Destiny: Xur’s Inventory for April 21st and 22nd

Who is Xur?

Xur Agent Of The Nine, works for the mysterious group, The Nine. While Guardians have never seen The Nine, it is said that their influence is vast. Xur, the moss-tentacle-faced vendor visits social spaces once a week, bringing with him a variety of exotic items, which Guardians can purchase with Strange Coins.

Xur’s Location

Well now if you need to find Xur you’re going to head to the Tower! Once there you need to go left from spawn, all the way down the stairs and pas that pointless New Monarchy representative. Make a run like you’re going to see the Speaker, but at the last minute just keep on running past the entrance to his chamber so he thinks he has a friend but actually ends up crying creepy tears. If you make it to the balcony have a look around, Xur is lurking against the barriers like he wants to push you off.

Xur’s Inventory

Exotic Weapon: Suros Regime (Exotic Auto Rifle) 23 Strange Coins

The Suros Regime is an iconic weapon that’s been a part of Destiny since year 1. It might have had a paint job since then, but its perks are still formidable. The SUROS Legacy perk grants additional damage to the bottom half of all magazines, and gives you a chance to heal with every kill.

Check out our analysis of the Suros Regime to see if you’re interested.

Exotic Helmet: An Insurmountable Skullfort (Titan class) 13 Strange Coins

This helmet changes your face into something that’s both digital and incredibly shiny. It’s perk, Improved Transfusion, makes it so kills with Storm Fist immediately grant health regeneration. You’ll also respawn with full melee charge, and gain a second one to boot.

Exotic Gauntlets: Nothing Manacles (Warlock Class) 13 Strange Coins

These gauntlets are badass, that’s all I’ve got to say about how they look because it’s undeniable. Seriously just go and check them out quickly. Now you’ve done that, the perk, Scatter Charge, will enable tracking for Scatter Grenades, and allow you to hold an extra Scatter charge. I don’t need to tell you just ho crazy this is, especially in PVP. 

Exotic Gauntlets: Shinobu’s Vow (Hunter Class) 13 Strange Coins

Don’t be fooled by these gauntlets. They’re not the fanciest of armour for a Hunter by any means, but they do allow you that little exotic advantage. The perk, New Tricks, grants an improved skip grenade, and an additional grenade charge so that you’ve got plenty of them going around. To top that off you’ll be throwing those grenades faster thanks to the Fastball perk.

Weapon Bundles

Dragon’s Breath and Tiger Shark: (weapon Bundle) 30 Strange Coins and 25 Silver Dust

Dragon’s Breath is yet another iconic weapon of Destiny year 1, getting added with The Dark Below. Dragon’s Breath allows you to create what is essentially a small sun on the battlefield with each shot, and having look like a tiger is just something else.

Zhalo Supercell and Shock Hazard: (weapon Bundle) 30 Strange Coins and 25 Silver Dust

The Zhalo Supercell is a pretty awesome weapon, check out our analysis of it here. With regards to the ornament, we’ll let you judge how much you want to spend on it.

Legacy Engram: (Exotic Special Weapon) 29 Strange Coins – The Legacy Engram will decode for a Year 1 or 2 piece of armour to complete your collection. Some of these items can be infused to Year 3 Light Level.

Three Of Coins (Consumable) 7 Strange Coins

Plasma Drive (Consumable) 23 Strange Coins

Emerald Coil (Consumable) 23 Strange Coins

Heavy Ammo Sythesis Consumable) 3 Strange Coins

Glass Needles (Consumable) 3 Strange Coins, 3 Motes Of Light, and 1 Exotic Shard

Our Take

Okay, so there’s a good range of armour on display this week, but the Suros Regime is definitely where it’s at. We’d recommend you buy that and just get on with your week, but if you’ve already earned it elsewhere then some of that armour to build up your collection might be worth a shout. Honestly though, if you’re heading from Light 300 to 400, get some of this stuff, because it’ll make your life easier in the long run. 

How To Get All 6 Class Specific Weapons

Ever since the launch of The Taken King the Gunsmith has been offering Guardians the chance to earn reputation with him. This reputation leads to weapon orders for prototype Legendary weapons, some of which are well worth trying out. This isn’t all however, as sometimes he’ll offer up a quest, an opportunity to earn something more from him, something exotic. This is the beginning of class-specific exotics, one for Hunter, Warlock, and Titan, and all three will be needed in order to complete the Age of Triumph record book. Here is a quick guide as to how to obtain these weapons, but be aware that in the background you should probably be paying the Gunsmith a bit of attention already, to rank up in the meantime if nothing else.

