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Chalice of Opulence Quest Guide


When you first start Season of Opulence you’ll be wanting to jump into the Menagerie as soon as possible, but there’s just one problem. Before you can enter the Menagerie you need to complete the Chalice of Opulence Quest, which will ultimately take you there. This quest also gives you gear to get up to the right Power Level for the new activity, so trust me when I say it’s worth following this guide.

Step 1

For this step you need to go and talk to the new Vendor in the Tower, Benedict 99-40. He’ll give you a message from Calus, but before you go ahead and do what it says you need to speak to Ikora first. She’ll tell you about a new Barge on Nessus that’s just appeared, and advise you to go there and learn more

Step 2

The new Barge is visible on Nessus’ map, because there’s a new vendor there, so take a look around and head to that location. On the Barge you’ll meet the new vendor, Werner 99-40, and he’ll give you the Chalice of Opulence.

Step 3

However, the Chalice is cracked and needs some work to be repaired, so naturally your first step is to head out and kill some Cabal on Nessus to earn Chalice Fragments.

Step 4

With the Cabal massacred you’ll now have a Mended Chalice. Next you need to kill Vex with with melee final blows without dying on Nessus in order to further fix the Chalice.

Step 5

At this point Werner 99-40 should send you a message, but he didn’t to me. What you need to do now is recover the season’s new currency, Imperials, from some different Cabal. this time you need to take down some of the Red Legion deserters in the Lost Sector Conflux on Nessus. When you open the chest for the Lost Sector you will receive these Imperials.

Step 6

This gives you the Chalice of Opulence, and you need to use those Imperials to unlock the top Rune slot on it. Do this by inspecting the Pursuit in the new Pursuits tab, it should bring up a new screen with the Chalice.

Step 7

Now Werner 99-40 will send you a Bounty, which you need to complete for a Rune reward. the Bounty requires you to generate 10 Orbs of Light, earn a certain amount of experience, for me this was simply enough to advance to the next level, and complete a challenge. For this challenge I simply did a Daily activity.

Step 8

Now you’ll be given a treasure map, but don’t worry it isn’t complicated. The hint tells you to look somewhere near the Well of Flames, but if you look on the map there’s a giant X that you can’t miss. To be honest it’s not that straightforward. You need to enter the large structure and go down, all the way down, and find the new chest at the bottom of that giant drop that’s hidden behind some rocks in the area.

Step 9

Once you’ve added the Rune you need to return to the Barge and Werner 99-40. You’ll be invited to take on the Menagerie in order to unlock the potential of your Chalice. Complete your first run and you’ll be able to unlock the Triumph that leads to you being bale to unlock nodes on the Chalice, upgrading it.

Well Done!

That’s it! Now you can enter the Menagerie as often as you want. It’s a brilliant new activity that looks as though it holds a lot of secrets, I just really love running around killing lots of enemies personally.

Let us know what you think of this opening quest to the new season in the comments.

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