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Diablo 4 PvP – How does PvP work in D4

In this guide, we will talk about the particularities of PvP gameplay in Diablo IV, why you should participate in it, and what will be the exclusive rewards obtained from it. If you are looking for the best ways to farm Seeds of Hatred, formerly known as Shards of Hatred, we will also cover that aspect, and how to get them faster, by either farming or ordering them from a service provider, like KBoosting, and similar. So keep reading to find out more.

How does PvP work in Diablo IV?

Unlike any other Diablo game, Diablo IV will feature a seamlessly incorporated PvP system into the game’s open world, called Fields of Hatred. This comes as a surprise, considering that it’s not the usual PvP arena, and can appear anywhere throughout the Sanctuary. This will be a zone where you can fight players, and become a bountied player yourself.

PvP Zones – Fields of Hatred

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The Fields of Hatred are open-world PvP zones, occurring throughout the Sanctuary, just like world events. Accessing them is very simple, as you just have to walk into the area.

These zones are accessible to both PvP-enabled players and PvE players, with activities for each of them. While the PvP enabled players can slay each other for currency named Seeds of Hatred, the PvE players can kill monsters throughout the Fields of Hatred, open chests, gather loot, or participate in various PvE events without interfering with the PvP players.

However, if the PvE players try to convert the Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust at the Altar of Extraction, they will automatically have their PvP status enabled, while other players will be made aware of their location in the Fields of Hatred and the fact that they are trying to perform the ritual.

Diablo 4 PvP Mechanics

There are two main mechanics when it comes to Diablo IV PvP, the Altar of Extraction and the Vessel of Hatred system.

At the Altar of Extraction, players can convert the Seeds of Hatred obtained through the Fields of Hatred into Red Dust, a safe currency that cannot be dropped, unlike the Seeds of Hatred that are lost upon death. While performing the ritual to convert, other players will be made aware of the ritual taking place, so timing is essential.

The Vessel of Hatred is a bounty system that applies to players that kill a certain number of players and gather enough hatred. This status will mark you as a hostile target to players in a large radius around the player having the status. Being a timed bounty, the duration needed to survive to earn extra rewards will be indicated on the right side of the screen.

If a player manages to kill the bountied player that is a Vessel of Hatred, he will receive extra rewards, while also receiving that player’s amount of collected Seeds of Hatred.

PvP Currency in D4

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The PvP Currency that can be obtained in the Fields of Hatred is called Seeds of Hatred and can be obtained in various ways, from killing other players to killing monsters. This currency is not secured once obtained, as it will be dropped completely upon death.

To make the currency safe, the player must enable the PvP status either manually or automatically at the Altar of Extraction. Converting the Seeds of Hatred into Red Dust can be done at the Altar of Extraction, through a purification ritual. Once purified, Red Dust will be a safe-to-keep currency, and ready to be exchanged for rewards at the local vendors.

PvP Rewards

After the purification ritual, Red Dust can be exchanged at local vendors found throughout the Fields of Hatred for various cosmetic rewards, exclusive to the PvP special areas.

These PvP-exclusive rewards include:

  • Mounts
  • Trophies
  • Weapon cosmetics
  • Outfit cosmetics

These rewards will change with every new season, so make sure to grab all of them in time.

PvP Gearing in Diablo IV

Having the best build possible should be the main priority before playing PvP in the Fields of Hatred. The gear should be optimized, and as for general advice, the highest item level doesn’t mean that it’s the best. Consider every stat and how it helps your current build.

We have prepared a list of things to check before adventuring into fighting other players.

  • Have the best weapons available equipped
  • Imprint legendary aspects to any item that doesn’t have one
  • Focus on items with better stats rather than item level
  • The skill set should be focused on single-target PvP build
  • Use your mobility and defensive abilities carefully. Wasting them will get you killed

If that is not enough, you can check out the PvP build guides found at sites like Kboosting.

Best PvP classes

From what we have seen so far, we have created a Tier list, considering every factor we could think about: PvP potential, difficulty, survivability, damage output, and mobility

Factor S Tier A Tier B Tier C Tier
PvP Potential Rogue, Sorcerer Barbarian Druid Necromancer
Difficulty Rogue, Necromancer Sorcerer Druid Barbarian
Survivability Druid Barbarian, Necromancer Sorcerer, Rogue
Damage output Sorcerer Rogue Barbarian, Druid Necromancer
Mobility Rogue Barbarian, Druid Sorcerer Necromancer

Final thoughts

The Diablo 4 PvP activities, which take place in the Fields of Hatred, are an interesting addition to the franchise, bringing more content to the game, with great rewards such as unique PvP cosmetics and great loot. The Fields of Hatred will be full of players, so you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times.

While the PvP content is not for everybody, it also brings PvE content for players that don’t enjoy any PvP mode. While this means you don’t need to fight other players to obtain any PvP reward, you will still need to convert the Seeds of Hatred obtained while trying to stay alive.

So if you are ready to jump into the special zones for PvP, be sure to keep an eye out for them. We wish you happy hunting!

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