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Ultimate Chalice Of Opulence Combinations Guide


The Chalice of Opulence presents us with a brand new way to earn gear and weapons, but there’s just one problem. No one knows what all the combinations are. At least until now, because we have the ultimate guide to Chalice of Opulence combinations for you here.

Firstly, all credit to this Reddit post, and the Raid Secrets community in combination with them for figuring everything out.

Just a quick guide as to how the slots on the Chalice work, if you’re not familiar.

  • Slot 1: This defines the type of reward you’ll receive. For example, Sniper Rifle, SMG, or Armour
  • Slot 2: This defines the specific type of your reward. For example, whether a piece of armour boosts Recovery, Mobility, or Resilience.
  • Slot 3: This defines the type of Masterwork your reward is geared to, and the type of elemental resistance your armour has.
  • If you don’t put a rune into either slot 2 or 3, those slots will be randomised.

Below is the combinations chart for Legendary weapons. As far as I know these are all of the Legendary weapons you can earn from using the Chalice of Opulence, though there are other combinations that will award these weapons. We’ll get to those though, for now use this if you’re chasing weapons, I’m going to be grinding for the season-specific ones, and then read on for armours.

So now we have the armours. Once again there are other ways to earn these but this is the list of all the armour you can earn. Note how it’s organised into sets, to help you get the one you really want.

We’ve got a couple of different spreadsheets from the Raid Secrets community. This first one is purely words and packs everything into one view, which you might find a little easier to understand if you’re easily overwhelmed by spreadsheets like me. This second one contains images to go along with your rune choices, making it a little clearer, but it does go on for quite a while.

As far as we understand it, you fit runes to the Chalice and then run the Menagerie. You’ll get your rewards from the chest at the end of the Menagerie. Honestly this is just the best thing about the new season, because it opens up the door for us to decide which loot we’re earning.

Let us know what you’re earning from the Chalice in the comments.

Images Source: Reddit


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