What Will The Dawning Bring To Destiny 2?

The Dawning, an event that celebrates Christmas in the Tower is coming to Destiny 2. In Destiny 1 The Dawning brought with it gifts for all Guardians, as well as a secret or two to unlock. Most of the Vendors usually have a gift to give, including Eris Morn who likes to hand out boxes of raisins or celery. In the absence of the usual state of the Tower and the normal Vendors scattered about the Tower and the Farm what can we expect from The Dawning this year?

Well firstly both social spaces are being completely changed for the event, giving them falling snow and bright lights in the sky. This is a pleasant change from the normal way these areas look and brings snowball fights to them as well. That’s right from snow piles in each social space you can pick up a snowball and blast your friends in the face, for epic bragging rights all through The Dawning. It’s important to note that for the duration of the event these snowballs will be in Strikes as well, and you’ll be able to blast enemies in order to stun them, leaving them open for massive damage.

In the Crucible Mayhem will be returning as part of The Dawning. Mayhem is a mode in which abilities and Supers are charged at an increased rate, and Power Ammo is more plentiful. This makes for manic matches in which Guardians brutally rip each other apart with a huge flurry of space magic that not only looks great but feels awesome too.

Players will need to earn Dawning Engrams throughout The Dawning in order to earn the event-specific gear, which looks incredible. You can buy these by completing Crucible matches and Strikes, and all other milestones each week during the three week event.

Finally, there will be an opportunity to give Vendors gifts this year. You need to pick up a Dawning gift schematic from the Bazaar in the Tower, which you need to travel to different worlds in order to craft. When you give that gift to the Vendor it’s designed for then you’ll get one in return. This seems more like what Christmas is about and feels more like a game than a gift-receiving simulator. Let us know your thoughts int he comments.

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Destiny 2 December And New Year Weapon Updates

In their Destiny 2 news blog post, the state of Destiny 2, Bungie detailed a number of updates that will be hitting Destiny 2 in both December and the new year. We’re breaking that blog post down into the nitty gritty chunks to analyse exactly what’s coming for each part of the game in the future. This post is all about the updates coming for weapons, which has some exciting news about more powerful weapons.

Starting from December 12th players will also be able to pick up better versions of Legendary Weapons called Masterworks. The added benefits of Masterworks weapons begin with the ability to track either the total kills across the game with it, or just in the Crucible. Multi-kills with a Masterwork weapon will generate Orbs for you and your Fireteam, and I can only imagine this has to be in the Crucible and in PVE. Finally, these weapons will take from a small pool of re-rollable perks to give them an advantage over their standard Legendary equivalents.

Masterworks weapons will drop from any source of Legendary weapons for Guardians of a Power Level over 250. If you don’t like your Masterwork weapon then you can dismantle it for parts that let you upgrade another Legendary weapon into a Masterwork, which sounds really fair. The Raid and Trials of the Nine have a high probability of dropping Masterworks weapons, so if you’re not at that point yet get on it.

Finally, Masterworks is a concept that Bungie is hoping to expand to other areas of a Guardian’s gear. They really want to expose people to how many kills they’ve made in what could either be an attempt to make them feel bad, or more likely an attempt to make them realise how great they are at murdering aliens.

With Perks being fixed for each weapon there hasn’t been a lot of fuss about re-rolling for the best weapon meta-wise since Destiny 1, and I’ve got to say I’m glad of that. But I think the Perks on Masterworks might bring some of this back, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for those who are really into their stats, as long as it doesn’t affect the game and community as it did in Destiny 1.

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The State Of Destiny 2 Updates Overview

Bungie promised to update Guardians on how they’ll be changing the game’s quality of life, and most importantly XP, yesterday after cancelling the third Curse of Osiris livestream reveal event. They’ve delivered on their promise and have dumped a metric tonne of information via a massive blog post on the Bungie website. This article is a brief overview of the incoming changes to the game, but we’ll be doing more in-depth articles for various sections of Destiny 2 to categorise the nitty gritty details.

About a month ago Bungie posted a list of updates coming to Destiny 2, and they’ve made a lot of progress on those. While some of the updates are releasing in December some won’t be until the new year. Let’s take a closer look at how they’ve progressed.

