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Invitation Of The Nine Week 7


As things heat up with the Invitation of the Nine questline more and more lore is being given to us. If you’ve picked up the Invitation of the Nine from Xur this week and are ready for week 7 then read on. If however you need a guide to the previous weeks then check out our previous articles for week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, and week 6.

For this step of the Invitation of the Nine you need to take down Scorn, Vex, and Hive in The Tangled Shore. You’ll also have to complete the Strike, Hallowed Lair.

Our advice is to focus on Hallowed Lair first. By completing this Strike before anything else you’ll save yourself time on the rest of the quest step. You’ll likely get all of the Scorn samples you need from Hallowed Lair, but just to be sure you do make sure you kill as many as possible. It can be easy to get carried away with the end goal of completion and actually miss the secondary purpose of your activity, to kill Scorn and collect samples from them.

When you’ve finished the Strike the next best race to focus on is Hive. These guys can be found in abundance in Jetsam of Saturn, so head there and start taking them down. It’s important to do this quest however you feel best about completing it, so if you want to focus on Vex before Hive because it lets you do something else for your Daily of Weekly milestones then do that.

For Vex you’re going to be best off heading to another Strike unfortunately. This really is the best tactic for getting these samples from the race, so head to the Director and select the Strike, Warden of Nothing. It might take you a couple of attempts to kill all of the Vex you need to grab samples from, but it’s the most optimal way of doing so.

Mystery and Potential

Once you’ve completed the Strike and collected all the samples you need for this step of Invitation of the Nine it’s time to head to the Director. Specifically you want the Gambit Director and from there the node under the Reckoning node.

As before you’ll enter the loading area for Reckoning. Jump into the portal and you’ll emerge in the Flawless area from the Trials of the Nine game mode. This is another section where you’ll see a giant Emissary who will share memories of herself with the Drifter, and you’ll learn a little more.

As with every step of this quest you’ll get some new Powerful gear and some new lore. Let us know how you got on in the comments.


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