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How To Earn The Saviour Of The Past Emblem In Corridors Of Time


Corridors of Time is currently an unsolved quest in Destiny 2 that is driving Guardians nuts. It’s the first truly difficult quest in Season of Dawn, and all the professional streamers who play Destiny 2 are raging that they haven’t solved it yet. With that said, we do know how to earn an Emblem from it, Saviour of the Past, so here’s our guide for getting that done.

Step 1 – Access The Corridors Of Time

This step is pretty easy. First you need to head to Mercury and get into the Sundial space, where Osiris hangs out these days. Instead of talking to Osiris, activate the Sundial. This should take you to the extremely geometric space that is the Corridors of Time, which I suppose technically doesn’t exist.

Step 2 – Get To The Centre


Now it’s time to get to the middle of the maze, easy right? Well not quite. There’s a specific path that you have to take if you want to make this Emblem yours, and really you should want to because it’s not going to be around once the current season ends. A very kind Guardian who goes by the name of SneakyBeaver on Twitter has shared a guide for the right path to take.

I should explain a little more though. The path is marked by glyphs on pillars around the maze, and you need to follow the correct ones in front of the correct portals in order to earn Saviour of the Past. The correct path is as follows.

  1. Diamond – The one with three cuts in it
  2. Clover – This one looks a little like a rounded plus sign that’s been rotated
  3. Snake – That should be obvious, but if you’re stuck look for the wiggly line
  4. Plus – Look at your D-pad, it looks like that
  5. Hex – This one looks a bit like two hexagons locked together
  6. Hex
  7. Plus
  8. Hex
  9. Diamond
  10. Clover
  11. Snake

Step 3 – The Final Chamber

Following the above path will lead you into a chamber with a coffin in the middle of it.


Sorry shouting but those are the two instincts most of you will have, and they’re wrong. Instead of listening to your reflexes head to the edge and look for the prompt to reveal. If you get it right and activate the prompt, you’ll get the Saviour of the Past Emblem!

There is so much more to Corridors of Time than just this Emblem, but if nothing else this will give you a small piece from the Season of Dawn to add to your collection. I can’t emphasise how important this is for collectors, because the Emblem probably won’t ever come back into rotation. If it does, it will be part of an event in the far future, and I mean years.

I’m a collector, so I’m happy I can get this with relative ease. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Image Source: Stevivor, GamesRadar


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