The most engaged players, and by that I guess Bungie mean the non-casual players, will be getting some additional optional pursuits, including an entirely new weapon tier, Masterworks. Masterworks will be newer, better versions of certain Legendary weapons that have additional re-rollable stat bonuses, though I imagine only one or two to prevent a Destiny 1 situation with the re-rolling of every gun.

An improvement to vendor rewards is also being implemented, which adds a way for players to buy rewards from vendors directly with Legendary Shards or the relevant Token for that vendor. Amour will also be getting better with Ornaments, which grant a visual permutation of the armour for completing specific armour challenges.

Bungie is also adding better incentives for completing Prestige activities, a change that won’t actually hit Destiny 2 until January. Other than that there’s no further detail on this point.

A Heroic Strike playlist will hit the game in December and will provide more generous rewards for players completing them, maybe some Exotics drops? The rewards for Lost Sectors and Adventures are also, as Bungie put it, on the radar but won’t see any change in the December update delivery.

No date is confirmed but at some point in early 2018 private matches will be coming to the Crucible in Destiny 2. Bungie is also working on ranked PVP as a priority at this point, because fans have been asking for it for a very long time.

What will be introduced in December for the Crucible is adjusted Supremacy scoring (thank the lord!) and better spawning rules, alongside other bug fixes and niggles annoying the players. There will also be better incentives for completing games and penalties for those who quit early which will deploy in 2018.

The next Iron Banner and Faction Rallies events will have improved rewards from vendors as well as other alterations to make them more enjoyable.

Weapons mods will be made more interesting and effective as an economy in the new year, with changes to how they’re acquired and probably how they effect our weapons.

Exotics will also see an overhaul with under powered ones being changed to make them effective and useful in a Guardian’s arsenal. A new system relating to Xur will help prevent Exotic duplication as well, something us collectors can be very thankful for. On this note, there will be new ways to spend surplus currency, such as Legendary Shards.

Finally there will be a number of new emotes coming to the game; Salty, Spicy Ramen, Six Shooter, and Flip Out. Updates on the deployment of these will be given as they’re released.

Let us know what you think of these updates, more in-depth articles on each section of Destiny 2 mentioned will follow.

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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris Livestream #3 Cancelled

Tomorrow Bungie were scheduled to have the last of their three livestreams detailing the upcoming Expansion, the Curse of Osiris. However, it now seems as though this livestream has been cancelled in favour of a blog post.

The final livestream was set to discuss and show off the things we can earn in the new expansion, and the way it’s changing how we earn rewards from activities. Unfortunately that stream is cancelled and instead an in-depth blog post will be appearing on the Bungie blog that goes over the same details, as well as more information about the state of the game and quality of life for Destiny 2 players following the launch of the expansion.

In the blog post Bungie want to talk about their goals going forward with the game. Destiny leadership will discuss their priorities moving forward and what the game will look like when Curse of Osiris launches, as well as the state of the game in the weeks afterwards.

While it’s a shame we won’t get to see what the quality of life in Curse of Osiris will be like I think we can make some educated guesses over some of the changes that are coming . Bungie recently made a big change to the way XP is earned in the game, which directly affects the rate at which Bright Engrams are earned.

Before the change greater amounts of XP were rewarded for harder activities such as Raids and the Nightfall Strike, while XP would gradually decrease in terms of the amount earned for smaller activities every time an activity was completed. Now XP has been halved across the board which has upset a lot of people. I think that the developers will be talking about how XP changes will affect their activities in Curse of Osiris, but as to what those changes are it could be anything.

What we haven’t seen anything of is the new Exotic weapons coming in Curse of Osiris. It’s clear that the weapons the Expansion adds are going to be combinations of Golden Age weapons with Vex technology weaved into them. What would be brilliant is a  weapon that shoots bullets through time with a 100% accuracy rate.

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Destiny 2 The Curse Of Osiris Reveal Stream #1 Recap

Last week Bungie held the first in a series of three livestreams which will steadily reveal more about the first upcoming expansion for Destiny 2, the Curse of Osiris. In this livestream Bungie covered the new stories to tell in this expansion, but what exactly did that entail? Let’s take a look to remind ourselves before the next livestream.

