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Bungie Fixed Wish-Ender, And Guardians Broke It Again

You read that right! Bungie managed to fix Wish-Ender and make it much less of a broken weapon, even though the broken part of it really helped Guardians out for about a year there. However, three days later and you've already come together to somehow break this weapon even more.

Bungie’s Guardians For Australia T-Shirt Is Now Live

Last week we reported how the Destiny 2 FANZ community is raising money in aid of the Australian bushfires. On Monday we reported that Bungie was creating a t-shirt that would provide support to two amazing charities that are helping the people and animals affected by the Australian bushfire crisis. That t-shirt is now available to pre-order, and we need all of you who are able to do so in order to get even more aid over to where it's needed.

Xur’s Inventory Destiny 2 – January 17th To 21st 2020

Xur is back in Destiny 2 for the third time in 2020, and he's got a pretty great Exotic weapon with him this week. He's hanging out on Calus' Barge on Nessus, which is seeming to be like his local hang out judging from recent weeks. Set up your Guardian to fly there, and read on for the details on what he's got this week.

Guardians Are Trying To Solve Corridors Of Time In Destiny 2 Right Now

At the time of writing, Corridors of Time is an unsolved quest. This week's reset saw the usual in Destiny 2, but the latest Season of Dawn content is a new quest for Osiris, one that's got the community working for over 24 hours now to try to solve it.

One Guardian Saves Another From 5000 Miles Away

A Guardian in the UK was saved by another Guardian in the US recently thanks to some quick thinking and the fact that they were playing together with audio on. This story is pretty amazing, and also a little worrying, showing how games actually helped someone out for once.

Bungie Is Making It Fashionable To Donate Aid For Those Affected By The Australian...

In the most recent This Week At Bungie article, which I thought had released early and completely threw me for a minute until I realised that I was on the wrong day, Bungie has outlined their way of making it not only easy, but fashionable to donate aid to all those affected by the Australian bushfire crisis.

Devil’s Ruin Has A Secret Ability

It's only been a few days, but Guardians have already found a secret ability lying within Devil's Ruin...

Destiny 2 FANZ Australian Bushfire Appeal Is Now Live

If you haven't heard about the bushfire that's currently burning around what seems like most of Australia, killing millions of animals as well as a number of people, then you need to educate yourself. These fires are a direct result of climate change, making many parts of the country uninhabitable, and the people fighting the fires are mostly volunteers. Australia is in urgent need of aid, and the Destiny 2 community has stepped up to help. Read on for how you can help and get involved.

Xur’s Inventory Destiny 2 – January 10th To 14th 2020

Xur is back in Destiny 2 for the second time in 2020! This week he's brought an Exotic weapon we're all pretty familiar with, but he's aslo got som eother Exotics for us to look at. To find him you need to head to Titan this week, on the Rig. This creepy dude is hiding out in a container where you should be able to see all the other Guardians gathered around glaring at his goods. Let's dive into what he's got.

The Stadia Guardians Are Falling By The Wayside

Since Stadia launched there's been a community of Guardians who have slowly been working their way through all of the content that Destiny 2 has to offer. Now however, according to Forbes, it looks like the numbers of those Guardians is dwindling, and these new Guardians are falling off as they encounter blocks to progression.