Step 1: reach rank 2 with the Gunsmith

This step is pretty self-explanatory, you need to earn enough reputation with the Gunsmith to reach rank 2. This can be done by earning reputation in Golden Age Relic drops, or by completing the weapon tests he sets each week. You can complete up to five each week, so it’s worth doing that now if you want a chance of earning the goodies.

Once you reach rank 2 you’ll receive the Back in the Saddle quest, which will lead to a Legendary class-specific weapon, Susanoo for Warlocks, Immobius for Titans, and Stillpiercer for Hunters.

Back in the Saddle

The first part of the quest tasks you with killing enemies with a certain weapon while a certain telemetry is active. The second part of the quest requires you to gather weapon parts from Rare or Legendary weapons of the type that the eventual Legendary you’ll receive is, Shotgun for example. You need to dismantle 10 weapons to gather all of these. This is how you obtain the Legendary class weapons, but those exotics are what matters.

Rinse and Repeat

The Gunsmith will task you with doing the same as above, though this time it’s primary weapons with primary telemetry. You’ll have to dismantle rare and legendary weapons once again to get 10 weapon parts, and afterwards you’ll be rewarded with the following.

Tlaloc is a Warlock exclusive exotic Scout Rifle. The exotic perk, Overflow, increases handling, rate of fire, and stability while the user’s Super is charged.

Fabian Strategy is a Titan exclusive Auto Rifle. The exotic perk, Front Lines, increases handling, stability, and rate of fire when enemies are close. Kills will also partially reload the magazine, making for very easy killing.

Ace of Spades is a Hunter exclusive hand cannon. The exotic perk, Maverick, moves one round from your ammo reserves to the magazine when you land a precision kill.

Image Source: PlanetDestiny

King’s Fall 390 Light Challenge Guide

King’s Fall is this week’s Raid to be upgraded to the new Light level of 390 thanks to Age of Triumph. While other raids have seen a significant increase in difficulty due to both the enemy level increase and new challenges being added, King’s Fall is different. Thankfully King’s Fall has the same challenges as before the Light level increase, but here is a guide to each of the three challenges just in case you’ve forgotten how to do them.


This challenge is both easy and a great one for rewarding you with loot. Here the challenge is that no person must be the aura carrier twice. The easy way around this is to number yourselves and assign everyone to a side or the middle. As each you activate the plates on the floor you need to be aware of who has already had the Aura of Initiate and who hasn’t, in order to ensure that you don’t lose the challenge. As long as you number each other and keep alternating on the plates, you’ll be okay.


In order to complete the Golgoroth challenge you’ll need to ensure everyone holds his gaze once. Players shoot Golgoroth in the back to gain his gaze, each player needs to do this after holding the gaze for about 15 seconds. When the last Guardian has the gaze you need to let it expire so that everyone has held it for an equal amount of time. Stick to this tactic and you’ll ensure everyone holds the gaze and the challenge is completed.


Obviously Oryx is the big bad of the raid, so his challenge is going to be the hardest. This challenge requires sixteen orbs to be detonated at once, which will one-shot Oryx, so kill those Ogres straight away. There needs to be four plate holders, each jumping on the platform clockwise to where the relic appears. Jumpers should only land on their plate after the previous member is on.

One runner needs to run across the plates generated by the plate holders. They will work counter clockwise until they can steal the Aura of Invincibility from the Vessel of Oryx.

The last player needs to run around killing enemies and generally making life easier for the players completing the challenge, as this can get very tricky.

You need to collapse the process quickly once the runner has the Aura, as the orbs from the Ogres need to be as close to each other as possible, allowing for a stacking effect.

After a while Oryx will slam down a fist and reveal his chest, this is where your team needs to focus its fire in order to make him stagger. After this you need to kill enemies and make a clear path for the next run for an orb, and continue working away out of Oryx’s eye blasts.

After the fourth run players will need to detonate their bombs, this will send Oryx spinning into the orbit of Saturn. If this is done properly all players will need to rush to the end of the platform to damage Oryx’s chest again, which should kill him and leave the universe with one less threat.

