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Invitation Of The Nine Week 7 Bug Situation


Last week when Xur came to town it was to offer Exotic goods and a new Invitation of the Nine. Unfortunately for him, there was a bug that prevented week 7 of Invitation of the Nine from being completed, and it led to quite a lot of distress among the Guardian community.

With each week Xur has been bringing a new Invitation of the Nine, an item that can be purchased for 9 Legendary Shards and gives Guardians a set of tasks to complete. We’ve covered week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, and week 6 in these articles. However, last week Guardians were stumped when they couldn’t complete the Invitation of the Nine, and were left without any way to advance the long-form questline.

Bungie acknowledged the issue, and it turns out that they were aware that we wouldn’t be able to complete the quest for last week already. This is pretty bad, because the questline only advances one step each week. What was supposed to be a 15 step quest has now been extended to a 16 week quest artificially because of a bug.

However, with the most recent This Week At Bungie post yesterday the developer confirmed that it will now be possible to complete this step of the questline. They did not confirm whether it will then be possible to purchase week 8 of Invitation of the Nine from Xur, so only time will tell as we see him later on today regarding that matter.

I’ve seen many Guardians talking about this mess that Bungie have made, and I see one valid point that kept on cropping up. Why didn’t Bungie just make the Invitation of the Nine for week 7 auto complete, and add on a new one at the end or create an additional mid-step? Bungie is releasing improvements all the time, it wouldn’t take much for them to tag a new piece onto a questline right at the end, particularly if it doesn’t need to be seen for another 6 weeks.

Now I obviously can’t answer for Bungie, but there are some points we should take into account regarding this issue. First, the questline will have been built a long time ago, meaning there are triggers in place for certain events such as the lore we receive each week. Messing with just one of these triggers could cause the whole quest to break, and nobody wants that at all.

The other aspect of this issue you have to consider is that even tagging a quest onto the end of the questline could have dire consequences. There will be restrictions relating to a certain number of completions being met, and if Bungie didn’t catch everything then they could see Guardians completing Invitation of the Nine early, or not able to finish it at all.

It made far more sense for Bungie to work on a fix and release it, rather than simply offer a complete week. The fix will drop in Update 2.2.2 next Tuesday, pushing the questline back to a 17 week length in total.

Let us know how you’re getting on with Invitation of the Nine in the comments.

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