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How The Haunted Forest Finally Adds Value To The Infinite Forest

With the release of the Festival of the Lost yesterday we also got a brand new activity to try out...

Lore Thursday – The Awoken

The Awoken are descended from Humans, but they've been altered by what happened during The Collapse. As some people fled...

Destiny 2 Development Roadmap Update – Warmind

Bungie have updated the development roadmap for Destiny 2, and with it they're revealed a bunch of new stuff coming...

Lore Thursday – The Iron Lords

Since the Iron Banner was only last week we thought we'd check out a bit of the lore behind the...

Destiny 2 – What Are Warminds?

Since the only information we have so far, which is a leak based on a post on the Destiny Subreddit,...

What Are The Vex?

With the first expansion for Destiny 2, The Curse of Osiris, releasing very soon we thought it was time to...

Destiny 2 – Understanding Mercury

In the upcoming first Expansion for Destiny 2, the Curse of Osiris, we're going to Mercury. The problem is that...

Fan Made Destiny 2 Art

The Destiny community is responsible for a lot of things, salt key among them! But this isn't about the madness...

Destiny 2 Voice Files Reveal Potential Future Content

Over on the Destiny 2 subreddit user TheEcumene has taken the time to go through 26K of audio files and...

Destiny Age of Triumph Revealed

For a while there have been rumours around an April update happening in Destiny. While Bungie hadn't announced anything, it...

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