New stories to tell is intended to cover the new location Guardians will be exploring, the story of the Curse of Osiris, and the characters we’ll meet along the way. The opening cinematic shows Osiris in a bit of a pickle, obviously in the Infinite Forest searching for something. Here he is scared by what he finds and throws his Ghost away through a portal to protect her.

From this we can surmise that Guardians will be searching for Osiris in order to help him, and then defend him from whatever is hunting him. At the point Osiris freezes time in the cinematic the Vex actually manage to unfreeze and attack him, so what is that all about and why are the Vex so vehemently searching for one outcome from the future in the Infinite Forest?

We’re told that the Vex are amassing on Mercury because the Traveller‘s Light awoke a portal on it. This is bad and it’s why the Guardians are now investigating it.

Next up is Osiris himself, and a bunch of lovely screenshots that I’m sure will feature on the site in the future. This guy is the greatest Warlock to ever have lived, and he was exiled to Mercury by the Vanguard. Osiris took what he had on him to Mercury and since then he’s been modifying his gear and weapons with Vex technology in order to keep one step ahead of them.

Now we see Sagira, Osiris’ Ghost who is the first named Ghost in the franchise, as well as the second Ghost to be heard in the series ever. She’s also been stylised to look more Egyptian than other Ghost shells in Destiny 2 and that’s important because it’s the whole theme of Osiris.

Ikora Rey will feature heavily in the Curse of Osiris because she’s the one who knew Osiris the best, and she’s the one who sends the Guardians to Mercury. She also needs to explore who she is as the Vanguard leader and how to be better at that in order to lead the Last City forward.

Brother Vance is the next subject shown and it’s hinted that while Osiris knows there is a Cult of Osiris who worship him he doesn’t like to think of himself on that level. In Destiny 2 Brother Vance wanted to find the perfect Guardian to bring Osiris back, now he knows Osiris is coming back and he is beyond excited about it.

Bungie then move onto locations and Mercury is the focus of it all. The key word they thought of when creating this planet was mystery, and that is going to be the theme throughout this expansion. Whatever we see when we’re exploring the planet will always have more to tell, even when fighting in the Crucible. Before the Vex Mercury was a lush garden world, but then the Vex arrived and hollowed it out into their own machine world.

The gate through which players will venture in Curse of Osiris will take them to different versions of Mercury, namely past, present, and future. What the Vex are doing is trying to find the right equation for the future, finding all possible realities until they locate one that they can use to their advantage. Through this gate players will have to face Vex from the future and the present, but also precursor Vex from the long dead past.

Due to the theme of the Vex there will be missions in the Curse of Osiris that play out differently each time. Bungie has made different combinations of set pieces that they will implement in different ways each time a mission is loaded in order to make it feel different and unique. This is by no means procedural generation but it does give the impression of it.

Future Mercury is next on the screen showing a place called the Dark Future in which the Sun has died, and no life remains but the Vex. This is a terrifying future and obviously one that the Vex would love to achieve. The Lighthouse in particular is a real hellhole, but in the present day it is a social space. Here the Cult of Osiris eagerly await Osiris’ return and have gone ahead and invited everyone there. This will be the start of a number of missions and it’ll be the place where you interact with a bunch of characters.

The player level has been raised to 25 and Power Level to 335, but this is not something Bungie go into here. What they do show is some Warlock armour with a Vex helmet that looks seriously creepy. On one of the walls in the Lighthouse there is an in-game tracker for activities after you’ve completed the Cure of Osiris. The activities specifically relate to weapons that you’re able to craft from vex technology just like Osiris.

Deej moves onto the surface of Mercury to give us all a taste of the planet. The social space is similar in size to others in Destiny 2 and will feature all the same activities. Apparently there are survivors from the wreck of the Almighty on the planet and that’s who we’ll be facing as we explore. He moves us through the planet which is as you’d expect, but then we hit the Infinite Forest.

The Infinite Forest exists within Mercury, the entire centre that the Vex have hollowed out. Here players explore and go through other gates in order to access different realities. The gates are controlled by ‘trees’ which have different appearances for each of the realities.

