Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid Challenges Announced

In yesterday’s This Week at Bungie update the developer shared some news about the Leviathan raid that should serve to make it more interesting for those running it regularly.

Firstly Bungie has announced the top three clans to complete the Prestige version of the raid. The first was Redeem, who used a glitch in order to complete the raid so it’s questionable as to how legitimate their success is. We wrote an article about them yesterday so you can read that and decide what you think between Redeem and the clan in second place.

The second clan to complete the Prestige raid was a tie between clan Hand of Faith, PRORAIDER, Add Control, and FORCE NATION, though it’s probably a combination of these as they were in a fireteam together. It’s possible that they used the glitch as well, but Bungie has no way to track it so we can’t know unless we watch their streams.

Finally, the third clan to finish the Prestige raid was clan ihavealife. It seems as though a brilliant name is equal to being a brilliant player, for at least six players from this clan anyway.

Other than these three clans Bungie made a very exciting announcement, depending on what you play in Destiny 2. Over the coming weeks they will be introducing challenges into the Leviathan raid. In Destiny 1 Bungie did the very same and it really changed up the raids and the way Guardians played them, but in Destiny 2 it will be different again.

Instead of having the challenges told to you in the activity director, Guardians will need to start the raid in order to find out what the challenge is. This means that there’s no way to plan for the challenges in the beginning, but it could also mean that there’s a new twist to how these challenges are presented as well.

If Bungie have a differen challenge presented to a fireteam each time they start the raid, then there’s no way to plan for every scenario properly. This will really change the way players go into raids, as there won’t be a way to plan to spawn with certain gear and it could be that once in Guardians can’t change their gear and weapons anyway.

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Wardcliff Coil Helps Redeem Clan Claim First Prestige Raid Victory

The Prestige version of the Leviathan raid went live in Destiny 2 this week. The launch of the Prestige raid had previously been delayed due to a glitch Bungie were attempting to patch prior to launch, however in the end they said they wouldn’t delay it any further but instead were able to track for the glitch. This means that Bungie is able to track the first legitimate completion of the Prestige Leviathan Raid, and they’re announcing the top three winners tomorrow.

However, the first clan to claim victory over the new raid variant, Redeem, have had their victory soured by some Guardians claiming that they used the Wardcliff Coil glitch in order to get more Power Ammo and therefore make the end boss easier. But what is this glitch? Are Bungie tracking it, or even aware of it? What is Wardcliff Coil?

Wardcliff Coil is an Exotic Rocket Launcher that was sold by Xur a number of weeks ago. Of course because Destiny 2 is still fresh, most players are buying whatever weapon Xur has simply for Power Level and collection purposes. The weapon fires a volley of rockets and reloads automatically on Power Ammo pickup, but this isn’t what supposedly aided Redeem in their victory.

The Wardcliff Coil glitch requires Guardians to have Wardcliff Coil equipped when they spawn, some say that you then need to kill an enemy but others say this isn’t required. Then when the ammo is spent, players swap to another Exotic in the Power Weapon slot, finding they have full ammo and are ready to deal damage instantly with another Power Weapon. This basically means that before bosses all Guardians can wipe with Wardcliff Coil attached, at a checkpoint of course, and spawn in ready to do maximum damage. If an entire fireteam is dealing two Power Weapon’s worth of damage to a boss in a DPS phase then they’ll go down much faster. Or will they?

There is some question as to how quickly this glitch helps a fireteam finish the raid. Yes they can do more damage and finish the boss quicker, but there are weapons out there that will do more DPS in a phase than Wardcliff Coil and any other Power Weapon Exotic, Coldheart for example. While there is no exact data on this yet I’m sure some helpful Guardians will do a comparison very soon.

Bungie has commented on the glitch, saying that they’re not able to track it and it isn’t the glitch they were expecting players to use in order to make the Prestige raid easier. They have openly said that they’re announcing the first three clans/fireteams to finish the Prestige raid tomorrow, and it’s down to each individual fan to decide who they think deserves the victory based on use of this glitch.

