Destiny 2 First Iron Banner Begins Today

The Iron Banner is opening for the very first time in Destiny 2 today. The event went live at 9AM and is open for a week for Guardians to go into and earn some Legendary and possibly Exotic gear. Bungie has shown off the new armour Guardians can earn but the weapons are still out in the wild ready to be caught right now.

As you can see the armour you can earn this week is pretty crazy. The Titan gear looks to be themed around Norse mythology and viking culture, judging from those horns and massive shoulders. Hunters have an individual look, nothing that you could place in history but it does bear small resemblances to both the Warlock and Titan armours. Finally if you check out the Warlock armour it is undoubtedly inspired by Japanese samurai, that helmet alone is enough to make me want to grind for days on end.

This week’s Iron Banner match is Control, which has been boiled down into 4V4 matches as with all Crucible matches in Destiny 2. The key difference between Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 Iron Banner is that there is no advantage to gear Power Level. In Destiny 1 you had a damage buff or de-buff if you were a couple of levels above or below your opponent.

The lack of a level advantage or disadvantage takes away a lot of what the Iron Banner represents. In Destiny 1 it was a chance for players to show off their biggest and baddest weapons, all of which would have the highest Light level and allow them to be better than all inferior Guardians. Now however, all that is gone and it’s down to a Guardian’s skills alone that are going to make the difference between them being victorious or lying in defeat.

A new feature coming to Destiny 2 Iron Banner is Seasons. Each season affects an entire clan, and sounds as if it will be something a clan can work towards to earn progress on their clan banner. Bungie will be discussing this more as time goes on, but for now it’s important to be aware that you’ll be part of a larger whole with Iron Banner from now on.

Currently Clans can work together, completing different events within the Destiny 2 director in order to earn weekly rewards for all clan members. What this ultimately means is that you as an individual don’t have to rise to the highest rank or play as many games as possible, because your clan will be working with you in order to earn cumulative rewards.

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Iron Banner Tips: 11th April to 17th April

The Iron Banner returns this week! If you missed the last one then head over to our last article where we handed out some tips about competing. Of course we’re going to cover the same ground here, and it’ll be that much more relevant because the game mode has changed, as it does every Iron Banner. This week until April 17th, the next weekly reset, you’ll be able to compete in Iron Banner Control matches, which are no different to normal Control matches other than the fact that you’ll get wrecked if you’re a lower level player.

How do you play Control?

Control is a pretty simple game mode where there are certain points all over the map that can be claimed and controlled by one team. Guardians will be split into two teams and they must gain control of as many points for as long as possible in order to boost the points they get from kills and assists to help them win. In short, the more control points your team has, the faster you’ll win. Many Guardians forget that the point of Control is to claim these points, and you’ll se the rookies running around killing the enemy and ignoring every point around them. Be a team player and claim these control points, because they’ll lead to more success for you and your team than running and gunning will. There is honestly nothing worse than being in a team who just run and kill even when Lord Shaxx is screaming at you about all the control zones being controlled by the enemy.

What’s the loot like?

Iron Banner is brilliant, in that the loot drops seem to be from pretty much everything that has ever happened in Destiny, excluding the promotional content. This means you can claim items like the Crimson and Sugary Shell, from Crimson Days, as rewards from matches. Anyone looking to collect all of these items should definitely consider hunting in the Iron Banner for a while.

With that said, you’re probably concerned about the Light level drop of the loot. I’m very pleased to say that loot drops at and above your Light level, meaning you can easily use the Iron Banner to increase your Light level over the next week. For anyone trying to get to that elusive 390 Light for the challenge mode Raids, this is the place to be. The armour and weapon drops tend to lead towards the Iron Banner loot, but there is every chance that you could even get an exotic drop out of a match.

Will it help with Age of Triumph?

If you’re concerned about spending a week levelling up when you should be completing that Age of Triumph record book, then don’t be. One of the tasks in the book is to reach Rank 5 with the Iron Banner once, and that’s after the update for Age of Triumph so everyone has to do it. You’ll also need to be reaching Rank 25 with all three factions before you finish the book, so this is an opportunity to earn additional reputation with those factions that need some love in order to meet the record book requirement.

Iron Banner Tips: February 28th to March 3rd

The Iron Banner is an event usually held on a monthly basis, in which Guardians can compete for unique event gear, weapons, and glory. The Iron Banner changes each time, using a different game mode from all Crucible match types, and enables levels to make a difference. That means that all your gear and weapon Light levels, coupled with your Guardian level, all affect the damage you deal and take in every match. The event lasts until the next weekly reset, which is March 3rd this week.

There are four weekly bounties which you should pick up as early as possible to ensure you complete them for reputation gain. Each rank allows you to buy better gear and weapons from Lady Efrideet. This week you can purchase class specific Leg Armour at Rank 3, a Helmet or The Laughing Heart Sniper Rifle at Rank 4, and The Lingering Song, a Hand Cannon, at Rank 5.

This week the Iron Banner game mode is Supremacy, which requires you to pick up the Crest a Guardian drops when you kill them. Each Crest is worth two points, but you also need to gather the Crest your teammates drop in order to prevent the enemy team from scoring, if you can.

Our Advice

Even if you have better gear and weapons than what is being sold, the Iron Banner is an essential event to ensure you have the best gear. The loot drops at the end of each match will be relevant, and usually above, your Light level, meaning you can easily move up if you compete in a few matches. The Iron Banner Bounties also grant loot at or above your Light level in addition to reputation.

This week it is certainly worth getting to Rank 5 for The Lingering Song, arguably the best Hand Cannon currently in the game. This weapon is superior to all others of its type, and many have even been swayed from their precious Hawkmoon in favour of it.

Our final piece of advice is to those who aim to collect the rarest loot, the best rolls in weapons, the items other Guardians weep over. Rewards from timed events such as The Dawning, and Crimson Days can be dropped from Iron Banner matches, and if you don’t have them then trust us, you need them. Items such as the Crimson Shell, and Sugary Shell are admired by all, and you’d do well to own them.

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