Is Lumina The Best Exotic Hand Cannon?

Lumina is the latest Exotic Hand Cannon to enter the Destiny 2 roster. With so many available now, we thought it was time that we looked at whether it was the best one of the lot. One thing we can definitely say is that it's certainly the most individual.

Moments Of Triumph 2019 Begin Today

Moments of Triumph, the yearly celebration of Guardians around the world, will return to Destiny 2 today with the weekly reset. The event brings a host of new Triumphs to complete, and items to earn. If you're a collector like me this is one of the busiest times of the year, so let's dive in and take a look at the big changes hitting the game with today's reset.

Discord Ghost Opens A New Way To Play Destiny 2 With Others

A Guardian in the Destiny 2 community has released a huge project that will help all Guardians work together better across every platform. The project, Discord Ghost, is a piece of software that allows for better integration between Destiny 2 and Discord, making it far easier to coordinate with fellow Guardians in your clan, and, more importantly, those in your raid team.

Xur’s Inventory Destiny 2 – July 5th To 9th

Xur has come to us once again! He's got some Exotic gear that, even if you already own it, will drop at 731 Light Level, so it's a good way to push that up if you need to for this new season. This week you can find Xur on Nessus, over in Watcher's Grave. As always he has the Invitation of the Nine item, and we've got guides for every week if you need them. Let's dive in and check out what his wares are this week.

Lumina Exotic Hand Cannon Quest Guide

The quest for Lumina went live yesterday and we now have a definitive guide to help you acquire it! This guide also helps you nab the Legendary Hand Cannon Rose along the way, which is something you might want to do since it's so convenient and part of the quest itself. Let's dive right in.

Lumina Quest Dropping Today

Yesterday Bungie released the trailer for Lumina, the brand new Exotic weapon that's dropping with Season of Opulence. This weapon has been long-awaited, because in terms of lore it's an incredibly interesting one, and should add a lot to the game.

Xur’s Inventory Destiny 2 – June 28th To July 1st

Xur has returned to the world of Destiny 2 again! This week he's headed to the Tower, hanging...

Destiny Grimoire Anthology Vol. 2: Fallen Kingdoms Launches This October

Bungie have announced the sequel to the incredible book project that was inspired by fan work on the original Grimoire card entries from Destiny 1. Destiny Grimoire Anthology Vol. 2: Fallen Kingdoms will launch this October, and packs in even more Grimoire card entries and their associates artwork.

Bungie Push Back Fixes To Preserve The Team’s Work Life Balance

In a recent piece covering the update for Lord of Wolves, Luke Smith talked about how the weapon has run rampant in Iron Banner. It's been enough of an issue for Bungie to consider turning it off for all activities, but they haven't yet. In a conversation during GuardianCon, Smith added that there was an internal decision made between fixing the weapon now, or preserving July's work life balance, and they made the right decision.

$3.7 Million Raised During GuardianCon

Last week GuardianCon raised $3.7 million for charity, and hosted the biggest Bungie segment in the event's history. The entire charity marathon was a wholesome experience, hosted by people who have built careers out of gaming, and have a passion for Destiny that is unrivalled. We're extremely pleased to be able to report that not only did the event beat its fundraising goal, it smashed it.