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Destiny 2 Monty Python Emote Removed And Golden Sevens Bundle Added

Earlier this week Bungie did a couple of things, one we can deem pretty damn necessary, and the other is adding to a large debate that’s going on around video games at this point in time. Both however, relate to items you can purchase from the Eververse Kiosk.

The Monty Python emote, you know the one I mean and if you don’t then you need to go and Google something called the Ministry of Silly Walks, has been removed from Destiny 2. The emote replicated the incredibly funny and famous walk that is performed as part of this comedy sketch, but they’ve given no official reason for doing so.

Said emote has been used numerous times by YouTubers in order to glitch through walls and get into places that Guardians aren’t supposed to be in. One highly-viewed video shows a YouTuber using the emote behind the Postmaster and Eververse Kiosks in the Tower and ending up behind the desks with the vendors. While this is hilarious it’s definitely not what Bungie wants players to be doing with their time, and so as of this week the emote was removed from sale.

While there’s no word on whether or not the exploit will be fixed, and I’m using the term exploit incredibly loosely here, the emote is now no longer available for sale and will not drop from Bright Engrams. It’s worth noting that the glitch only started happening when the emote became available for sale individually.

Now onto the second point in this article, the Golden Sevens Bundle. The bundle contains seven Bright Engrams, seven Shaders, 500 Bright Dust, and a Ship named Nothing Gold, which is unique to the bundle. There is some confusion as to whether the bundles are still live or not, as some players can’t see them, but this could be because of the impending PC launch of Destiny 2.

But in order to get the Golden Sevens Bundle players need to pay real money, something which has been bitterly complained about in the news recently with both Forza 7 and Middle-Earth Shadow of War locking certain items behind similar loot boxes. Do any of you think the Golden Sevens Bundles are worth the 2000 Silver you need to buy with real money in order to acquire them?

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Are You Further In Destiny 2 Than Phil Spencer?

Speaking with Gamespot at the Brazil Game Show, Phil Spencer has become the focus, for now, of the latest Destiny 2 news. As you’d expect Phil Spencer played a lot of Destiny 1, around 700 hours actually, and he continues to play a lot of Destiny 2. But the Xbox boss might not be the Destiny 2 powerhouse you’d imagine, in fact it sounds like he’s got a lot of work to do.

Spencer’s Power Level is 237. While this isn’t an insignificant number, it’s not what you’d expect from the head of Xbox. 237 is about the Power Level you’re at when you’ve finished the campaign and you’re playing around in the system, finishing off Adventures and Quests and completing Challenges. With this Power Level we can know for certain that Phil Spencer hasn’t taken part in any of the core endgame events like a Nightfall Strike, Leviathan Raid, or Trials of the Nine.

A quick look on DestinyTracker shows that Spencer now has an Awoken Titan at 241 Power Level, still not the highest but you can understand his slow progression with the pressures of his job. He’s added to his comments that the weapon he wants more than anything is the MIDA Multi-Tool, a gun that’s currently being toted as one of the best in Destiny 2 right now.

Gamespot go on to speculate that Spencer might have access to the PC build of Destiny 2 in some form of early access right now, but we can’t know for certain.

So are you better than Phil Spencer at this point in the game? Are you putting in enough hours to be ahead of him? Personally I have still not reached Power Level 260, the point where you can compete in Nightfall Strikes and are close to doing the Leviathan Raid. I’m currently Power Level 259, so a few more matches of Iron Banner and I should be there, but that’s where the real grind begins.

News of Spencer’s Power Level shows that Destiny 2 is not as easy to progress through as Destiny 1. The grind through Power Levels is far longer than the grind through Light Levels in Destiny 1, but the key difference is how achievable the max level is. In Destiny 1 you needed to complete the hardest version of each raid each week in order to get max level gear. Now Guardians can get to max level through most other activities, with the raid rewarding Exotics and other rare treats for the truly courageous.