Image Source: VG247

Destiny: Xur’s Inventory For April 14th and 15th

Who is Xur?

Xur Agent Of The Nine, works for the mysterious group, The Nine. While Guardians have never seen The Nine, it is said that their influence is vast. Xur, the moss-tentacle-faced vendor visits social spaces once a week, bringing with him a variety of exotic items, which Guardians can purchase with Strange Coins.

Xur’s Location

If you’re looking to get something out of the tentacle-faced servant of The Nine then you’re in luck, because he’s here today! Go to The Reef, head right from spawn and go all the way down the stairs. Xur is lurking off in the open doorway on the right hand side, you may not see him but that’s because his clothes are so dirty they blend into the dark surroundings. 

Xur’s Inventory

Exotic Weapon: Hard Light (Exotic Auto Rifle) 17 Strange Coins

Hard Light is one of the few exotic weapons that you can tell someone is shooting at you in the Crucible. It’s exotic perk, Volatile Light, causes the rounds to have no damage falloff over distance. The perk also makes rounds overpenetrate targets, and ricochet off of nearby walls. This last part is how you tell it’s being used against you, the rounds are bright and often come out of nowhere to destroy your killstreak.

Check out our analysis of Hard Light to see if you’re interested.

Exotic Gauntlets: ACD/0 Feedback Fence (Titan class) 13 Strange Coins

In addition to looking awesome, these Guantlets allow you to deal damage to an area around you when you take melee damage thanks to its exotic perk, Wrath Conductors. If you buy them they’ll come with another perk, Rain Blows, that increases melee attack attack speed, perfect if you’re up for punching the living snot out of enemies of the Tower and other Guardians. 

Exotic Chest Armour: Heart of the Praxic Fire (Warlock Class) 13 Strange Coins

Perfect for raiding, this Chest Armour completely upgrades your Warlock. The exotic perk, Praise the Sun, while being a little tip of the hat to the Dark Souls series, decreases all ability cooldowns while Radiance is active, as well as greatly increasing your agility. You also gain increased armour when using a Solar based Subclass, as if you wouldn’t with this though.

Exotic Leg Armour: Bones of Eao (Hunter Class) 13 Strange Coins

I really have to say that these are some of the best pieces of Leg Armour you can get for a Hunter, and with many needing decent gear to Raid with at the moment, they couldn’t come at a better time. The exotic perk, Not Bound By Law, upgrades the Hunter’s Double Jump with an additional jump. King’s Fall requires quite a log of jumping, so I have to say that for this week’s Raid these boots are the boots to be in.

Weapon Bundles

The Last Word and Addendum: (weapon Bundle) 30 Strange Coins and 25 Silver Dust

The Last Word is one of the best handguns in the game, focusing on firing from the hip and barely aiming. Of course the Ornament is perfect for that collection of yours, and it makes the weapon look pretty awesome as well.

Red Death and White Witch: (weapon Bundle) 30 Strange Coins and 25 Silver Dust

Red Death is a notorious Auto Rifle because it allows the user to regain health with every kill. You can’t deny that for everything in Destiny that sounds pretty damn great. The weapon is needed if you don’t have it in your collection already for Age of Triumph, and the Ornament is perfect for making it look incredible.

Legacy Engram: (Exotic Special Weapon) 29 Strange Coins – The Legacy Engram will decode for a Year 1 or 2 piece of armour to complete your collection. Some of these items can be infused to Year 3 Light Level.

Three Of Coins (Consumable) 7 Strange Coins

Plasma Drive (Consumable) 23 Strange Coins

Emerald Coil (Consumable) 23 Strange Coins

Heavy Ammo Sythesis Consumable) 3 Strange Coins

Glass Needles (Consumable) 3 Strange Coins, 3 Motes Of Light, and 1 Exotic Shard

Our Take

This week’s exotic weapon is great for PVP, but not necessarily for PVE. If you’re already on the way to Rank 5 of the Iron Banner, and don’t need it for your collection, then leave it. Any one of the armour pieces from this week will make for a great addition to your collection, and be really useful in Raids. This week with King’s Fall being the new 390 Raid, the Bones of Eao are going to be particularly useful.

