New Destiny 2 Cutscene Shows Eris Messing With The Darkness

If you haven't loaded up Destiny 2 since downloading update 2.6.1, and Festival of the Lost, you may want to avoid this article since it will contain spoilers for lore you might want to see for yourself first. If you've already watched this new lore, or don't care about seeing it yourself first, check out the video below and read on for more details.

The Guardian Chasing The True Ending Of The Dreaming City

A Guardian is chasing the lofty Power Level of 999 because of some lore in Destiny 2 that may or may not be entirely true. The Guardian in question, Zupah, has been posting regular updates on their progress, and they're getting really close.

Bungie Pre-Warns Us Of Festival Of The Lost 2019 Issues

Festival of the Lost is returning to Destiny 2 for 2019, but there are a couple of things we all need to bear in mind whilst we're collecting the two types of candy that are on offer.

Update 2.6.1 Patch Notes Preview

In their most recent This Week At Bungie article, Bungie gave us a little look at the patch notes for the next Destiny 2 update. We're going to go through those patch notes to see what's changing next week.

Destiny 2 Exotic Bow Leviathan’s Breath Quest Guide

It's now possible to pick up the quest for Leviathan's Breath in Destiny 2, and earn the Exotic Bow for yourself. However, there's a big questline associated with this, so strap in for our guide. If you don't have the Season Pass for Season of the Undying, I'm afraid you can't access Leviathan's Breath, so go and pick it up.

Xur’s Inventory Destiny 2 – October 25th To 29th 2019

Xur has come back to us in Destiny 2 once again. This week he's hanging out in the Tower, in the Hangar of all places. Head there and check out what he's got, I'll pre-warn you that it's pretty exciting under his cloak this week. Let's dive in and see what his inventory looks like.

Bungie Shows Off The New Auto Rifle For Festival Of The Lost

Halloween is drawing nearer, and it's getting kind of spooky out. Kind of scary, if you will. And few do it better than Bungie, who released information on their Festival of the Lost event, returning on October 29th.

Festival Of The Lost 2019 Detailed

Festival of the Lost has been detailed by Bungie for 2019. The Halloween event will be returning to the game on the 29th of October, lasting for two weeks until the 19th of November.

Destiny 2 Bosses As UFC fighters

Destiny 2 gamers can see raid bosses with many qualities of UFC fighters when they play. 

Bungie Details Game2Give 2019 Charity Event

Bungie has revealed the details of their inaugural charity event, Game2Give. The charity event will support their own foundation by raising money through streaming.