What Will The Dawning Bring To Destiny 2?

The Dawning, an event that celebrates Christmas in the Tower is coming to Destiny 2. In Destiny 1 The Dawning brought with it gifts for all Guardians, as well as a secret or two to unlock. Most of the Vendors usually have a gift to give, including Eris Morn who likes to hand out boxes of raisins or celery. In the absence of the usual state of the Tower and the normal Vendors scattered about the Tower and the Farm what can we expect from The Dawning this year?

Well firstly both social spaces are being completely changed for the event, giving them falling snow and bright lights in the sky. This is a pleasant change from the normal way these areas look and brings snowball fights to them as well. That’s right from snow piles in each social space you can pick up a snowball and blast your friends in the face, for epic bragging rights all through The Dawning. It’s important to note that for the duration of the event these snowballs will be in Strikes as well, and you’ll be able to blast enemies in order to stun them, leaving them open for massive damage.

In the Crucible Mayhem will be returning as part of The Dawning. Mayhem is a mode in which abilities and Supers are charged at an increased rate, and Power Ammo is more plentiful. This makes for manic matches in which Guardians brutally rip each other apart with a huge flurry of space magic that not only looks great but feels awesome too.

Players will need to earn Dawning Engrams throughout The Dawning in order to earn the event-specific gear, which looks incredible. You can buy these by completing Crucible matches and Strikes, and all other milestones each week during the three week event.

Finally, there will be an opportunity to give Vendors gifts this year. You need to pick up a Dawning gift schematic from the Bazaar in the Tower, which you need to travel to different worlds in order to craft. When you give that gift to the Vendor it’s designed for then you’ll get one in return. This seems more like what Christmas is about and feels more like a game than a gift-receiving simulator. Let us know your thoughts int he comments.

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How Masterworks Weapons Work in Destiny 2

Masterworks weapons have finally come to Destiny 2, but the full list of Masterworks weapons is still incomplete as Guardians battle to get as many as they can. Even if you have a Masterwork weapon at this point you may be wondering what the difference between them and normal Legendary weapons is. Let’s have a more in-depth look at them.

First off it’s important to note that Masterworks are Legendary weapons with one randomly rolled perk and the ability to generate Orbs with Multikills. When you dismantle these weapons you’ll get Masterworks cores, between one and three for each one dismantled. These are used for upgrading existing Legendary weapons into Masterworks, meaning you can bring your favourite weapon up to top tier damage levels if you put in a bit of grinding.

Within the Masterworks tier there are two types of weapons. the first are Vanguard Masterworks which track enemies killed in the PVE sandbox, and Crucible Masterworks which track kills int he Crucible multiplayer matches. While the difference isn’t massive it’s definitely something you should consider when using the weapon as it’ll benefit you where you use it the most. You can swap between the two types for ten Masterworks Cores and 25 Legendary Shards.

The re-rollable perks that each Masterworks weapon comes with can be re-rolled if you’d like to try your luck for a better perk for 3 Masterworks Cores and 25 Legendary Shards. The list of perks available will achieve one of the following in your weapon, so don’t continue rolling if you’ve seen them all and are still bitterly disappointed.

  • Impact: 5 points – swords, sniper rifles and fusion rifles
  • Range: 5 or 10 points – all weapons except grenade and rocket launchers
  • Stability: 5 or 10 points – all weapons except swords
  • Handling: 5 or 10 points – all weapons
  • Reload: 10 points – all weapons except swords
  • Magazine: 10% increase – all weapons
  • Blast radius: 5 points – rocket and grenade launcher only
  • Velocity: 5 points – rocket and grenade launcher only

While these may not seem like the largest effects to apply to weapons you’ll notice the difference if you’re playing with guns you use a lot. It’s likely that you’ll only really see the benefit when you’re maxed out on Light and Power level, but even those who like to min/max their build for the Crucible should see the difference a Masterworks weapon makes in a tight corner.

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How To Improve Your Destiny Elo Rating

Your Destiny elo rating might not be very important to you, but that could be because you don’t know what it is yet. Learn what Destiny elo is in our article and then come back to learn how to improve it to get you into the top 200 players in the world.

Destiny elo is all about winning and good sportsmanship. There are certain things that will lower your rating and others that will raise it, most of which are percentage based. For example, you’ll build up your Destiny elo rating just by competing in matches in the Crucible and winning, though your score earnings will go up better if you’re on a team with other good players who are likely to earn a similar percentage gain.

