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The Last Season Of Dawn Lore Story Shows How Similar Osiris And Ikora Are

This last piece of lore from Bungie, that was released in the lead up to Season of Dawn,...

The Third Season Of Dawn Lore Story Reveals The Sundial Bosses

This third chapter of lore for Season of Dawn that Bungie have revealed really starts to ramp up the excitement. It goes into detail about the three bosses, and how they became bosses, of The Sundial, which is the new activity for Season of Dawn. At this point I'm starting to understand where the story will go with this activity, so let's discuss it.

The Second Season Of Dawn Lore Story Shows A Dark Future

Bungie's second chapter of lore for Season of Dawn has completely messed me up. Yesterday I gave you my thoughts on the first chapter, which sets the scene for the season in a relatively calm way compared to this one, and today I'm going to go through this second chapter. Read the whole thing for yourself here.

First Season Of Dawn Lore Story Shows A Desperate Osiris

The first chapter of lore that Bungie has released in the lead up to the launch of Season of Dawn is really great. We really recommend reading through it for a number of reasons, but top of them all is the desperate picture it paints of Osiris.

This Week In 2015 Sparrow Racing Came To Destiny

This week four years ago, Destiny 1 saw the arrival of one of the best live events in...

Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn Could Be About The House Of Dusk

With the big reveal stream happening this week, we're exploring the various possibilities for what Season of Dawn might focus on. We've already thought about what it might be like if Season of Dawn was based on The Dawning, or if Season of Dawn focused on Osiris the Warlock, but now we're going to look at what Season of Dawn could look like if it focused on the Fallen House of Dusk.

Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn Could Be About The Dawning

Season of the Undying is coming to a close pretty soon, with some of the Triumphs getting locked off as early as the 10th of December according to Bungie. With that in mind, we've begun thinking about what Season of Dawn might bring to Destiny 2, and one of the easiest theories to get on board with, because the names work more than anything, is that season 9 of Destiny 2 will be focused on The Dawning, Destiny 2's Christmas event.

Theories From The Destiny 2 Return to the Moon ViDoc

Bungie recently released a ViDoc in which they revealed, and talked about, the Moon, a returning destination in Destiny 2. The destination is returning as part of the next expansion, Shadowkeep, which has had very few details spoiled for it so far. In this video I saw a lot of information that was barely touched upon, and some things that I thought could indicate larger features of Shadowkeep. In this article I'm going to cover what these features were, and my theories surrounding them. Check out the video below, and read on for more information.

How The Haunted Forest Finally Adds Value To The Infinite Forest

With the release of the Festival of the Lost yesterday we also got a brand new activity to try out...

Lore Thursday – The Awoken

The Awoken are descended from Humans, but they've been altered by what happened during The Collapse. As some people fled...