Eververse Ship Shows That Uldren Is Living Like A Hermit

A new piece of lore found on an Eververse ship has shed some light on what happened to...

The Last Season Of Dawn Lore Story Shows How Similar Osiris And Ikora Are

This last piece of lore from Bungie, that was released in the lead up to Season of Dawn,...

The Third Season Of Dawn Lore Story Reveals The Sundial Bosses

This third chapter of lore for Season of Dawn that Bungie have revealed really starts to ramp up the excitement. It goes into detail about the three bosses, and how they became bosses, of The Sundial, which is the new activity for Season of Dawn. At this point I'm starting to understand where the story will go with this activity, so let's discuss it.

The Python Shotgun – Nifty

With a new season upon us, Bungie has unveiled a new set of pinnacle weapons. This time around, the Drifter has something interesting to offer: The Python Shotgun. Besides the fact that many players consider Gambit to be a turn-off, the quest itself is not soul-crushing. All it asks is for is 500 shotgun kills, 150 close-range shotgun kills, and a Gambit rank of Heroic.

Season Of Dawn: Q And A With Brother Vance

With new events rolling out on Mercury, the staff at Destiny News Hub was hoping to catch Osiris or the mythical Saint-14 for a quick interview. However, one is far too busy and the other doesn’t technically exist, so we approached another source for a better view of the Season of Dawn.

The MIDA Multi-Tool: Where It Fits In Shadowkeep

Designed by a militant organization from an alternate timeline, the MIDA Multi-Tool is an exotic scout rifle carried over from Destiny 1 that has been tailor-made for Crucible.

Saint-14’s Voice Actor Explains How That Line Almost Didn’t Make It Into Destiny 2

The voice actor behind Saint-14 has explained how a fan favourite line from Saint-14 nearly didn't make it...

Saint-14 Is Hinting At Trials Of Nine Returning

Earlier this week we got a hint that Trials of the Nine might be coming back to Destiny 2. Now with Saint-14 back in our lives, we've got yet another hint that Trials might be returning, though it should still be taken with a pinch of salt given the Crucible mode's history.

Telesto Is Bugged Again, Now You Can Get Infinite Ammo

The Exotic Fusion Rifle Telesto is bugged once again thanks to Season of Dawn. Now the weapon can provide infinite ammo to Guardians, and considering it was sold by Xur fairly recently, the issue is going to be pretty widespread.

Xur’s Inventory Destiny 2 – December 20th To 24th 2019

Xur is back in the game for another week, bringing all of the Exotics good you need to the world of Destiny 2 so that it's easier to take down the Cabal in their efforts to destroy time. This week he's hanging out on Titan, in his usual dark lurking spot on the Rig, in the container that's filled with tentacles. Head there now and buy some of the following.