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Invitation Of The Nine Week 8


Now that everyone can finally progress through Invitation of the Nine week 7 we’ve been able to access week 8! If you need a guide for how to complete this step of the quest then look no further. If you need a guide for any previous weeks please check out our guides for Invitation of the Nine week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, week 6 and week 7.

Week 8 of Invitation of the Nine tasks you with completing the Strike, The Corrupted, and killing Scorn, Hive, and Taken in The Dreaming City in order to collect samples from their corpses. The Dreaming City is a pretty awesome area to patrol around, with lots of hidden gems and activities to complete outside of the norm. Don’t get too distracted as you complete Invitation of the Nine this week.

First things first, complete The Corrupted Strike. You’re going to collect some of the samples you need from here, so there’s no sense in causing yourself extra work by completing it after you’ve already got everything you need. If your preference is to collect everything in Strikes then you could run this a few times, but I think you’ll still need to focus on some race-specific hunting before you’re done with this quest.

After you’ve completed the Strike you should focus on killing Scorn. The Lost Sector, Bay of Drowned Wishes, is a perfect location to farm them. Scorn are pretty easy, because they’re bloody everywhere, but so too are Taken. If you haven’t already gotten all the samples of Taken that you need then just run around The Dreaming City looking for them. You can barely go for 2 minutes without getting swarmed by them so it shouldn’t be too hard.

For Hive you’re going to have to head to Divalian Mists. You can spawn in here again and again until you’ve got all the Hive samples you need. Of course if you’ve got plenty of time you could hang around and do some other activities if you wanted to, just to pass the time legitimately instead of trying to game the system. The choice is yours.

Mystery and Potential

Once you’ve completed the Strike and have all the samples you need it’s time to go to the Gambit Director. Hit the smaller node near the Reckoning node and you’ll get this’ week’s lore drop. You’ll spawn into the Reckoning area, jump through the portal, and then the giant Emissary will show you some reflections. You’ll get some new Powerful gear and a lore drop, as promised.

The thing to look for this week is in the reflections of the Emissary. What you can supposedly spot is those pyramid ships from the end of Destiny 2’s campaign. Some believe these ships to be the Darkness that the Traveller has been fleeing from for millenia. You be the judge.

Let us know how you got on this week in the comments. Was this a challenging one for you?


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