Iron Banner Tips: 11th April to 17th April

The Iron Banner returns this week! If you missed the last one then head over to our last article where we handed out some tips about competing. Of course we’re going to cover the same ground here, and it’ll be that much more relevant because the game mode has changed, as it does every Iron Banner. This week until April 17th, the next weekly reset, you’ll be able to compete in Iron Banner Control matches, which are no different to normal Control matches other than the fact that you’ll get wrecked if you’re a lower level player.

How do you play Control?

Control is a pretty simple game mode where there are certain points all over the map that can be claimed and controlled by one team. Guardians will be split into two teams and they must gain control of as many points for as long as possible in order to boost the points they get from kills and assists to help them win. In short, the more control points your team has, the faster you’ll win. Many Guardians forget that the point of Control is to claim these points, and you’ll se the rookies running around killing the enemy and ignoring every point around them. Be a team player and claim these control points, because they’ll lead to more success for you and your team than running and gunning will. There is honestly nothing worse than being in a team who just run and kill even when Lord Shaxx is screaming at you about all the control zones being controlled by the enemy.

What’s the loot like?

Iron Banner is brilliant, in that the loot drops seem to be from pretty much everything that has ever happened in Destiny, excluding the promotional content. This means you can claim items like the Crimson and Sugary Shell, from Crimson Days, as rewards from matches. Anyone looking to collect all of these items should definitely consider hunting in the Iron Banner for a while.

With that said, you’re probably concerned about the Light level drop of the loot. I’m very pleased to say that loot drops at and above your Light level, meaning you can easily use the Iron Banner to increase your Light level over the next week. For anyone trying to get to that elusive 390 Light for the challenge mode Raids, this is the place to be. The armour and weapon drops tend to lead towards the Iron Banner loot, but there is every chance that you could even get an exotic drop out of a match.

Will it help with Age of Triumph?

If you’re concerned about spending a week levelling up when you should be completing that Age of Triumph record book, then don’t be. One of the tasks in the book is to reach Rank 5 with the Iron Banner once, and that’s after the update for Age of Triumph so everyone has to do it. You’ll also need to be reaching Rank 25 with all three factions before you finish the book, so this is an opportunity to earn additional reputation with those factions that need some love in order to meet the record book requirement.

Destiny 2 Collector’s Editions Now Available

Recently retailers opened up pre-orders for Destiny 2, most notably the collector’s and limited editions. The original Destiny had both of these edition as well, with the collector’s edition containing a replica Ghost with the first Dinklebot voice.

Now that Destiny 2 is available for pre-order we can finally see some of the content we’ll be getting both in-game and physically for our gaming shelves. The standard edition of the game simply comes as it is, though depending on where you pre-order it you could be getting a bonus anyway. UK retailer GAME offer a Cayde-6 figure for example.

The Limited Edition of Destiny 2 is slightly more extravagant. This all comes packaged in a large box decorated with symbols from the Destiny universe. The game will come in a steelbook case, and owners get the expansion pass as well, which looks to hint towards DLC for Trials of Osiris and Rasputin. Bonus digital content includes a Legendary Sword, Legendary Player Emote, and Cabal Empire Themed Emblem. The collector’s box contains a few physical items, a booklet with secrets of the Cabal Empire, a Cabal Schematic, some collectable postcard images, and Cabal Military Pawns.

Finally we have the actual Collector’s edition, which is around £200 and the largest of all the editions of Destiny 2. This edition contains all of the items from the Limited Edition, plus some additional physical items. Owners receive the Destiny 2 Frontier Bag, a customisable bag that can be worn as a backpack or a shoulder bag, and a 15 inch laptop/tablet sleeve with an inner protective pocket. This edition also comes with something called the Frontier Kit, containing a solar panel USB charger with built-in light, a paracord, and a blanket.

Playstation versions of all of these editions are going to sell out fast, so if you’re thinking of getting one then you should pre-order it now just in case, you can always cancel later. The contents of each edition should dictate what you buy, so if you want the all singing and all dancing version then get the collector’s edition. However, it’s important that you think about what you want from your edition. Will you only be using the digital content and never the physical content? Obviously the Limited Edition is for those who have no gaming shelf and no use for the physical stuff, but the Collector’s Edition is for those who want digital and physical items.

Finally, it’s worth knowing that you can buy the Expansion Pass separately to the main game. If you’re concerned about having only the base game and the first two DLCs, then this is all you need. Let us know what edition you’re after in the comments.

Image Source: Attackofthefanboy

Destiny: Xur’s Inventory For April 7th and 8th

Who is Xur?