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Destiny 2 Prestige Raid Will Launch Next Week Without Exploit Fix

Bungie announced earlier this week that the launch of the Prestige Leviathan Raid, a higher-difficulty version with added challenges, will be delayed by eight days because of an exploit they discovered. This exploit would make it nigh on impossible to track which Fireteam legitimately completed the raid first, an extremely important matter for both bungie and the fanbase.

Today Bungie has told players that the fix won’t be live in time for the Prestige raid to launch, but they won’t be delaying the launch because of it. In the meantime Bungie has found a way to track which team will legitimately complete the new version of the raid first so thankfully we’ll be able to see which team hit the milestone ahead of everyone else.

Bungie Community Manager, Chris ‘Cozmo’ Shannon, said that a safe fix for the issue is being investigated, and their current plan is to deploy this fix at a later date. He added that as soon as more details are available they’ll share them with fans.

The important thing is that the Prestige raid will launch on October 18th at 6PM BST, 1PM ET, and 10AM PT.

Cozmo has also commented on the new challenges players will have to complete in the Prestige raid, saying that they will be sharing information about them next week. The challenges have been designed to make players rethink encounters in the raid with new obstacles to overcome, or new ways to defeat enemies. In Destiny 1 these challenges changed the way players interacted with certain encounters, requiring them to defeat an enemy whilst completing a list of tasks in a certain order.  These challenges provided better rewards than the normal raid, and have a higher chance of dropping Exotic gear.

On the back of this announcement Bungie has said that they’re listening to the comments fans are making about the endgame, a lot of them negative. They say they will be telling fans about updates and changes coming to the game over the next few weeks.

Some players think that the endgame of Destiny 2 is restrictive, requiring many more hours than necessary to get better gear and increase their Power Level. The aim of the endgame, at the moment, is to reach the highest Power Level and collect the Exotic armour and weapons available. While some of these weapons and gear require players to complete a quest, a lot of them are acquired through loot drops, which makes the endgame of Destiny 2 a tedious grind. Hopefully Bungie will remedy this by adding new activities for players to complete after finishing the core game.

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Is The Time-Worn Spire The Best Iron Banner Weapon In Destiny 2?

The first Iron Banner live event is currently running in Destiny 2, and the fans have a lot to say about the new Iron Banner weapons that are dropping left, right, and centre for them. The Time-Worn Spire is just one of those weapons, a Pulse Rifle, but it’s being said to be one of the best, if not the best weapon that you can get from the Iron Banner.


The weapon doesn’t look like it’s any special, and apart from the colour scheme and tiny badge it doesn’t look that different to any other Pulse Rifle. The impact is very low, almost non-existent, and the range isn’t much better, but the stability of the weapon is where it helps you land the hits and that’s extremely good. The handling and reload speed are average, but with that kind of stability you can be sure that you’re going to land a number of hits.

The intrinsic perk on the weapon is Rapid-Fire Frame, which gives you deeper ammo reserves, and slightly faster reload speed when the magazine is empty. This is pretty great for a Pulse Rifle as you tend to exhaust the magazine in one go, so more bullets is one thing, but being able to reload faster and finish off that enemy with a final burst is another entirely.

There are three types of aim, first is Hitmark IS, which increases handling speed and gives a slight boost to range. The second is Red Dot Micro which increases handling speed and range. Finally there is the Rifle Scope SSF which slightly increases range and slightly decreases handling speed. The best of these is the Red Dot Micro because it furthers your range which is sorely needed with the stability this weapon provides.

Other perks on this weapon are Tactical Mag, which increases stability, reload speed and magazine size. This perk alone is enough to boost the entire weapon’s stats up to make it even more awesome, giving it almost perfect stability.

Accurized Rounds increases the range of the weapon and each bullet individually, while Zen Moment increases stability when dealing damage with the weapon. Both of these make great bedfellows when they work, but it can be tricky to get the balance right in the middle of a firefight.

