also be available as the social space for Guardians to gather in when they’re not slaying Vex.

One thing I think it’s important to point out here is that Osiris is a badass, but maybe not in a good way. The trailer shows him using his abilities, which confirm that he’s a Dawnblade, but he’s also reckless. This guy might well be the saviour of all Guardians if he knows how to deal with the Vex and whatever their plan is now, but he could also enforce his ideas on the newly weakened Vanguard. Osiris is dangerous because he wants to mess with Vex time travel technology, and I don’t see that ending well at all. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Fan Made Destiny 2 Art

The Destiny community is responsible for a lot of things, salt key among them! But this isn’t about the madness that can sometimes spew from the Destiny Subreddit or Bungie forums, this is all about the fantastic art that’s been made recently by fans, for fans. Some of the time this can take the form of actual artwork but there are also 3D printed weapons that look simply amazing. Here’s just a few examples that we’ve seen on the community over the last few weeks.


This brilliant Titan sketch is from Reddit user Phenriel. I think they’ve done a really great job of capturing what it is to be a Sentinel in Destiny 2, the responsibility that players feel when they adopt this Subclass and need to defend their fireteam at all costs. That shield is a symbol that represents so many things in Destiny 2, and it’s nice to see it as such a highlight in this artwork.


This sketch is also from Phenriel over on the Destiny Subreddit. What we’re looking at here is a cross between the Dawnblade and Voidwalker, at least I think that’s what it is. Obviously this Warlock is wielding a sword and using Void energy, but that Subclass isn’t a thing yet in Destiny 2 so I guess we can count this as a desired feature. What is does highlight is the fact that there’s no chopping and changing of abilities and perks within those abilities, or even the Subclasses themselves. Can you imagine how varied the game would be if we were able to change around things like this? The Crucible would be a living nightmare of complete death and destruction.


This is from Reddit user Fargle2nd. If you’re confused about what this is I’m going to say that you’ve not played much Destiny. This is a Sunshot. More precisely this is a Sunshot that was 3D printed to some pretty perfect detail. I think what I love most about it is the magazine, that circular piece in the middle. Sunshot is one of the most iconic weapons in Destiny 2 because of the way it looks, and the way it literally melts enemies to the ground. Let us know what you think of this fan art in the comments.

Image Source: Reddit

D.A.R.C.I Weapon Overview – Destiny 2 Sniper Rifle

This week Xur is selling the D.A.R.C.I Sniper Rifle. This sits in your Power Weapon slot and for all intents and purposes looks to be a solid gun, but a lot of Guardians have bad things to say about it. The fact is that this is one of those Exotic weapons that you’ll pick up because of the collector’s impulse within you, not because you need it to give you that edge in PVE or while you’re hunting down other Guardians in the Crucible. Really this is a big toy and an experiment by the developers at Bungie that seems to have fallen short of the original vision, or just failed.

However, I don’t think it’s as bad as people are saying, so here’s an overview to give you a rounded picture of the weapon to better help your decision as to whether to buy it or not.

The Exotic Intrinsic Perk of this weapon is Personal Assistant. This allows you to see an enemy’s health and other vital information when you aim at them through the scope.

Next up is Extended Barrel, which increases range while decreasing handling speed, and Extended Mag, which increases magazine size but decreases reload speed.

Finally we have Target Acquired, which deals more precision damage (about 6% more) when Personal Assistant is active, and Short-Action Stock, which greatly increases handling speed.

All in all these add up to a Sniper Rifle that is ridiculously easy to handle and can reveal a lot about your enemy. While it doesn’t have some of the perks you might want from a weapon like this, such as allowing you to see enemies through walls or keep the radar up while aiming down slights, it more than makes up for it.

The combination of Target Acquired and Personal Assistant means that you can aim at targets far better and maintain that aim more easily, whilst dealing an increased amount of precision damage. That increased damage can make all the difference in certain modes, particularly if you’re good at making clutch shots while falling from heights and bad jumps.

Over on the game’s Subreddit the community have discovered a potentially unintentional use for the weapon, one that aids YouTubers, Streamers, and Destiny analysts. Using D.A.R.C.I Guardians can detect the range at which certain perks and abilities activate, or become useful, thanks to the sights showing the distance you are from your enemy. For example, did you know that Gambler’s Dodge activates withing 13 metres, Arc Soul will target enemies withing 30 metres, and every class has a base melee lunge range of 4 metres? Let me know what you think of the weapon in the comments.

Image Source: PowerPyx