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Destiny 2 Corridors Of Time Quest Guide


Last week Guardians started a journey to solve one of Destiny 2’s most intense quests yet, the Corridors of Time. It was figured out pretty quickly that you could earn an exclusive Emblem, but the actual route to solve the entire quest took almost an entire week, but that isn’t because it was deliberately obtuse.

Instead, this quest required loads of Guardians to pitch in, since everyone could find a piece of a map that has ultimately led to the solution to the quest. I watched all of this unfold on Twitter as streamers like Gladd and the RaidSecrets community on Reddit pulled together to put a map together from submissions from other Guardians.

This was a monumental effort, and it was fun just to watch, let alone be involved in the solutions. Bungie has really made an event out of this secret quest, and now you can complete it too. Read on for our guide to get through the whole thing.

Step 1 – The Lantern

To actually enter the Corridors of Time you need to go to the Sundial space, but not the actual activity. Go past Osiris and instead activate the Sundial, it’ll start up the quest. Now you can enter the Corridors of time, but before you go running through portals, read on for a bit more about where to go.

Step 2 – The Route

Every portal in the Corridors of Time has a symbol, and these symbols are key to getting through it correctly. Of course you can wonder it aimlessly for eons, but you’re not Osiris so there’s no point in doing that right? Instead, head through the portals with the following symbols in this order, and you’ll get to the centre. Read on for the next step, but check out the image below to get an idea of what these symbols look like so that you don’t get stuck, or go the wrong way.

  1. Clover
  2. Diamond
  3. Snake
  4. Clover
  5. Plus
  6. Plus
  7. Hexagon
  8. Hexagon
  9. Hexagon
  10. Plus
  11. Diamond
  12. Plus
  13. Snake
  14. Diamond
  15. Clover
  16. Snake
  17. Plus
  18. Plus
  19. Snake
  20. Snake
  21. Hexagon
  22. Diamond
  23. Clover
  24. Plus
  25. Diamond
  26. Hexagon
  27. Hexagon
  28. Diamond
  29. Plus
  30. Diamond

Step 3 – The Tomb

When you get to the end you’ll get some story about who is in the tomb you could see in the Timelost Vault. This will also give you the precursor quest for earning the secret Season of Dawn Exotic, Bastion. We’ll have a guide up for that later this week, as well as how to complete the two lore books that form part of the Corridors of Time quest. Saint-14 will be important for earning this weapon, that’s all we’ll say for now.

Let us know if you completed the Corridors of Time quest in the comments.

Image Source: Twitter, GameSpot


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