During combat the weapon is snappy and can bring down enemies quickly and efficiently. However, even with the increased stability it can be very hard to a land a hit, frustratingly so. With that said, the increased magazine size means you can make short work of an enemy and miss them a few times, reloading faster than normal when you hear the empty  magazine click thanks to that intrinsic perk.

But is this the best Iron Banner weapon of Destiny 2? There are those who say that the SMG that can drop is better, but in my opinion they’re fairly matched. In that case I think it depends which weapon you prefer using, but this is definitely one of the top two weapons from the event so far.

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Destiny 2 First Iron Banner Begins Today

The Iron Banner is opening for the very first time in Destiny 2 today. The event went live at 9AM and is open for a week for Guardians to go into and earn some Legendary and possibly Exotic gear. Bungie has shown off the new armour Guardians can earn but the weapons are still out in the wild ready to be caught right now.

As you can see the armour you can earn this week is pretty crazy. The Titan gear looks to be themed around Norse mythology and viking culture, judging from those horns and massive shoulders. Hunters have an individual look, nothing that you could place in history but it does bear small resemblances to both the Warlock and Titan armours. Finally if you check out the Warlock armour it is undoubtedly inspired by Japanese samurai, that helmet alone is enough to make me want to grind for days on end.

This week’s Iron Banner match is Control, which has been boiled down into 4V4 matches as with all Crucible matches in Destiny 2. The key difference between Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 Iron Banner is that there is no advantage to gear Power Level. In Destiny 1 you had a damage buff or de-buff if you were a couple of levels above or below your opponent.

The lack of a level advantage or disadvantage takes away a lot of what the Iron Banner represents. In Destiny 1 it was a chance for players to show off their biggest and baddest weapons, all of which would have the highest Light level and allow them to be better than all inferior Guardians. Now however, all that is gone and it’s down to a Guardian’s skills alone that are going to make the difference between them being victorious or lying in defeat.

A new feature coming to Destiny 2 Iron Banner is Seasons. Each season affects an entire clan, and sounds as if it will be something a clan can work towards to earn progress on their clan banner. Bungie will be discussing this more as time goes on, but for now it’s important to be aware that you’ll be part of a larger whole with Iron Banner from now on.

Currently Clans can work together, completing different events within the Destiny 2 director in order to earn weekly rewards for all clan members. What this ultimately means is that you as an individual don’t have to rise to the highest rank or play as many games as possible, because your clan will be working with you in order to earn cumulative rewards.

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Destiny 2 Veist Wallpapers

When Bungie first showed off Destiny 2 they also gave us a glimpse of a new weapon manufacturer, Veist. This company would join the likes of Haake, Omolon, SUROS, and so many more to help improve the variety of death-dealing tools available to each and every Guardian. I loved seeing a new weapon manufacturer on the scene and I love using their weapons, so we’re going to check out some of the guns they have on offer in the form of wallpaper images right here.


This is the Veist logo, and it really does look fantastic. The green words on black background give the company a toxic sort of felling, but that doesn’t really go with their design philosophy. Veist specialise in highly advanced weapons for Guardians for all purposes. All Veist weapons have an appearance that sets them apart from others in a Guardian’s arsenal. When you have one you know it because it looks so different, and to be honest it looks so much better than any others.


This Veist Sidearm explains perfectly what I mean about futuristic design with a venomous flair. The toxic green of the magazine alongside the Veist logo on the top of the gun give it a look that says it’s poisonous. The barrel of the weapon is pristine metal and looks like a jack for a guitar or an amp, crisp and clean and begging to be used. The white on black, combined with the pointed cover in front of the trigger, all add up to make it look like it would feel like shooting with a scorpion.


Valakadyn is a is a Veist Auto Rifle that combines all the signature trademarks of a Veist weapon. The green edging on it gives the whole weapon a feeling of evil, like whoever gets shot with it is going to die from a toxin coated on the bullets. The nuzzle once again is completely clean and clear, just perfect and unused. The rest of the weapon looks to be 3D printed and strapped to the inner parts, almost as if the entire thing is interchangeable and could be anything.