When the updated activity director is opened there is one surprise I wasn’t expecting, The Almighty. Obviously Mercury is a destination but the Almighty is right there, and sadly they don’t go into it.

At this point Deej takes the opportunity to address the question of new Raid content coming to Destiny 2. It sounds like there isn’t a new Raid being added but something called a Raid Lair. While the Leviathan is still available the new Lair named Eater of Worlds is now available as a six player activity. This lair features new encounters, puzzles, and bosses, but if you enjoyed the original enough then you’re fine because they’re upping the level requirements to Power Level 300. The idea for a Raid Lair is that it’s shorter and something you can do if you don’t have enough time to take on the entire Raid in an evening.

The Raid Lair is set to go below the city on top of the Leviathan, into the belly of this planet eating machine. The devs were keen to tell fans that there are a lot of stories left to tell with the Leviathan so expect more content to come. While it may be that we see more Raid Lairs added to the game I think that’s okay, because it expands the universe and gives us so much more in this rich universe.

That was all for this stream but there are two more to come over the next two weeks leading up the launch of the first expansion. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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New Details For Destiny 2 The Curse Of Osiris

A few more details about the upcoming expansion, The Curse of Osiris, have been leaked through various mediums over the last few days. You’ll know the basics from our previous articles so let’s go through all of the new information that we have and dissect this DLC a bit more.

Level Caps

The player level cap will be increasing from the current 20 Max to 25. The Power Level cap will also be boosted along side this from 300 to 330, with some new Legendary mods that will push weapons 5 points beyond that cap as they do at the moment. This allows for more player progression for anyone who’s grinding the endgame content, but it also makes the end of the game a lot further away for anyone who’s not at that point. MMOs like Destiny 2 thrive on having things to do, so extra levels to grind is only a good thing.

Brother Vance

We will see the return of Brother Vance in the Curse of Osiris. Previously this character was introduced as part of the House of Wolves Expansion for Destiny 1, organising the Trials of Osiris. Of course being a member of the Cult of Osiris Brother Vance will be super excited to see Osiris returning. However, Osiris is a potentially bad Guardian to be around so maybe we shouldn’t be so excited to see him coming back.

One thing that Brother Vance’s return could signify is the return of the Trials of Osiris. Whether or not this will replace the Trials of the Nine is completely up in the air.


Sagira is a new character being introduced to Destiny 2, and in fact she’s Osiris’ Ghost. The pair have become separated and she may encounter the player Guardian in her search to find Osiris again. If Osiris has been messing around in space and time then it would be easy to lose his Ghost, but is that a good thing? Sagira is voiced by Morena Baccarin of Firefly and Homeland.

The Infinite Forest

This is an area on Mercury, which is probably also the Patrol area on the planet, where Guardians will have to keep the peace under the gaze of former pupils of Osiris, Ikora and Vance of the Vanguard. The Infinite Forest is a simulated reality created by the Vex and controlled by them, so who knows what’s out there to take us on?

The Vex

The Curse of Osiris Expansion aims to provide more information on the Vex as a species, as well as what they’ve been up to throughout the Destiny timeline up until now. My money’s on building an army to go back in time and wipe out all life on Earth.

In addition Playstation 4 players of Destiny 2 will be getting access to an exclusive map, though this will probably be a timed exclusive. The map is futuristic spaceship overrun by the Hive, so gross. The map is set in Titan’s New Pacific Arcology.

That’s all the new information we have right now, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Destiny 2 Curse Of Osiris Revealed

It’s Paris Games Week which means Sony is having a massive slew of trailers and news burst from their mouths at long last. One of those trailers was for (you guessed it!) the first expansion coming to Destiny 2, the Curse of Osiris! The new trailer is pretty crazy, I’ll put it at the bottom of this article, and shows a bunch of new stuff but also loads of stuff we’re familiar with. Let’s have a look at the information that’s been given and go through all the new details about this exciting first expansion.

With regards to story the expansion sees the Vex assembling an army on Mercury. Here they are coming from the present, past, and future, bringing all kinds of of unknown and long-dead machines with them. The only hope for stopping this swathe of Vex is the banished Osiris, the most powerful Warlock in the history of the Vanguard, and a heretic who’s ideas saw him out of the Tower, never to return.