Xur Agent Of The Nine, works for the mysterious group, The Nine. While Guardians have never seen The Nine, it is said that their influence is vast. Xur, the moss-tentacle-faced vendor visits social spaces once a week, bringing with him a variety of exotic items, which Guardians can purchase with Strange Coins.

Xur’s Location

This week Xur has deemed the Hanger in the Tower as worthy of his presence. Head right from spawn and go through the tunnel and down the first set of stairs. At the bottom of this first set of stairs stop, turn right, and there you’ll see old tentacle face.

Xur’s Inventory

Exotic Weapon: Invective (Exotic Shotgun) 17 Strange Coins

This shotgun is awesome in three ways. Firstly it regenerates ammo over time, making it a pretty important Special weapon for PVP if you haven’t already got an exotic that you’re comfortable with. The second perk allows it to be blasted in full auto mode, which is incredible if you’re faced with what might seem like impossible odds. Finally, this weapon also has Final Round, meaning the last round in the chamber deals additional damage. I don’t need to tell you that on a weapon that regenerates ammo from nothing this is super useful in PVP.

Check out our analysis of Invective to see if you’re interested.

Exotic Chest Armour: Crest of Alpha Lupi (Titan class) 13 Strange Coins

A common exotic if there is such a thing, each class has their own version. The exotic perk, Keeper of the Pack, allows you to revive teammates faster, and be revived a lot faster as well. In addition, you’ll generate one extra orb from using your Super. This exotic is pretty phenomenal for scenarios when you’ll need to be revived, and revive others, such as all 390 Light PVE activities.

Exotic Helmet: The Ram (Warlock Class) 13 Strange Coins

The Ram is one scary looking piece of armour, and you wouldn’t want it anywhere but your head. Strength of The Ram, the exotic perk, increases armour for you. The perk also triggers Lifesteal on all Voidwalker melee attacks, making for alone very hard to kill Guardian.

Exotic Gauntlets: Shinobu’s Vow (Hunter Class) 13 Strange Coins

These gauntles are fairly standard when it comes to exotics, so if there’s something else in this list you’d rather have I suggest you get it. The exotic perk, New Tricks, improves skip grenades, and allows you to throw them further. Finally, the perk grants you an additional Skip Grenade charge, meaning you’ve got two for the price of one and probably an extra subclass perk.

Weapon Bundles

Invective and Storms Reproach: (weapon Bundle) 30 Strange Coins and 25 Silver Dust

If you haven’t seen our review of Invective then go and look at it now to decide if you want it. As we always recommend with these bundles, only buy it if you want the gun and the Ornament, because you can get the Ornament separately.

Truth and Heart of Gold: (weapon Bundle) 30 Strange Coins and 25 Silver Dust

Truth is a really great Rocket Launcher that basically homes in on your enemies. when fully upgraded it will fire rockets that detonate even when they’re close to the target, and they’ll cause massive explosions. If you want this then we suggest checking out our review of Truth now.

Legacy Engram: (Exotic Special Weapon) 29 Strange Coins – The Legacy Engram will decode for a Year 1 or 2 piece of armour to complete your collection. Some of these items can be infused to Year 3 Light Level.

Three Of Coins (Consumable) 7 Strange Coins

Plasma Drive (Consumable) 23 Strange Coins

Emerald Coil (Consumable) 23 Strange Coins

Heavy Ammo Sythesis Consumable) 3 Strange Coins

Glass Needles (Consumable) 3 Strange Coins, 3 Motes Of Light, and 1 Exotic Shard

Our Take

As is now the case with Age of Triumph, if you’re not too bothered about what you get, go and buy what you don’t have. Completing the Record Book requires all Exotics so anything that’s missing here is worth buying. With that said, Invective is an incredible shotgun and can be very useful for completing Crucible quests and Record Book rewards. For me, it’s Shinobu’s Vow for the Hunter, because I still don’t have these Gauntlets and I’m only three off of having all of them for the Record Book.

Destiny: How Good Is No Land Beyond?

Last weekend Xur was selling No Land Beyond, arguably one of the most controversial exotic weapons in Destiny. This weapon is a Sniper Rifle that sits in your primary slot, and believe it or not that’s the exotic perk it has. While this might sound amazing, it’s really not as good as it sounds when you take into account that this weapon has a dreadful rate of fire, and an even worse reload speed.

