Destiny 2 Reckoning Guide

The Reckoning is the second main activity that makes up the endgame content for Season of the Drifter alongside Gambit Prime. It's a tough activity though, made up of three different Tiers. We wanted to put a guide together so that you know what you're doing when it comes to each one, so here it is.

Invitation Of The Nine Week 1

As of the 15th of March Xur is now offering Guardians the chance to begin the long journey through a 9 week quest. This quest is doled out in steps by Xur every time he visits the system, which is only from Friday to the weekly reset on Tuesday each week.

Xur’s Inventory Destiny 2 – March 15th To 19th

Xur has returned to the system and brought with him all kinds of great Exotics. He's hanging around on Titan in The Rig's landing zone, he's inside a little shack making sure his really dirty clothes don't get too wet. Let's dive in and check out what he's got.

Destiny 2 Reckoning Golden Egg Location Guide

Reckoning is brilliant as a game mode. It's got challenge and the rewards to make it worth fighting through, but there's also a tonne of lore hidden within the event. The lore is hidden behind Golden Eggs, a total of nine which will each add a piece of lore to the new Dust Lore Book, and learn more about the former Cryptarch Lavinia Garcia Umr Tawil, who had an unhealthy obsession with The Nine.

Destiny 2 Hotfix Patch Notes Explored In-Depth

As promised Bungie released a new patch for Destiny 2 with a load of fixes that are going to make our lives that much better. However, as always these can be a little bit difficult to understand, so we're going to go through them and spell out the changes in layman's terms, like with did with Destiny 2 Update 2.2.0, just to make everything crystal clear.

Is Trinity Ghoul The Best Exotic Bow?

Trinity Ghoul is an Exotic Bow that was added to Destiny 2 with the Forsaken expansion. There are only three Exotic Bows in the game, Trinity Ghoul, Le Monarque, and Wish-Ender, but which one is the best? We're here to check out the first one and decide if Trinity Ghoul is the best Exotic Bow in Destiny 2.

Season Of The Drifter Updates Teased

Bungie have teased some of the details around their first update to Season of the Drifter. This tease was prompted by reports of powerful rewards dropping at a lower than expected Power Level. Bungie want us to know that they're aware, and that they're looking into the current season's issues.

Destiny 2 Update 2.2.0 Patch Notes Explored In-Depth

Earlier this week Bungie released the patch notes for Destiny 2 Update 2.2.0. These notes were extensive to say the very least, so we're going to go through them and write out what exactly is changing in layman's terms. Hopefully this helps you out.

Xur’s Inventory Destiny 2 – March 8th To 11th

Xur is back in Destiny 2 again, and it's the first time since Season of the Drifter started that he's been around! this week he's hanging out in the Tower, you just head left from spawn and run all the way to the Hanger, past the Dead Orbit section, and all the way up the stairs to nowhere. Let's check out what he's got with him.

Destiny 2 Thorn Quest Guide

With Season of the Drifter now fully live we're able to take hold of some of the new Exotics that Season 6 of Destiny 2 has brought with it. As you're probably expecting, one of those is Thorn, a returning Exotic from Destiny 1, but it won't be live until the 12th of March. This Exotic Hand Cannon was actually teased with the announcement of The Last Word returning to Destiny 2.