Destiny 2 Exotic Fusion Rifle Bastion Quest Guide

As of this week's reset, it's now possible to earn Bastion, which is the latest Exotic that has been added to Destiny 2 with Season of Dawn. We've put together a guide to help you earn it, but bear in mind that this is probably the hardest to earn Exotic for the season to date, just because of the sheer amount of time required to get it.

Destiny 2 Pigeon And Phoenix Lore Book Entry Codes Guide

The Corridors of Time quest is proving to be a fruitful quest indeed. On top of being its own complete mystery, an marvellous way to bring Guardians together, there's the beginnings of a new weapon quest, and a brand new lore book to earn from it as well. This lore book is the Pigeon and the Phoenix book, and it's unlocked by steadily working through the Corridors of Time. Of course, no one has time for that, which is why we've put a guide together for every pathway to help you get every lore book entry.

Destiny 2 Corridors Of Time Quest Guide

Last week Guardians started a journey to solve one of Destiny 2's most intense quests yet, the Corridors of Time. It was figured out pretty quickly that you could earn an exclusive Emblem, but the actual route to solve the entire quest took almost an entire week, but that isn't because it was deliberately obtuse.

Could Destiny Continue To Grow?

Destiny is an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter game, released worldwide in September 2014. It was initially released by Activision, and...

The Old Fashioned – Not So Old Anymore

Recently, some old year one guns have gotten a lovely little rework; weapons like Uriel’s Gift, Hawthorne's Field-Forged Shotgun, and, in today’s spotlight, the Old Fashioned.

Bungie Fixed Wish-Ender, And Guardians Broke It Again

You read that right! Bungie managed to fix Wish-Ender and make it much less of a broken weapon, even though the broken part of it really helped Guardians out for about a year there. However, three days later and you've already come together to somehow break this weapon even more.

Bungie’s Guardians For Australia T-Shirt Is Now Live

Last week we reported how the Destiny 2 FANZ community is raising money in aid of the Australian bushfires. On Monday we reported that Bungie was creating a t-shirt that would provide support to two amazing charities that are helping the people and animals affected by the Australian bushfire crisis. That t-shirt is now available to pre-order, and we need all of you who are able to do so in order to get even more aid over to where it's needed.

Xur’s Inventory Destiny 2 – January 17th To 21st 2020

Xur is back in Destiny 2 for the third time in 2020, and he's got a pretty great Exotic weapon with him this week. He's hanging out on Calus' Barge on Nessus, which is seeming to be like his local hang out judging from recent weeks. Set up your Guardian to fly there, and read on for the details on what he's got this week.

How To Earn The Saviour Of The Past Emblem In Corridors Of Time

Corridors of Time is currently an unsolved quest in Destiny 2 that is driving Guardians nuts. It's the first truly difficult quest in Season of Dawn, and all the professional streamers who play Destiny 2 are raging that they haven't solved it yet. With that said, we do know how to earn an Emblem from it, Saviour of the Past, so here's our guide for getting that done.

Guardians Are Trying To Solve Corridors Of Time In Destiny 2 Right Now

At the time of writing, Corridors of Time is an unsolved quest. This week's reset saw the usual in Destiny 2, but the latest Season of Dawn content is a new quest for Osiris, one that's got the community working for over 24 hours now to try to solve it.