Simply by completing matches against others you’ll up you rating, but there’s more. If you complete a match despite the enemy team completely wiping your score out from the start you’ll also earn points because you’ve not quit. Quitting matches in progress is a blight on Destiny 2 Crucible and players are actively handed out penalties on their Destiny elo for it. If you quit then you’re Destiny elo is going to go down, so you need to stop doing that.

One of the best things you can do is get better at Crucible matches in general. I know that’s easier said than done but it’s those awesome 25 player kill streaks that make for massive boosts to your Destiny elo. In order to help you get to this point it might be worth checking out the guns your best with, ones that match your play style or just ones that you feel you get more kills with.

If you can improve your skill in Crucible matches then there’s a good chance that you’ll improve your Destiny elo, but don’t forget about being a good loser. Anyone quitting mid-match is going to find themselves with a much lower Destiny elo and that can lead to you being matches with a bunch of other quitters.

The Crucible has always been a source of salt in the Destiny community, and Destiny 2 is no better with the likes of the Prometheus Lens showing up only to be nerfed into oblivion. However, if people get more into improving their Destiny elo then maybe the community can feel some more enjoyment from Crucible excursions.

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Xur Location Destiny 2 – December 8th to 12th

This week is the first time the Exotic vendor Xur has arrived in Destiny 2 post-launch of the first Expansion, the Curse of Osiris. Does this mean he’ll bring four new items that are all from the latest DLC? Or does it mean he’ll be packing some Exotic items from the base game that many of us have already and aren’t excited about in any way? Let’s find out.

The Exotic Weapon Xur has brought is indeed from Destiny 2’s first expansion, and it’s one that causing a lot of fuss right not, Prometheus Lens. The Trace Rifle can be purchased for 29 Legendary Shards, it has Impact of 6, which is dreadfully measly, Range of 64, Stability of 50, Handling of 42, and a Reload Speed of 46. The hidden stats are a Zoom of 16, aim Assistance of 100, and Recoil Direction of 90.

The Exotic Perk is Prismatic Inferno, which fires a Solar Trace Beam that creates an ever-growing fiery aura around the target while they’re being shot. Chambered Compensator increases Stability, moderately controls Recoil, and slightly decreases Handling Speed. Projection Fuse increases Range, while Flame Reaction return ammo to the magazine for each kill, increasing beam duration. Finally the Composite Stock slightly increases Stability and Handling Speed.

This week Hunters can get some Chest Armour, The Dragon’s Shadow. This armour slightly increases Mobility but greatly increases Resilience. The Exotic Perk Wraithmetal Mail grants increases movement and weapon handling after a dodge. This sounds perfect for the way I play as a Hunter, though those who like to hold back and kill from afar may not see the point.

Titans can pick up the MK.44 Stand Aside Leg Armour, which Guardians can use to increase either Mobility or Resilience. The Exotic Perk Seriously, Watch Out, grants and overshield while sprinting with Seismic Strike, Hamer Strike, or Shield Bash equipped. Any hit with these abilities recharge health. Again, this armour is perfect for those who want to run in and get stuck into the fight, those who enjoy fighting from afar should leave it alone.

Warlocks can get the Exotic Helmet, Nazarec’s Sin. This thing looks mental and would scare the crap out of any enemy. The Exotic Perk Abyssal Extractors, increase ability recharge rates when you make kills with Void damage. It also increases either Resilience or Recovery. As I’ve said with the last two pieces of armour this is all about being in the heat of the fight, don’t bother unless you’re collecting if you fight from afar.

All of these are well worth buying if you want to keep up that collection, but if you want one that makes a difference to your play style then maybe just consider the Prometheus Lens. This thing is a beats for good reason, and Bungie is even nerfing it because of how great it is. Even once the weapon is changed I guarantee it’ll still be good enough to help out everywhere, but especially in the Crucible. If you’re not sure that’s true, just remember the only other Trace Rifle in the game, Coldheart, is also a superpower that can boost your Destiny elo.

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Destiny 2 December And New Year Armour Updates

As part of the updates coming to fix up the state of Destiny 2 Bungie is adding something new to make armour a lot more interesting. Ornaments hit Destiny 2 on December 5th, but what exactly are they and how do they affect the game?

Ornaments have been added to a number of existing armour sets to allow for more customisation without losing the Shader slot or Mod slot. You unlock Ornaments by completing objectives that are specific to each armour set, and once you unlock them they’re unlocked account-wide. This is similar to the way Exotic Weapon Ornaments work.

