Destiny 2 Bosses As UFC fighters

Destiny 2 gamers can see raid bosses with many qualities of UFC fighters when they play. 

Bungie Details Game2Give 2019 Charity Event

Bungie has revealed the details of their inaugural charity event, Game2Give. The charity event will support their own foundation by raising money through streaming.

Telesto Gets Removed In Light Of Mod Exploit

An issue with Telesto has forced Bungie's hand over the weekend, and now it has been taken off the table because it allowed Guardians to become superheroes.

Subjunctive SMG Review (Good, but still not Recluse)

Subjunctive is a new SMG that can be earned in the Vex Offensive and it’s turned out to be a pretty great weapon. While almost all of the vex offensive weapons are great (minus Imperative and I'll discuss why later) this is a personal favorite of mine after using it for a couple of hours and I'm here today to tell you if this is an SMG you should use as well. Let’s take a look at its stats:

What Is The Point In The £20 Power Level 900 Character Boost?

A new item has been made available for purchase in Destiny 2. It cost £20 in Silver currency, and will boost your character's Power Level to 900. But what's the point of it?

Xur’s Inventory Destiny 2 – October 18th To 22nd 2019

Xur is back in our lives once more, and with Iron Banner on this week it's probably worth a number of you new Guardians checking out what he has, and seeing if it'll help you out in the most competitive game mode in Destiny 2.

Arc Logic Review – Brass Wood Chipper

Arc Logic quite honestly is one of the best autos I’ve gotten my gloves on since Breakneck. It comes from the Essence of Failure weapon quest, and is definitely worth the effort.

Iron Banner Tips – 15th To 22nd Of October 2019

Iron Banner is firmly back in Destiny 2. This week it's the first time the event has come...

Changes We Need In the Haunted Forest 2019

An Emblem has seeming leaked the fact that The Haunted Forest will return with Festival of the Lost...

How Patrols Are Subtly Changing

Of the many things Shadowkeep has brought us, the moon is one of the most notable additions to Bungie’s Taken King-like expansion.