Guardians will need to track down Osiris, and a cast of equally colourful characters along the way, on Mercury. The newly explorable planet is filled with a dense forest and obviously a hell of a lot of Vex architecture. Sadly Mercury is one of those planets the Vex went back in time and occupied at its formation in order to transform it into a machine of their own will.

Mercury is going to a have a new area to patrol filled with Adventures, Public Events, and new Quests for us to complete. There will be new Strikes and a new Raid when the expansion launches, adding to the endgame content on offer for all those who have hit the highest Power Level they can reach. Finally, the Lighthouse will also be available as the social space for Guardians to gather in when they’re not slaying Vex.

One thing I think it’s important to point out here is that Osiris is a badass, but maybe not in a good way. The trailer shows him using his abilities, which confirm that he’s a Dawnblade, but he’s also reckless. This guy might well be the saviour of all Guardians if he knows how to deal with the Vex and whatever their plan is now, but he could also enforce his ideas on the newly weakened Vanguard. Osiris is dangerous because he wants to mess with Vex time travel technology, and I don’t see that ending well at all. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Iron Banner Season 2 And Updates On The Way

If you played Iron Banner season 1 then you’ll know how different it was to the old Iron Banner in Destiny 1. For the week it was live Guardians could compete in Control matches and gain tokens to be traded in for packages with Lord Saladin. The gear and weapons were impressive and had a feudal Japan feel to them, even if some of the guns looked like re-skins with new perks added. Well now Bungie is starting to talk about Season 2, and they’ve even given us a glimpse of the new armour we can earn.



The influence from feudal Japan is still present in these new armour sets, but the it seems like there’s also a blue set, the top image, which takes more influence from Viking imagery. In the blue armour sets, the image on the left, you can see a symbol for The Dawning. This is an event that occurred last Christmas and celebrates the holiday season in the Destiny universe. While we know that the Festival of the Lost isn’t coming this year to Destiny 2, it looks as though The Dawning will make a tremendous comeback.

Alongside these images the developers have also begun to discuss their plans for future updates to the game. These aren’t anything big, such as the items mentioned in the large content leak this week, but they are relevant to quality of life for all Guardians. Among the updates listed is a number of new systems and rewards for players that are more engaged than most with Destiny 2. These are the players who load up their Guardian daily and complete all kinds of activities for fun and glory, sometimes without the need for boost their Power Level.

An update is also planned to provide better rewards for Prestige activities and the players who complete them, as well as more replay value for the regular missions such as Adventures, Strikes, and Lost Sectors.

When it comes to the Crucible there is a plan in place to implement private matches for Guardians in early 2018, as well as better spawning rules (thank Christ!) and scoring in Supremacy mode. The uniqueness of rewards from the Faction Rallies and Iron Banner events is also being improved to help Guardians feel better about the gear they’re earning.

The mod economy is being looked at with a view to make it more interesting and impactful in the game. I don’t know about you but I tend to avoid using my awesome mods because I don’t want them wasted when I inevitably dismantle that weapon.

Finally, Bungie is also looking at improving the Exotics in the game, adjusting them to reduce the number of times they’re duplicated (Lucky Pants). There will also soon be some new ways to spend surplus currency, with a view to help players spend those pesky Legendary Shards.

As a footnote, there’s also the hint that Bungie is working on an interface to allow Guardians to equip multiple emotes!

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Destiny 2 Voice Files Reveal Potential Future Content

Over on the Destiny 2 subreddit user TheEcumene has taken the time to go through 26K of audio files and found a number of lines that appear to hint at future content for the game. However, all of this must be taken with a pinch of salt as Bungie love leaving Easter eggs around for players to find, and there’s every chance that all of this is leftover or completely unused data. But there is the chance that these audio lines give away some future story spoilers and reveal the content that Bungie is working on now that will release later in Destiny 2. Let’s dive in, I’ll walk you through the most important ‘discoveries’.

Among the voice lines are a lot about Patrol Zones from Destiny 1; Venus, Mars, The Dreadnaught, and even Old Russia. In some way all of the events from Destiny 1 are mentioned, including the Prison of Elders, but this is all most likely leftover recordings that were going to be used in some environmental scans, expanding the universe for those who never played the first game.

