Why Would Rasputin Choose Darkness?

With that new cutscene hitting Destiny 2 recently, we thought it was worth looking into why Rasputin might choose the darkness. Osiris seemed pretty pissed about something, and that could either be because he saw a future in which Rasputin didn't exist, or a future in which the Warmind had become an enemy.

Check Out This Guardian’s Fantastic Drawing Of Riven

One Guardian has created some incredible fan art for Destiny 2. This piece in particular looks at Riven of a Thousand Voices, the boss at the end of the Last Wish raid, and a creature who admittedly we could think of as someone else entirely. Check out the artwork below and bask in its glory. Then read on for some more details.

Watch Raiding Against Cancer Today

Sometimes we don't all make it out alive. Eris Morn is constantly reminding us of this, and while me might all make jokes about it, some of us do fall in battle. While death can be a terribly sad subject, we're seeing a pleasantly refreshing reaction from one Guardian's clan to their death.

Xur’s Inventory Destiny 2 – February 21st To February 25th 2020

Xur has come back to us, and he's brought his Exotic treasure trove of goods with him too! After last week, we can't wait to see if he's got something that might end up being amazing in just a few updates with him once again, so let's just dive right in and see what's there. He's located on the EDZ in Winding Cove, you need to head up to the crashed Fallen Ketch.

How About That New Cutscene?

Earlier in the week Guardians got a new cutscene when heading to orbit. It's an interesting one, and something that you won't clock eyes on until you head to orbit, so make sure you do because it's pretty damn impressive. Well, I suppose if you've not seen it by this point you could always take a look below and watch it there.

Could Prison Of Elders Return With Season Of The Worthy?

With Season of the Worthy being the next season that Destiny 2 will see after Season of Dawn, there's a slight chance that we'll be seeing the return of not just one beloved game mode but two. A point that Forbes recently raised delved into the fact that we're probably going to be getting a decent chunk of new content for PVP fans, but what about those PVE fans?

Fallout Plays Is An Incredibly Wholesome Destiny 2 Streamer

Recently an incredibly wholesome Destiny 2 moment happened within the community. A 9 year-old boy needed help getting to Legend rank in Competitive in Crucible, and he'd never done it before. Thankfully, a streamer and his mate were around to help out, and it's one of the best moments of Destiny 2 in 2020 so far, if not the best. Check out the video of the highlights below and read on after for more details.

Cardiologist Spots Brilliant Crimson Days Easter Egg

At least one of the cardiologist Guardian crew we all know are out there has pointed out an amazing easter egg in some of the Crimson Days 2020 content. The easter egg is obvious to them because of their training, and where their minds go upon immediately seeing a heart associated with the names of the Exotic Sparrows you can earn this year.

Destiny 2 Crimson Days 2020 Rewards Guide

Crimson Days 202 is only live for a week, so it's down to you Guardians to make the...

Why Going Into Crimson Doubles Solo Is Like A Blind Date

Now that Crimson Days 2020 is full underway, Guardians are making the most of it by battling alongside their loved one in Crimson Doubles, the event-exclusive Crucible mode. While this mode is now accessible to solo Guardians too, it takes on a new dynamic when playing by yourself, something Cilla Black would be familiar with.