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Why You Should Play Iron Banner This Week

This week is the final Iron Banner for the Season of the Forge, Season 5 in Destiny 2. As of...

Why You Need To Play Iron Banner On Christmas Day

Iron Banner returns tomorrow, Christmas Day, making it possibly the most inconvenient of all Iron Banners. I wont' be playing...

Why You Should Definitely Play Iron Banner This Weekend

In case you missed it the Iron Banner is back this week, and regardless of the reason I'm about to...

New Weapons And Armour For This Week’s Iron Banner

This week's Iron Banner is Control, 6 V 6, and of course it means that there are some brand new...

What We Know About New Crucible Mode Gambit So Far

Gambit is the new game mode hitting Destiny 2 with the Forsaken Expansion. Over at E3 there's been a bunch...

Crucible Labs Featured Mode Is Showdown

Yesterday Bungie announced this week's featured mode for Crucible Labs, one of the many improvements being made to Destiny 2...

New Iron Banner 6V6 Control

Iron Banner returned yesterday and it's turning out to be a glorious start to Destiny 2 Season 3. The mode...

Crucible Changes In Destiny 2 Update 1.1.4

Bungie recently detailed a lot more about what's coming in Update 1.1.4, releasing on March 27th. We're going through that...

Bungie Detail Crucible Changes Coming To Destiny 2 In Update 1.1.4

Bungie has announced some new updates that the development team are working on with an aim to implement them in...

Should You Spend Or Save Destiny 2 Faction Rally Tokens This Week?

With Faction Rallies returning to Destiny 2 this week there's something that you might be wondering, is it worth using...

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