Now onto the interesting stuff. Ganymede is mentioned alongside something called The Myriad. Ganymede is the largest of Jupiter’s moons, and is the ninth largest object in the solar system without a substantial atmosphere. The moon has polar water ice caps and would make a good position for the Guardians as they expand their presence again throughout the solar system. I suspect that The Myriad is the name of a base on Ganymede, one established within the story of Destiny 2 since Io is the last place the Traveller’s Light touched and is further from Earth than Ganymede. New planets is something that Bungie would want to add to the game, so this leak is likely to have some bearing on the future.

Shiro, the guy who handed out bounties on Felwinter Peak after the launch of Rise of Iron, is on Mercury. This guy would definitely have something to do with a big push against an enemy, but there’s no further information on why he would be on Mercury, unless he was hiding after the Red Legion invasion. The same audio file also mentions Osiris returning to the Tower, and that has direct relation to one upcoming Destiny 2 expansion that relates to the Trials of Osiris. While this confirms that a legendary Guardian who was exiled from the Tower and the Vanguard will be returning, it tells us little about the upcoming expansion.

SRL will supposedly be returning along with Marcus Ren, it’s inventor. SRL is personally one of my favourite events in Destiny, and I’m thrilled to hear that it might be returning. Whether or not the Live Team at Bungie has worked harder on creating new tracks and Sparrows is another thing.

There are also a few lines relating to mysterious lore such as worms on the Moon, more likely Wryms from The Taken King expansion, and even a new Speaker. It’s true that the Speaker has not been around since the end of the campaign, but have Bungie really done away with this charismatic creep?

See the full details here from the subreddit thread. I apologise if it’s been deleted as Bungie may have butted in since and ordered it to be removed. Let us know what you think.

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Wardcliff Coil Helps Redeem Clan Claim First Prestige Raid Victory

The Prestige version of the Leviathan raid went live in Destiny 2 this week. The launch of the Prestige raid had previously been delayed due to a glitch Bungie were attempting to patch prior to launch, however in the end they said they wouldn’t delay it any further but instead were able to track for the glitch. This means that Bungie is able to track the first legitimate completion of the Prestige Leviathan Raid, and they’re announcing the top three winners tomorrow.

However, the first clan to claim victory over the new raid variant, Redeem, have had their victory soured by some Guardians claiming that they used the Wardcliff Coil glitch in order to get more Power Ammo and therefore make the end boss easier. But what is this glitch? Are Bungie tracking it, or even aware of it? What is Wardcliff Coil?

Wardcliff Coil is an Exotic Rocket Launcher that was sold by Xur a number of weeks ago. Of course because Destiny 2 is still fresh, most players are buying whatever weapon Xur has simply for Power Level and collection purposes. The weapon fires a volley of rockets and reloads automatically on Power Ammo pickup, but this isn’t what supposedly aided Redeem in their victory.

The Wardcliff Coil glitch requires Guardians to have Wardcliff Coil equipped when they spawn, some say that you then need to kill an enemy but others say this isn’t required. Then when the ammo is spent, players swap to another Exotic in the Power Weapon slot, finding they have full ammo and are ready to deal damage instantly with another Power Weapon. This basically means that before bosses all Guardians can wipe with Wardcliff Coil attached, at a checkpoint of course, and spawn in ready to do maximum damage. If an entire fireteam is dealing two Power Weapon’s worth of damage to a boss in a DPS phase then they’ll go down much faster. Or will they?

There is some question as to how quickly this glitch helps a fireteam finish the raid. Yes they can do more damage and finish the boss quicker, but there are weapons out there that will do more DPS in a phase than Wardcliff Coil and any other Power Weapon Exotic, Coldheart for example. While there is no exact data on this yet I’m sure some helpful Guardians will do a comparison very soon.

Bungie has commented on the glitch, saying that they’re not able to track it and it isn’t the glitch they were expecting players to use in order to make the Prestige raid easier. They have openly said that they’re announcing the first three clans/fireteams to finish the Prestige raid tomorrow, and it’s down to each individual fan to decide who they think deserves the victory based on use of this glitch.

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