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Destiny 2 Exotic Sidearm Devil’s Ruin Quest Guide


With this week’s reset the new Exotic Sidearm Devil’s Ruin was finally added to Destiny 2 as part of Season of Dawn. Given that the best weapon in the game right now is a Sidearm, this weapon stands a good chance of being the new best weapon in Destiny 2, so it’s worth obtaining just so you can figure out if you like running with it.

As with every Exotic weapon, there’s a quest to get Devil’s Ruin. That’s why we’ve put a guide together, making it much easier for you to get this Exotic Sidearm and start ripping apart the system with brutal efficiency. We’ll put together an in-depth analysis of Devil’s Ruin in the future, but for now just use this guide to help you get it fast.

Step 1 – Lost Relic

This quest is shockingly easy and fast to complete, probably because Bungie has had a few complaints about overly complicated Exotic quests, like that to get Xenophage. To start the quest you need to go to Saint-14 and get the quest Lost Relic. This quest consists of you doing a run in The Sundial and killing enemies. There’s no catch with the type of enemy, how you kill them, or even where they are, you just need to kill them, and that’s really easy! Once you complete the run, and the quest steps, then you need to head to a console.

Step 2 – A Moment In Time

When you interact with the console you will get the new quest, A Moment In Time, and the Timelost Weapon Frame. You need to speak to Saint-14 once more, and he’ll send you off to the EDZ, Twilight Gap specifically, on a special mission that will now be available. The mission is called Parts Long Lost, and requires you to collect Weapon Fragments, so choose it and dive right in.

The mission sees you looking around the area for 10 Crucible Robots, each of which has a Weapon Fragment. Fair warning, all of these bots look like a dead Lord Shaxx, so steel yourself. Once you’ve got all the parts, Devil’s Ruin is all yours. Yes, that’s really it! So easy right?

Our Take

This is definitely the easiest Exotic Quest we’ve had for a very long time, but is it worth it if it’s this easy? Well the Intrinsic perk on Devil’s Ruin allows for two different rates of fire, one of which shoots off a high-powered laser. Another perk, Pyrogenesis, works with that laser shot to refill the weapon’s ammo, making for a highly efficient, if slow, Sidearm. As I mentioned earlier, we’ll have a full analysis up soon, but just use that information about the perks to judge if Devil’s Ruin is worth it for you right now. I’d say it’s worth it just because it’s so easy.

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