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Devil’s Ruin Has A Secret Ability


It’s only been a few days, but Guardians have already found a secret ability lying within Devil’s Ruin that may or may not be completely intentional. If you haven’t got this new Exotic Sidearm then you should use our guide and pick it up, it takes less than an hour and it’s a really good weapon.

Perks Within Perks

As with all Exotics, Devil’s Ruin has an Intrinsic Perk. Close The Gap is the name of this perk, and it allows Guardians to switch betweeen two different firing modes on Devil’s Ruin. The first is the usual Sidearm rate of fire, that really annoying spew of bullets that doesn’t feel great to use, but deals enough damage with an entire maagzine to take a Guardian down. The second way to fire under this perk is to hold the trigger and charge Devil’s Ruin up, unleashing a laser at enemies that will stagger most strong foes in PVE, but it uses up all of the ammo in the weapon.

The second perk on Devil’s Ruin is called Pyrogenesis, and it’s the source of this hidden ability. Pyrogenesis will refill the weapon’s ammo from reserves after a successful laser blast that hits home. That would be it, but Guardians over on Reddit have uncovered this secret ability that I’m about to go into.

The secret ability is directly related to Pyrogenesis. Essentially what you have to do is hold the trigger on Devil’s Ruin until just before the moment it fires. At this point you need to release the trigger, which should blast a brighter laser out at enemies, though it doesn’t do any added damage, but more importantly it will completely refill the weapon’s magazine from reserves.

This is different from the normal functionality of Pyrogenesis because it means that Guardians don’t have to reload between laser bursts. Yes, it is possible to perform a laser burst with only 2 shots in the magazine, but the perk pulls the extra 13 bullets from reserves. This means that under normal circumstances, Guardians can perform a laser blast with 2 shots in the magazine, but they’ll have to reload after if they want to get in a couple more shots to finish off another enemy.

The secret ability basically makes Devil’s Ruin a far more effective weapon to use because it can keep you firing, even after a massively powerful shot. Not many other weapons in Destiny 2 can do this, which makes Devil’s Ruin pretty unique, and useful depending on your play style.

Let us know if you’re using this hidden ability to your advantage in the comments.

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