If you had any pieces of armour that will now have Ornaments then they’ve either been applied or you can get them from Vendors. In Season 2, which began with the launch of the Curse of Osiris, we can get Ornaments for the following armour sets which are unlocked from their respective activities;

  • Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Armour
  • New Monarchy Armour
  • Future War Cult Armour
  • Dead Orbit Armour
  • Iron Banner Armour
  • Trials of the Nine Armour
  • Crucible Faction Armour
  • Vanguard Faction Armour

From December 12th Faction armour and weapons will be unlocked and purchasable from vendors for Legendary Shards and Faction Tokens. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty damn excited about this because it means I can finally complete my armour sets and get those awesome weapons to play around with in the Crucible.

The Armour you can buy will be available in all five slots and will rotate weekly, Weapons will work on a similar basis. You can unlock slots from each faction by claiming Reward Engrams from them. Any Engrams you’ve already claimed will count and you’ll be rewarded for them.

These Ornaments will ultimately do nothing other than make us all look a bit better, but is that really such a bad thing? With all the news about cosmetic items being put behind a paywall in other games, and in particular the outcry of fans saying the best gear in Curse of Osiris is locked behind the Eververse system, I think Ornaments can offer a silver lining. The important thing to remember about cosmetic items is that they define you, so if you’re a player who buys the cosmetics then you’ll get them that way, but if you’re a player who grinds for XP to earn them then you’ll wear everything you earn with pride in the knowledge of how you got it. At least it gives you something to worry about other than your Destiny elo. Let us know what you think of Armour Ornaments in the comments.

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What Is Destiny ELO?

A Guardian’s elo rating used to be something a lot of people would look into if they played Trials of Osiris adamantly. Now that Trials of Osiris isn’t the main thing that Guardians are playing now, elo certainly still is. The main problem with elo is that not many people know what it is, but it can be important if you want to keep up to date with how you rank compared to other Guardians in the same activities.

The elo rating system used to calculate the relative skill of players in player-verses-player games like chess, or the Crucible in the case of Destiny 2. It’s actually named after the creator, Arpad Elo, a Hungarian-born American Physics professor. Elo has been modified for Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 however, since it’s not a conventional game like chess and doesn’t directly translate.

In Destiny each player begins with an elo score of 1000. They will move up or down based on whether they win or lose a match, and the number of points won or lost depends on the estimated probability a player has of winning the match. The probability of a player winning their next match is estimated by comparing the elo of the members of both teams, or everyone in rumble. There have been some adjustments made for Destiny that account for; players quitting matches before the end, joining a matches in progress, and fireteam size.

Normally elo is a zero-sum formula, but for Destiny it is not because it needs to account for situations such as players quitting or joining a match in progress. This issue in particular is one that statisticians are still debating over for the destiny elo rating system.

Every Guardian is ranked based on their position in the Destiny elo leaderboards. There are a total of nineteen ranks across seven tiers, and ranks are broken down by percentile, which change dynamically as Destiny elo ratings fluctuate day by day. This consistently encourages improvement because even inactive players will see movement overnight. The top 200 players are placed in the highest rank, Legionnaire.

The full ranks are;

Rusted Tier: Makes up around 30% of players with the bottom 80-100% of the total playerbase.

Bronze Tier: Makes up 25% of players with the middle 50-70% of the total playerbase.

Silver Tier: Makes up 15% of players with the middle 35-45% of the total playerbase.

Gold Tier: Makes up 15% of players with the top 20-30% of the total playerbase.

Platinum Tier: Makes up 12% of players with the top 5-15% of the total playerbase.

Diamond Tier: Makes up 3% of players with the top 3-1% of the total playerbase.

Legionnaire Tier: Contains only the top 200 players in terms of destiny elo in the game.

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Destiny 2 December And New Year Weapon Updates

In their Destiny 2 news blog post, the state of Destiny 2, Bungie detailed a number of updates that will be hitting Destiny 2 in both December and the new year. We’re breaking that blog post down into the nitty gritty chunks to analyse exactly what’s coming for each part of the game in the future. This post is all about the updates coming for weapons, which has some exciting news about more powerful weapons.

Starting from December 12th players will also be able to pick up better versions of Legendary Weapons called Masterworks. The added benefits of Masterworks weapons begin with the ability to track either the total kills across the game with it, or just in the Crucible. Multi-kills with a Masterwork weapon will generate Orbs for you and your Fireteam, and I can only imagine this has to be in the Crucible and in PVE. Finally, these weapons will take from a small pool of re-rollable perks to give them an advantage over their standard Legendary equivalents.

