Is The Vow The Best Legendary Bow?

Since Crimson Days 2020 has rolled around, we thought that we'd take a look at the Legendary Bow you can earn if you do all the right things this week, The Vow. I earned this weapon in last year's Crimson Days event, and I can't fault it at all. It's a brilliant weapon, but let's compare it to some of the other Legendary Bows out there just to see if it is categorically the best. First up, stats and perks.

Destiny 2 Crimson Days 2020 Hub

Welcome to the Crimson Days 2020 Hub! Here you'll find everything you need to get you up to...

Crimson Days 2020 Kicks Off Today

Crimson Days is my highlight of all of Destiny 2's in-game events. Today the event returns once again, and it looks like it's going to be as fantastic as it always is, if not even better. We might not have all the details just yet, but we do know what's likely to come to the game today, so let's get excited about it.

Is Monte Carlo The Best Exotic Auto Rifle?

Monte Carlo went on sale with Xur a couple of weeks ago, so we thought it was about time we did a proper in-depth analysis of whether or not it's the best Exotic Auto Rifle. There's quite a lot of competition out there for it, so this will be a tough call. Let's dive into the stats and perks first.

Is Fighting Lion The Best Exotic Grenade Launcher?

Fighting Lion is an Exotic Grenade Launcher, but is it the best Exotic Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2? Well since Xur sold it last week, we thought there was no better time than now to check this weapon out and decide once and for all if it's the dominant Exotic Grenade Launcher. Let's check out the stats and perks first.

3D Printed Polarized Fractaline Deserves An Extra Reward

With Empyrean Foundation now well under way, every Guardian out there is working hard to donate as much Polarized Fractaline as they possibly can. The thing is, one of you has gone above and beyond for the cause, and now I think you deserve a much greater reward than whatever Bungie has planned for the end of the current event.

Xur’s Inventory Destiny 2 – February 7th To February 11th 2020

Xur is back! that's right, you can now spend all of the Legendary Shards that you've probably already spent on Polarized Fractaline for Empyrean Foundation on something Exotic. This week we've got a Sword, and some armour of course. Let's dive in and check out what this tentacle-faced stranger brought this week.

The New Destiny 2 Sundial Boss Is The Best Sundial Boss

There's a new boss available in the Sundial activity, the one that's only available during Season of Dawn, and it's the best boss yet. All previous bosses for the activity have been mediocre at best, but this one makes for a phenomenal fight that feels like a joy to play.

Hard Light Has Been Improved With Destiny 2 Update 2.7.1

While all of you are probably really focused on donating Polarized Fractaline for Empyrean Foundation right now, you should also be aware that a big buff has come to one of the most underrated weapons in Destiny 2, Hard Light.

Next Destiny 2 Season Could Be Called Season Of The Worthy

Despite Season of Dawn being far from over, some Guardians have already figured out what the next season...