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Track Your Destiny 2 Todos With TodayInDestiny.com

A member of the Destiny 2 community has released something extremely useful for Guardians who want to track everything they...

Top 10 Twitch Channels To Follow

There are a lot of content creators in the Destiny 2 community, and it can be really difficult to know...

Destiny 2 Community Member Releases Braytech.org

One brilliant Guardian out there has put together a brand new site through which you can track your progress across...

Fan Theory Suggests Destiny 2 Black Armoury DLC Will Be Revealed On November 27th

One Guardian over on the Destiny subreddit believes they have figured out when Bungie is going to start dropping details...

In Memory Of Cayde-6

Finally Bungie have added a touching tribute to Cayde-6's death in Destiny 2. This is something that I think a...

Have Guardians Found The Malfeasance Quest Line?

Guardians believe they may have found the location for the quest that leads to the Malfeasance Hand Cannon. However, the...

Destiny 2 Community Infographic For Returning Players in Forsaken

Now that Destiny 2 Forsaken has launched around the world it's time to talk about those returning Guardians. Those who...

Guardian Reveals Their Own Destiny 1 Grimoire Anthology

After the recent announcement of Destiny Grimoire Anthology 1 a Guardian has taken to the Destiny subreddit to post their...

Incredible Fan Theory For The Plot Of Destiny 2 Forsaken

Over on the Destiny Subreddit a number of theories have been getting thrown around, but that was all before the...

New Exotic Emote Causing Controversy

A new emote that's available for a limited time from the Eververse Store is causing some outcry from fans because...

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