Masterworks weapons will drop from any source of Legendary weapons for Guardians of a Power Level over 250. If you don’t like your Masterwork weapon then you can dismantle it for parts that let you upgrade another Legendary weapon into a Masterwork, which sounds really fair. The Raid and Trials of the Nine have a high probability of dropping Masterworks weapons, so if you’re not at that point yet get on it.

Finally, Masterworks is a concept that Bungie is hoping to expand to other areas of a Guardian’s gear. They really want to expose people to how many kills they’ve made in what could either be an attempt to make them feel bad, or more likely an attempt to make them realise how great they are at murdering aliens.

With Perks being fixed for each weapon there hasn’t been a lot of fuss about re-rolling for the best weapon meta-wise since Destiny 1, and I’ve got to say I’m glad of that. But I think the Perks on Masterworks might bring some of this back, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for those who are really into their stats, as long as it doesn’t affect the game and community as it did in Destiny 1.

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Xur Location Destiny 2 – December 1st to 5th

The Xur location changes every week and you can find it from your map of the Solar System all on your own. What you can’t find is seriously detailed information on all of the items this Exotic Vendor is selling each and every week, which is where we come in. As I said you don’t need us to know where he is, but if you’re not sure he’s n the European Dead Zone at Winding Cove.

The weapon Xur is selling is Sweet Business, an Exotic Auto Rifle for 29 Legendary Shards. This gun fires 360 rounds per minute, has an Impact of 18, a Range of 37, Stability of 46, Reload Speed of 10, and Handling of 10. The hidden perks are a Zoom of 16, Inventory Size of 80, Aim Assistance of 80, and Recoil Direction of 100.

The weapon has an Exotic Perk called Payday which provides a larger magazine and increased accuracy when firing from the hip, so avoid the sights! Polygonal Rifling gives the gun a barrel optimised for recoil reduction and increases Stability, High-Caliber Rounds mean the shots knock targets back further and slightly increases the Range. Business Time gives the weapon greater Range the longer the trigger is held down for and automatically loads ammo pickups into the magazine. Finally Composite Stock means this weapon has a dual-purpose stock, with slightly increased Stability and Handling Speed.

If you don’t have this one already it’s probably worth acquiring just for the collection, but otherwise it’s a fairly average Auto Rifle at this point that may well see an upgrade in the new year updates.

Xur’s Hunter Armour this week is Chest Armour,  Lucky Raspberry for 23 Legendary Shards. This armour boosts Resiliance and increased Health Recovery thanks to the built in mods, and the Exotic Perk, Probability Matrix, increases the chaining capabilities of the Arc Bolt Grenade, granting a chance to charge it every time it deals damage.

The Titan Armour for this week is Gauntlets, Synthoceps. These too boost Resiliance and Health Recovery thanks to their Mods, and the Exotic Perk Biotic Enhancements increases the lunge range of your melee attack and improves melee damage when surrounded.

Finally we have the Warlock Armour for this week which is a Helmet, Skull of Dire Ahamkara. This Helmet boosts Mobility and Health Recovery with Mods, and the Exotic Perk Actual Grandeur provides additional resistance to damage during Nova Bomb. Nova Bomb kills will also grant you Super Energy.

As a mainline Hunter I would suggest you get Lucky Raspberry, but really you should go for what’s going to benefit the Class you play as most. However, the collection is always worth bearing in mind because in Destiny 1 it became a core part of gameplay towards the end of Year 3. With that said, the perks here definitely favour Warlocks this week, and if I had to choose one it would be the Skull of Ahamkara because of how powerful it is. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Destiny 2 December Vendor Updates

As part of their blog post on the state of Destiny 2 Bungie have given us a wealth of information on how they’ll be altering vendors in December.

Firstly I think it’s important to talk about how Xur is being altered. Don’t panic, we won’t be seeing the same old Exotics from him on a regular basis because we now have an option to avoid ever getting another duplicate again.

Once the December update goes live you’ll be able to buy a Fated Engram from Xur with Legendary Shards, how many hasn’t been confirmed. These Engrams decrypt as Exotics, either armour or weapons, that you don’t have. As a collector I am very excited about this because it puts my mind at rest that no matter what there’s going to be a way for me to get a hold of every Exotic without having to grind for years on top of the Exotic quests.

