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Guardian Pulls Over While Driving To Kill Riven

Over on the Destiny Subreddit one Guardian has shared their incredibly unique experience of killing Riven with a Guardian who had pulled over whilst driving in order to join them.

How Future Games Can Break New Ground in eSports

In many ways, eSports has become its own subcategory of gaming, with eSports-specific games, unique celebrities and top gamers,...

Guardian Makes Mockup Of Statistics And Leaderboard Screens

A Guardian from the Destiny 2 community has created a mockup of a long-requested feature for the game, leaderboard and statistic screens.

Gambit Vs Gambit Prime – Which One Should Stay In Destiny 2?

In Luke Smith's ver candid first piece about the last year of Destiny 2 he said that a decision needed to be made: do we get rid of Gambit, or Gambit Prime?

Happy Gjallarhorn Day 2019

Happy Gjallarhorn Day 2019 Guardians! Today is the fourth annual celebration of the day that Xur turned up in Destiny 1 selling Gjallarhorn, a momentus day. I'm sure you all remember buying yours after years of waiting, I know I do.

Should An Activity Like EAZ Be Permanently Added To Destiny 2?

The European Aerial Zone, or EAZ for short, is a fantastic new activity in Destiny 2 that's part of Solstice of Heroes 2019. But should something like it be added to the game permanently?

5 Reasons Why Shadowkeep Being Delayed Is A Good Thing

Bungie have delayed Shadowkeep, and we're all pretty bummed about it. However, there are some good points to this delay, five in fact that we're going to cover right here.

Mario Kart Destiny 2 Video Shows Why SRL Must Return

The new Sparrow that you can get with Solstice of Heroes 2019 is fantastic, and it's inspired a...

Little Light, The Destiny Inventory Manager/Companion

Little Light is a community made Destiny inventory manager and companion app. The application was posted about recently on the Destiny Subreddit, and even though it's been around for a while we thought we'd showcase it because a fan made it, but also because it's incredibly useful. The following is a thread on twitter that showcases the application, but we'll go through the features for you here just to do it justice.

Destiny News Hub on The Destiny Show Podcast

The Destiny Show Podcast is a weekly Destiny podcast that features a brand new guest every week. For episode 27 I was lucky enough to be invited onto the show to talk about all tings Destiny 2, the most recent This Week At Bungie article, and Shadowkeep, and I had a blast.