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Bungie Push Back Fixes To Preserve The Team’s Work Life Balance

In a recent piece covering the update for Lord of Wolves, Luke Smith talked about how the weapon has run rampant in Iron Banner. It's been enough of an issue for Bungie to consider turning it off for all activities, but they haven't yet. In a conversation during GuardianCon, Smith added that there was an internal decision made between fixing the weapon now, or preserving July's work life balance, and they made the right decision.

$3.7 Million Raised During GuardianCon

Last week GuardianCon raised $3.7 million for charity, and hosted the biggest Bungie segment in the event's history. The entire charity marathon was a wholesome experience, hosted by people who have built careers out of gaming, and have a passion for Destiny that is unrivalled. We're extremely pleased to be able to report that not only did the event beat its fundraising goal, it smashed it.

Xur’s Inventory Destiny 2 – June 21st To 24th

Xur is back! This week the shady Exotic vendor is on Earth in the EDZ, hanging out in Winding Cove. To find him you need to head to the crashed Fallen Ketch, jump up to the very top, and you'll see his scary face. Failing that, head to Winding Cove and look for where all the Guardians are gathered. Let's dive in and look at his wares this week.

Changes Coming To Eververse Later In 2019

Bungie have made some big changes to Eververse this year already. They've completely redesigned to store to look a lot like the one you see in Anthem, take that how you will, but there are way more changes on the way. Bungie touched on some of these in their recent livestream, but they didn't cover everything. What they did touch on in the livestream they didn't do so in any great detail, so they've fleshed out their plans slightly for us. Let's dive in and see what's going to change this Autumn.

Watch The GuardianCon Charity Marathon Today

Today between 1-5 PM PDT, 4-9 PM EDT, or 9PM to 2AM GMT, you can watch the GuardianCon Charity Livestream over on Twitch. The official livestream is being hosted by the GuaridanCon Twitch channel, but there will be plenty of big streamers out there hosting the stream I'm sure. Bungie have laid out a lot of incentives for donating, as well as some other stuff surrounding the event, so let's dive in a check out what's going on.

Xur’s Inventory Destiny 2 – June 14th To 18th

Xur is back in the game once again, and he's revisiting his old lurking ground. Head to Nessus if you want to see Xur this week, he's over on Calus' Barge taking in all the riches the Emperor has to offer, not that he'd do anything with it. Let's dive in and check out his, admittedly pretty awesome, offerings this week.

Bungie Is Absolutely Interested In Destiny 2 Cross-Play

In a recent Tweet the General Manager for Destiny, Mark Noseworthy, told the world that Bungie is absolutely interested in cross-play for Destiny 2. However, he added that this feature would be something that the developer would be looking into implementing much further down the road.

Destiny 2 Cross-Save Is For One Account Only

If you thought you'd be able to use all of your Destiny 2 accounts from across various platforms once cross-save comes to the game, you're very wrong. Recent confirmation from various sources have revealed that once cross-save is enabled, Guardians will need to pick one Destiny 2 account to be used across all platforms, and stick with it.

Xur’s Inventory Destiny 2 – June 7th To 10th

After a bit of a debacle in which he forgot a weapon last week, Xur is back in the game post-Season of Opulence release and he's changed up his location! This week you can find him on Calus' Barge in Watcher's Grave over on Nessus. Let's dive in and have a look at what he's selling.

The Next Chapter For Destiny 2 Livestream Summary

Today Bungie held a livestream covering the next chapter of Destiny 2. The stream covered the future of the game and the Shadowkeep Expansion, which leaked earlier this week. We've covered all of the details from the livestream here for you on a very high level