However, there are players who have taken this weapon and made it their own, which is of course the case with every weapon in Destiny. What makes No Land Beyond more bearable as a Sniper Rifle are rest of its perks. Mulligan has a chance to grant a bullet back in the magazine if you miss a shot, which is great because you’re going to miss lots and lots to begin with. After a while though, you’ll start to notice how many bullets you have left, which is important as this is a two shot body kill. If you need that extra bullet then you can deliberately miss and hope to get the extra shot that’ll give you the kill. You could also get another shot at the crucial moment when aiming for someone’s head in the Crucible.

The Master, the weapon’s second perk, increases precision damage, and grants additional damage to the next target if you make a kill. This perk makes it so that you can get a body shot kill, aim directly for an enemy, and most likely destroy them in one shot. This perk is definitely catered more towards Crucible matches, and as far as I’m aware this is the place where No Land Beyond exceeds.

One question you need to ask yourself right away is whether you want a Sniper Rifle primary or secondary, because if you want it as a secondary then you won’t be using this gun.

With that out of the way we know you want to use No Land Beyond, but how do you make the best use of it? First you’ll need to level it up and get all of the perks activated, which is far easier to do in PVE that it is PVP. You will encounter a lot of comments about how bad the weapon is if you’re using it for Raids or Prison of Elders, it’s just about acceptable in Strikes but if you’re the reason the team wipes then you’d better be ready to pay for it.

When you’ve fully upgraded the weapon you want to head to PVP and start learning how to use it best. It’s going to take a lot of work but once you’ve learned how long it takes to get a second shot off on a target you’ll be good for competitive play. The real trick is to master the Mulligan perk, and make it so that the only time you miss a shot is when you mean to, sometimes scaring the enemy and moving them towards a team mate’s line of fire is the better option. Finally, when you’ve got all of that down, you’ll be ready to Trials of Osiris and making people feel truly awful about themselves by using this against the greatest raid weapons ever seen.

Destiny Xur’s Inventory for March 31st and April 1st

Who is Xur?

Xur Agent Of The Nine, works for the mysterious group, The Nine. While Guardians have never seen The Nine, it is said that their influence is vast. Xur, the moss-tentacle-faced vendor visits social spaces once a week, bringing with him a variety of exotic items, which Guardians can purchase with Strange Coins.

Xur’s Location

It’s the first visit from Xur in the Age of Triumph! Now he’s got a couple of new items this week that we can go through below, but first you need to find him! Luckily he’s in the Tower, so head there and go straight from spawn down the stairs as if you were going to meet the Vanguard. Stop before you get there! You need to go and see Lord Shaxx instead because Xur is creeping out around him, making him very uncomfortable.

Xur’s Inventory

Exotic Weapon: No Land Beyond (Exotic Sniper Rifle) 17 Strange Coins

Now please don’t get excited, this is a Sniper Rifle that sits in your primary slot but it is very slot to fire, and very slow to reload. However, if you master it then it’s lethal, and nothing hurts more than being killed by this in the Crucible. The exotic perk, is literally that it’s a Sniper Rifle in your primary slot, but it does come with Mulligan, so there’s a chance for missing shots to return ammo to the clip, and The Master which briefly increases damage against the next target after a kill.

Keep an eye out for a more detailed analysis of No Land Beyond this weekend.

Exotic Gauntlets: Ruin Wings (Titan class) 13 Strange Coins

Ruin Wings are badass-looking Gauntlets, but they’re much more than that if you’re into your heavy ammo. Their perk, Seeds Of Ruin, makes heavy ammo drop more often and when you pick up heavy ammo from crates you get more from them. This is pretty great for strikes and raids, but in the Crucible you might find heavy weapons a little slow paced.

Exotic Helmet: Astrocyte Verse (Warlock Class) 13 Strange Coins

This makes you look like the void is your skull, I don’t know what more you’d want from that. The exotic perk, Move to Survive, causes a temporary increase to Blink recovery, meaning you can blink more often and avoid whatever hellishness the Darkness is throwing at you.

Exotic Leg Armour: Fr0st-EE5 (Hunter Class) 13 Strange Coins

These look really nice, and as far as Hunter Leg Armour goes that is pretty rare. The exotic perk Rapid Cooldown, gives you a tighter radius while turning, avoid that feeling of steering a whale around the ocean, and increases grenade and melee regeneration while sprinting. I don’t think I need to explain this much more, but if you’re someone who sprints a lot then this is good for your Hunter. Sprinting is essential for getting out of the way of death, so I do it all the time and will be buying these.

