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Telesto Gets Removed In Light Of Mod Exploit

An issue with Telesto has forced Bungie’s hand over the weekend, and now it has been taken off the table because it allowed Guardians to become superheroes.


An issue with Telesto has forced Bungie’s hand over the weekend, and now it has been taken off the table because it allowed Guardians to become superheroes.

If you weren’t aware, Xur has been selling Telesto in Destiny 2 since he arrived on Friday. In conjunction with Iron Banner, the weekend was set to be incredible. However, a certain Mod has caused an exploit when used with Telesto, meaning it’s really easy to charge your Super in one kill.

What’s the Problem?

To explain the issue you need to understand how Telesto works. It fires small Void projectiles that stick to enemies, exploding after a few seconds. If you imagine the Needler from the Halo games, you’re definitely thinking of the right type of weapon. With each projectile being separately recorded by Destiny 2, there are sometimes issues with the game tracking what you’re doing.

Telesto became an issue with Blind Well last year because each projectile was counted as an enemy killed. This made the game mode far too easy to complete, so the exploit was patched.

The current issue with Telesto is similar, but it’s caused by a Mod that you can get as a drop in Iron Banner, Enhanced Ashes to Assets. The Mod also drops from Pinnacle activities, but with Iron Banner currently on it’s there that most Guardians have been picking it up. With this Mod attached, Destiny 2 counts every projectile from Telesto as a grenade, meaning that when you shoot an enemy and they blow up, the game records a number of grenade kills, not just a kill with a Fusion Rifle.

Guardians figured out that if they fire projectiles at a surface and then throw a grenade at it, they get their Super charged right then and there. Usually it takes about half a Crucible match of killing enemies in order to boost your Super to charged, but with this exploit that hasn’t been the case. Forbes actually Tweeted about the exploit, check it out below.

With Destiny 2 New Light going live recently, and Xur selling Telesto this week, there has been a huge boost to Guardians using the Exotic weapon. That means that the exploit was picked up pretty quickly from both PVP and PVE activities, and now Bungie has busted us by blocking the weapon for a while.

For those Guardians with Telesto and this weapon Mod already, it’s going to be pretty fun playing Destiny 2 while Bungie frantically make a patch. However, we’re sure a patch is on the way, so everything will be back to normal for the next Iron Banner tournament.

Image Source: Eurogamer

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