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Destiny 2 Update 2.2.2 Preview


Tomorrow Bungie will launch Destiny 2 Update 2.2.2. So far there are only a few details about the fixes that this update will push, but Bungie have offered an insight to those who want it into those fixes. We’ve gone through and fleshed out their patch notes because they’re usually extremely vague.

Invitation of the Nine

The first fix said to be coming with Update 2.2.2 is one for the Invitation of the Nine. Currently the Invitation of the Nine is broken, preventing Guardians from advancing the quest. This 15 step questline is the first of its kind, and it’s now been two weeks since the last step could be advanced. Many Guardians are outraged that they haven’t been able to progress for the last two weeks, but Bungie seem to be making good on their promise and have fixed the quest. Just to confirm, this relates to the quest step ‘The Tower’, which has been bugged ever since Xur brought it to Destiny 2.

Verdant Light

In Update 2.2.2 Bungie is changing the requirement for the ‘Verdant Light Competitive’ Triumph for The Revelry. From tomorrow the Triumph will only require Guardians to collect 20 Orbs to be unlocked. This means that the Triumph will then unlock retroactively for any Guardians who have already met the requirement, and make it possible for any Guardians who met all the other requirements for the ‘Party Harder’ Triumph to now complete that Triumph as well. The completion of ‘Party Harder’ will award Virescent Emblem, which has been eluding many Guardians for some time while the Revelry has been active.

Jubilant Engrams

This issue is really vague, so we can only speculate as to the overall solution from Bungie. The fix is for those Guardians who were awarded duplicate items from the Revelry loot selection from Jubilant Engrams. This is something bungie said wouldn’t happen because there was a system in place to stop it, turns out that system was flawed. The solution is listed as an in-game message that will be sent to Guardians who received duplicate items. We believe that this message with either be an apology, and the award of some Silver to that Guardian’s account, or an apology and the award of some of the items from the Revelry that the Guardian should have been awarded at the time.

Arc Week Emotes

The fix here is similar to that for the Jubilant Engrams issue, Guardians will be sent a message that advises them of how the issue will be resolved. The issue itself is that some Guardians weren’t awarded the correct Arc Emote during Arc week, thus missing out on it until now. This fix really is something that makes bungie stand out from other MMO developers, because they’re still going back to fix things for the community well after the event has finished, at least in the case of Arc week.

These are all of the teased updates that will release tomorrow so far, but a full list of fixes for Update 2.2.2 will be published alongside the update. Keep an eye on Destiny News Hub for an in-depth look at those patch notes and what they truly mean for the game.

Let us know if any of these fixes in particular affect you in the comments.


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