Xur will also be selling a simplified Three of Coins consumable that boosts the drop rate of Exotics for four hours as opposed to any of this percentage nonsense. These will also not stack so you don’t even need to think about any of that rubbish, and these will also cost Legendary Shards so it’s another place to get rid of those.

Moving onto other vendors, Banshee-44 has some updates for us. Rare Mods will now dismantle into Gunsmith Materials, with a chance to produce Legendary quality mod Components. For anyone who’s after Legendary Mods specifically Banshee-44 will be selling them directly with a bunch rotating on a daily basis.

Master Rahool is going to begin selling off his hoard of Legenday Engrams for Legendary Shards, great for anyone trying to get a certain weapon.  Commander Zavala and Lord Shaxx will also be selling good now in the form of Gifts. These Gifts can be consumed in Strikes or the Crucible for bonus rewards to everyone on your team, or reward anything from Faction Tokens to Exotic Engrams on the completion of a match.

Finally vendors will be beckoning us to them at the Tower or their chosen hide away on a planet when we have enough tokens to claim a reward, and not before. Thank you Bungie for saving me hours and hours of my life.

Across the board the earning of reputation tokens is being increased. Daily Challenges will have a set number, and Cayde-6‘s Treasure Chests will, at a minimum, hand out reputation tokens. Strikes will soon dump a load of reputation tokens upon completion, and common destination resource tokens will have their drop rate increased to 100%. Reputation acquired per Engram is going up for destination Factions by 37% and 50% for the Gunsmith Banshee-44. Last but not least Leviathan Raid tokens will be redemed at Benedict at the moment you obtain a token, without the need for a full clear.

How do these vendor changes affect you? Let us know in the comments.

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The State Of Destiny 2 Updates Overview

Bungie promised to update Guardians on how they’ll be changing the game’s quality of life, and most importantly XP, yesterday after cancelling the third Curse of Osiris livestream reveal event. They’ve delivered on their promise and have dumped a metric tonne of information via a massive blog post on the Bungie website. This article is a brief overview of the incoming changes to the game, but we’ll be doing more in-depth articles for various sections of Destiny 2 to categorise the nitty gritty details.

About a month ago Bungie posted a list of updates coming to Destiny 2, and they’ve made a lot of progress on those. While some of the updates are releasing in December some won’t be until the new year. Let’s take a closer look at how they’ve progressed.

The most engaged players, and by that I guess Bungie mean the non-casual players, will be getting some additional optional pursuits, including an entirely new weapon tier, Masterworks. Masterworks will be newer, better versions of certain Legendary weapons that have additional re-rollable stat bonuses, though I imagine only one or two to prevent a Destiny 1 situation with the re-rolling of every gun.

An improvement to vendor rewards is also being implemented, which adds a way for players to buy rewards from vendors directly with Legendary Shards or the relevant Token for that vendor. Amour will also be getting better with Ornaments, which grant a visual permutation of the armour for completing specific armour challenges.

Bungie is also adding better incentives for completing Prestige activities, a change that won’t actually hit Destiny 2 until January. Other than that there’s no further detail on this point.

A Heroic Strike playlist will hit the game in December and will provide more generous rewards for players completing them, maybe some Exotics drops? The rewards for Lost Sectors and Adventures are also, as Bungie put it, on the radar but won’t see any change in the December update delivery.

No date is confirmed but at some point in early 2018 private matches will be coming to the Crucible in Destiny 2. Bungie is also working on ranked PVP as a priority at this point, because fans have been asking for it for a very long time.

What will be introduced in December for the Crucible is adjusted Supremacy scoring (thank the lord!) and better spawning rules, alongside other bug fixes and niggles annoying the players. There will also be better incentives for completing games and penalties for those who quit early which will deploy in 2018.

The next Iron Banner and Faction Rallies events will have improved rewards from vendors as well as other alterations to make them more enjoyable.

Weapons mods will be made more interesting and effective as an economy in the new year, with changes to how they’re acquired and probably how they effect our weapons.

Exotics will also see an overhaul with under powered ones being changed to make them effective and useful in a Guardian’s arsenal. A new system relating to Xur will help prevent Exotic duplication as well, something us collectors can be very thankful for. On this note, there will be new ways to spend surplus currency, such as Legendary Shards.

Finally there will be a number of new emotes coming to the game; Salty, Spicy Ramen, Six Shooter, and Flip Out. Updates on the deployment of these will be given as they’re released.

Let us know what you think of these updates, more in-depth articles on each section of Destiny 2 mentioned will follow.

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