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Destiny 2 Bosses As UFC fighters

Destiny 2 gamers can see raid bosses with many qualities of UFC fighters when they play. 

Bungie Details Game2Give 2019 Charity Event

Bungie has revealed the details of their inaugural charity event, Game2Give. The charity event will support their own foundation by raising money through streaming.

How Patrols Are Subtly Changing

Of the many things Shadowkeep has brought us, the moon is one of the most notable additions to Bungie’s Taken King-like expansion.

Raid Night Epiphany

Since the original Destiny, raids have been a fixture in Bungie’s space oddity. The hours-long, puzzle-infested activities have drawn in players with mythical loot and many wonderful midnights of passing orbs and crossing swords. I am ashamed to say that I have passed on this gold mine for far too long.

My Name Is Byf Produces Amazing Four Hour Lore Video Of The Complete Destiny...

My Name Is Byf, also known as Lore Daddy, has created an epic video that covers the entire story of Destiny, from the very start of the first game, right up until the beginning of Shadowkeep.

Destiny News Hub Looking For Writers & Video Creators

Are you a super fan of Destiny The Video Game and want to get more involved? News breaks...

Destiny Is Five Years Old And We Still Love It Dearly

Destiny turned five years old this week, and in that time we've seen the birth of an entire universe, the growth of a huge community of Guardians, and two games.
Destiny 2 Mars Community Challenge Completed - What Are The Rewards

Destiny 2 Mars Community Challenge Completed – What Are The Rewards?

Good news Guardians! Over the weekend, by working together, we managed to complete the very first organised community challenge in Destiny 2.

Guardian Pulls Over While Driving To Kill Riven

Over on the Destiny Subreddit one Guardian has shared their incredibly unique experience of killing Riven with a Guardian who had pulled over whilst driving in order to join them.

How Future Games Can Break New Ground in eSports

In many ways, eSports has become its own subcategory of gaming, with eSports-specific games, unique celebrities and top gamers,...