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Where to Find Atlas Skews for Tracing the Stars in Destiny 2

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Where to Find Atlas Skews for Tracing the Stars in Destiny 2

Tracing the Stars is one of the first seasonal quests you’ll pick up in Destiny 2. It’s part of the main overarching questline that we’ll be continuing throughout the rest of the season, so it’s one that’s worth completing as early as possible. However, everyone needs a helping hand, and when you’re asked to find something called Atlas Skews, you’d be forgiven for wondering what the heck is going on. This guide covers where you can find Atlast Skews and get on with the quest.

Where to Find Atlas Skews

Atlas Skew 1

The first Atlas Skew is located in Divalian Mists, one of the massive named areas in The Dreaming City. Head northeast from the spawn point until you meet the cliff edge. There will be some platforms below you, and it’s down there that you can pick up your first Atlas Skew and get on with this quest.

Atlas Skew 2

The second Atlas Skew is also in Divalian Mists. Run to the middle of the area from the initial spawn point. Lean to the east as you go, slightly towards the big blue gate leading to Rheasilvia. There should be a cave entrance in amongst the cliff face. Look for a huge yellow structure here, and maybe even some rocks blocking the way. This is where you’ll find the entrance. Head to the right of the rocks, get in, and pick up the Atlas Skew.

Atlas Skew 3

For this third Atlas Skew, you need to go to the Bay of Drowned Wishes. This is a Lost Sector in the Divalian Mists, so not too far away at all. You’ll be facing quite a lot of enemies in here, so be careful as you rush through, it might be worth killing a few of them. From the entrance, head in and right, sticking close to the wall. Stop at the first cave opening you find. You’ll find the Atlas Skew in here, and you could complete the Lost Sector if you fancy too.

Atlas Skew 4

For this Atlas Skew, it’s off to Spine of Keres. This is up the north road from Divalian Mists. Head through the ice passage and out the other side. You need to jump across the destroyed road here. This will lead you into the area you need to be in and all the way to the Atlas Skew.

Atlas Skew 5

this last Atlas Skew is also in Spine of Keres. You need to follow the path to the road again, but don’t go into the castle. Instead, you need to use an item called the Tincture of Queensfoil, which is loot you’ll pick up around The Dreaming City. This reveals secret paths once you’re close enough, and you’ll start to see them here. Keep following the islands until you can reach a long short to your right. The Atlas Skew is there.

That’s where all the Atlas Skews are located. Let us know how you get on finding them in the comments.

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