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Invitation Of The Nine Week 4


It’s now possible for you to pick up week 4 in the new long-form questline from Xur, Invitation of the Nine. For this step you need to have already completed week 1, week 2, and week 3, which will allow you to purchase week 4 from Xur when he arrives between Friday and Tuesday each week.

Xur first brought this step of the quest to the game on the 5th of April. This step is called The Magician, and follows a similar format to each previous step that you’ll have seen so far. As with every step of the quest it costs nine Legendary shards to purchase, and it’s well worth dismantling three Legendary items for.

The Magician

For this quest step you need to collect samples from Vex, Taken, and Cabal. As with every week it’s better to pick up the Strike that’s also part of this quest step before heading out to hunt down each race, since you’ll probably pick up a lot of samples from said Strike anyway. This week the Strike you need to complete is The Pyramidion. You can select thisStrike by heading to Io in your Director.

When it comes to farming areas for each race we have a couple in mind for you. For Vex a good spot to get loads of kills is the Lost Sector Grove of Ulan-Tan, though anywhere on Io is pretty good for Vex kills.

The same goes for Taken on Io, the moon is lousy with them, so pick a direction and keep running because you’re bound to find some relevant enemies to kill. A particularly good spot for killing Taken however, is the Lost Sector Sanctum of Bones.

Finally we have the Cabal that you need to track down, which is easier said than done on Io. There are Public Events that draw huge numbers of them in, but if you don’t have time to wait for that then Firebase Hades on the EDZ is probably your best bet.

Completing each step changes your invitation into a Bounty called Into The Unknown.

Mystery and Potential

Once again you need to head to your Director and select the Gambit node. Next to the Reckoning node you’ll see another smaller node for Mystery and Potential once again.

Once you head through the portal, as you would for any Reckoning match, you’ll be dropped onto a Gambit coin. You need to ascend the inverted pyramid by jumping on these coins until you find the Emissary of the Nine. You need to listen to the conversation, and that’s the end of the quest step.

Your reward is lore and more Powerful Gear, so make sure you’ve got room in your inventory. Let us know how you get on with this quest step in the comments.


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