Veist weapons are a class to themselves. No one can say they don’t like them because they’re just the highest-spec looking, most amazing weapons on the market.

Destiny 2 Faction Rallies Winner Wallpaper

If you haven’t heard or seen by now then you’ve clearly not been playing enough Destiny 2. Dead Orbit won the Faction Rallies event, meaning more Guardians allied themselves with the space goths who want to spread the Traveller’s influence as far as possible, no star is the limit. This means that Arach Jalaal is incredibly happy, if you go and chat to him he’ll give you a pep talk and everything. It also means that now players can get their hands on the Dead Orbit exclusive Scout Rifle for only 10,000 Glimmer, if they supported Dead Orbit that is. For anyone else the weapon will cost 50,000 Glimmer, which is a huge number of hours as most of you will know.


This Dead Orbit Scout Rifle wallpaper is the weapon you can now buy, but is it worth worth 50,000 Glimmer, or even 10,000? Having used the weapon personally I can confirm that it’s not the best, but it’s a very good Scout Rifle. That might sound contradictory but when it comes to shooting aliens in Destiny 2 it really does make a lot of sense.

Scout Rifles are meant to be used at a distance, a great distance. This allows you to take careful aim and hit the target in the sweet spot. Even in the Crucible, where enemies are just as fast and unpredictable as you, a Scout Rifle can make all the difference when it comes to the final shots that bring them down. The aim is good and the rate of fire steady enough to help you blast down anything before you.

However, this Scout Rifle also isn’t the best for certain types of players. I love a high rate of fire in my weapons, and using this really does feel like you’ve got some level of drag on the bullets or something that’s slowing you down. Every time I’ve died in the game using this weapon it feels like the weapon let me down, not my own skills. The thing is I do need a weapon like this occasionally, but not while I’m frantically trying to take down wave after wave of enemies.

Dead Orbit has proven the popular choice this time around, but will another faction rise the next time Faction Rallies occurs? I’m interested to see if the even occurs more frequently, and if you can earn rewards with them throughout the week instead of only when the event is live. Only time will tell.

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Destiny 2 Red War Wallpaper

The Red War is the most tragic event in the Destiny universe to happen since we’ve known it. The Red Legion took out all surveillance the Tower had to protect itself and attacked in force. This attack took the power of the Traveller and separated it completely from all Guardians, until we fond our Light again. The Red War is really interesting because it’s a key part of Destiny history that we as players have been part of, and it’ll always be remembered as one of the great events of the universe.


Zavalla was a key part of saving many lives during the attack on the Tower. He plays a large part in the Homecoming mission, and once Guardians have rescued him he plays a huge role in the end game of the Red War. It’s inspiring to see the Vanguard come back together again after being so brutally ripped apart, and Zavalla is at the centre of that. He even goes as far as learning the mistakes the Tower and its walls posed to those inside them as well as outside.

Gaul is the monster behind the Red Legion, and the spark in the Red War. This guy is pretty much pure evil, but he’s not without a small sense of honour about him. You see when Gaul is met with the choice to simply take the power of the Traveller he hesitates because the Speaker tells him the Traveller must choose him. Now that’s not true, but he listens to the notion and longs to be chosen.

What this shows us about Gaul is that he’s not simply some power hungry Cabal leader, risen from the streets of some hellish Cabal planet where he was abandoned as a pup. He’s a character who longs for approval, who longs to be chosen and is desperate for the Traveller to choose him for its Light.


This last piece of wallpaper is just an iconic representation of what Destiny 2 is all about. The Red War logo is a constant symbol of oppression as you play through the campaign, and when it finally comes to an end there’s something so satisfying about seeing that symbol again, knowing that you beat the Red Legion. It’s sad to see the little Ghost, no Light to power it, sat there underneath. This is what Gaul wanted for all Guardians and Ghosts, thankfully that didn’t happen and we at least got ourselves back together. Can you imaging a Destiny game without your Ghost?

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