How To Complete The First Wave Of Moments Of Triumph 2019

Right now there is an initial wave of Moments of Triumph 2019 to complete in Destiny 2, but all we have to go on are vague names. In this guide we're going to cover each Moment of Triumph, how to complete it, and offer a little insight into what we'd do in order to finish each of them. Let's get started with the list.

Xur’s Inventory Destiny 2 – July 19th To 23rd 2019

Xur is back in the game! Well he's back in Destiny 2, and he's got some really great Exotics with him. This week you can find him over on Io, in Giant's Scar. Let's dive in and see what he's got on him this week.

Theories From the Shadowkeep Moon Destination Reveal Trailer

Bungie recently released a brand new trailer for Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, the Moon Destination Reveal Trailer. This video gives us a brief glimpse into the Moon that we'll be exploring from September onwards, and there are some pretty interesting takeaways if you're paying close attention. Check out the trailer below, and read on for our theories.

Bad Juju’s Hidden Perk

Bad Juju released last week to the excitement of pretty much every Guardian on the planet. The weapon is a legacy Exotic from Destiny 1, though it's been slightly reworked for Destiny 2 in order to bring it into line with the game's other Exotics. While we know what the weapon's perks are from images, and from owning it, no one knew about this hidden perk.

An Interview With Destiny 2’s Senior Citizen Mother

Recently on the Destiny Subreddit user shragae made a very wholesome post about her experiences with Destiny 2. Why was this interesting? Because unlike most of the players you'll come across, shragae is 65. Her son introduced her to both Destiny 2 and Reddit, and she's proving her prowess in both. As is often the case with Reddit the post had to be locked because some people were being negative for no reason, but I reached out to shragae to see if she'd answer a few questions for me.

Is Bad Juju The Best Exotic Pulse Rifle?

Since Bad Juju was added to Destiny 2 this week, with an entire quest required to access it, we thought we'd do an in-depth analysis of it. The weapon was powerful in Destiny 1, and it doesn't seem any less so with the transition to Destiny 2, but there are always differences. We know of at least one, but let's smash through the stats and perks on Bad Juju first to get the obvious stuff out of the way.

How Likely Is Gjallarhorn To Return To Destiny 2?

After one Guardian datamined the latest version of Destiny 2, it sounds as if Gjallarhorn, the most revered...

Xur’s Inventory Destiny 2 – July 12th To 16th 2019

Xur is back in the world of Destiny 2! He's hanging out on Titan, sheltered from the rain in a building on the eastern part of the Rig. If you can't see him them head to the major spawn point and look for the cluster of Guardians worshipping something. Let's dive in and see what he's got.

Destiny 2 Exotic Pulse Rifle Bad Juju Quest Guide

Bad Juju has been brought back to Destiny 2! But of course there's a big quest before you can get your hands on it. This is our guide to that quest to help you get hold of Bad Juju as fast as possible.

Bad Juju Added To Destiny 2

If you played Destiny 2 yesterday you may or may not have noticed that a brand new Exotic weapon has been added to the game. While Bad Juju isn't new in terms of Destiny history, originally being a gun from Destiny 1, it is new for Destiny 2, and Guardians have been gagging for it since Forsaken launched.