Weapon Bundles

Zhalo Supercell and Shock Hazard: (weapon Bundle) 30 Strange Coins and 25 Silver Dust

This is a new item from Xur, allowing you to buy both a weapon and an ornament for it. The Zhalo Supercell is a pretty great Auto Rifle, which we’ve already done an in-depth look at here if you’re interested. Bear in mind that you can buy Ornaments separately so this isn’t an essential purchase if that’s what you’re after.

Monte Carlo and Royal Flush: (weapon Bundle) 30 Strange Coins and 25 Silver Dust

The Monte Carlo is a sought after Auto Rifle because it’s just pretty damn awesome. We haven’t done an in-depth look at this one before, but the exotic perk, The Monte Carlo Method, means that kills have a chance to refill your melee bar, and reduces the melee bar cooldown.

Legacy Engram: (Exotic Leg Armour) 29 Strange Coins – The Legacy Engram will decode for a Year 1 or 2 piece of armour to complete your collection. Some of these items can be infused to Year 3 Light Level.

Three Of Coins (Consumable) 7 Strange Coins

Plasma Drive (Consumable) 23 Strange Coins

Emerald Coil (Consumable) 23 Strange Coins

Heavy Ammo Sythesis Consumable) 3 Strange Coins

Glass Needles (Consumable) 3 Strange Coins, 3 Motes Of Light, and 1 Exotic Shard

Our Take

It’s the Age of Triumph so really you need to be thinking about what you need for that Record Book. With that said, don’t go crazy on a weapon bundle just because they’re there, only go for those if you need both the weapon and the Ornament. For us, those Hunter boots are essential and will be purchased, alongside the Warlock helmet if there are enough Strange Coins to go around. These two are missing from the collection and therefore need to be included to get that sweet sweet gratification from the playerbase of Destiny!

Destiny 2 Officially Announced

In the wake of the leaked poster for Destiny 2 Bungie has officially announced the sequel to it’s intense space opera MMO.

Bungie tweeted a rather disturbing image that shows the Destiny logo, with a big 2 behind it obviously and the last city on Earth in a blazing inferno, eclipsed by the Traveller. This image, which you can see below, completely changes everything we know about Destiny, as this is supposed to be the safest place in the Solar System, guarded by the kind of dead corpse of the Traveller.

destiny 2 Image Source: Polygon

Now the Traveller was dying when it released the Ghosts, a last ditch effort to save humanity from the forces of the Darkness, and it worked. Ghosts created Guardians, and they have protected the last city for the entirety of Destiny.

However, in both the leaked poster for Destiny 2 and the Destiny 2 Mega Bloks sets, we see the Cabal invading the Tower. This social hub has been a safe haven for all Guardians since the early alpha phase, but something has changed. Now Earth is being invaded by the Cabal, a new force that has most likely crash-landed into the planet and stormed the last city with their sheer numbers.

A reveal trailer that features Cayde-6 talking about his first encounter with these foes in the last city, which is hilarious, further backs up the facts with visuals of him shooting them all in the face. The video has a very different feel to the other Destiny promotional videos, which have also always featured live action portions. Of course with Cayde-6 being an Exo, you can’t really use a real life character to capture his likeness.

What we see in the trailer that may allude to gameplay details is the vast last city spread out before a fireteam of Guardians. This city has never been somewhere Guardians can explore, but now it appears it will be akin to those areas we see on other planets around the solar system. What fights await us there we cannot know yet, but we’re certain there will be a further gameplay reveal at E3 2017.

The sheer scale of the last city leads us to believe that the areas available for Guardians to explore are growing. In Destiny there are only certain areas you can explore, none of which organically connect with each other because they’re on different planets. In a world where No Man’s Sky exists, it’s reasonable to expect to be able to fly from one planet to the other in Destiny 2, as well as fight all kinds of Darkness in between.

All of these detail and more still need to be confirmed, and we’ll have to wait for the full worldwide announcement trailer before we have those details. This new trailer drops in two days on March 30th, but there’s always Age of Triumph if you just have to get that Destiny fix straight away.

Image Source: Technobufallo