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The Old Fashioned – Not So Old Anymore

Recently, some old year one guns have gotten a lovely little rework; weapons like Uriel’s Gift, Hawthorne's Field-Forged Shotgun, and, in today’s spotlight, the Old Fashioned.

Destiny 2: Infinite Paths 8 Season Of Dawn Review

Infinite Paths 8 is a Legendary Pulse Rifle that's made the transition from Curse of Osiris to Season of Dawn with a big return for all those Pulse Rifle fans out there. We've started up our video reviews with this Pulse Rifle because resident writer Ben Klein has been having a tonne of fun with it. Check out the video review of Infinite Paths 8 below, and then dive into the stats and perks here so you can get a good idea of what the weapon looks like.

Cold Front: A Shiny Toy

Happy Dawning, all, and an optimistic New Year. Bungie has given us some shiny new toys, and among...

The Python Shotgun – Nifty

With a new season upon us, Bungie has unveiled a new set of pinnacle weapons. This time around, the Drifter has something interesting to offer: The Python Shotgun. Besides the fact that many players consider Gambit to be a turn-off, the quest itself is not soul-crushing. All it asks is for is 500 shotgun kills, 150 close-range shotgun kills, and a Gambit rank of Heroic.

The MIDA Multi-Tool: Where It Fits In Shadowkeep

Designed by a militant organization from an alternate timeline, the MIDA Multi-Tool is an exotic scout rifle carried over from Destiny 1 that has been tailor-made for Crucible.

Black Talon Review – Auto Slice

Black Talon is an Exotic Sword that was introduced to Destiny with the Forsaken expansion. Xur sold it recently, so we thought it was about time that we did a review of it, and told you just how bloody good it is. First, let's check out the stats and perks so that you get a good overview of the weapon, then read on for more details and the nitty gritty of PVE vs PVP with this god among Swords.

Riskrunner Review – A Little Sharp

Since Xur was selling Riskrunner this weekend just passed, we thought it was high time we reviewed the weapon. As an Exotic Submachine Gun the weapon only has a couple of items to compete with, those being The Huckleberry, and Tarrabah. Let's take a look at the stats and perks first.

One Thousand Voices – Fashionably Late

Before you jump on me, I know Forsaken was released over a year ago. And yes, feel free to judge the fact that I am just now killing Riven. More important is the fact that I received one of the rarest weapons in the game. After days of raiding, among the jealous Omnigul-esque screeches of my clanmates, I was blessed with the holiest of drops. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Leviathan’s Breath (Why should you bother?)

It’s been a bit since I've put up a review but I’m back again and this time we’ll be taking a look at the exotic heavy bow Leviathans Breath. Leviathans Breath is the first of its kind as it is located in your heavy slot and I have been very interested to see how it would compete with other heavy weapons in the meta. Let's take a look at its stats;

Subjunctive SMG Review (Good, but still not Recluse)

Subjunctive is a new SMG that can be earned in the Vex Offensive and it’s turned out to be a pretty great weapon. While almost all of the vex offensive weapons are great (minus Imperative and I'll discuss why later) this is a personal favorite of mine after using it for a couple of hours and I'm here today to tell you if this is an SMG you should use as well. Let’s take a look at its stats: