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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Narrative Preview Chapter Two Explains Where Eris Went

Continuing the trend of slowly feeding us lore up until Shadowkeep’s release, Bungie has posted a second chapter of Shadowkeep narrative preview. This one explores where Eriso Morn went when she left the Tower after Chapter One.


Continuing the trend of slowly feeding us lore up until Shadowkeep’s release, Bungie has posted a second chapter of Shadowkeep narrative preview. This one explores where Eriso Morn went when she left the Tower after Chapter One.

Check out the lore as it appears on Bungie’s site below, and read on for our thoughts.

The Black Needle

My head is throbbing, but I press on. This place I have found—it promotes pain. The Hive are fond of the anguish they bring. They will not deter me. It’s been months since I left the Tower. What do I have to show for my journey? Dead ends. Whispers. Nothing.

Whatever the Hive are plotting eludes me. Each location I survey holds the promise of answers, yet each has let me down.
Let this be the one.

I feel myself drawing near as the tunnels turn from rock and filth to tiles and pomp. Something… is off. I have yet to encounter even a single Thrall. I would count myself lucky, but I know better.

Stick to the shadows. Use the columns and pillars. Caution isn’t cautious enough.

I see ancient scrolls. Tablets. Something here must prove useful.


Incomprehensible babble. Could I have been wrong all along? Are they as lost as we are?

A light breeze scatters the scrolls. A breeze? Underground?


A voice carried on the wind. Sai? It can’t be.

A laugh from down the corridor. Eriana’s. “Come back to us, Eris.” Vell…

They’re dead. This can’t be real. I won’t fall prey to tricks of the Hive.

The gust picks up, bringing with it the dust and soot from the tunnels. It sucks the air from the room. I can barely stand.

“Did you believe it would be so easy?” Toland this time. The voice echoes all around me.

This cruelty…

“No, Witch. I thought it… would prove more difficult… to find you.”

A wailing scream assaults me. It’s a scream etched deeply in my mind. Poor Omar…

I won’t let Her shake me.

“Tell me, Archentrope, now that you have me… what will you do with me?”

Eriana appears before me, a construct of rock and sand. How dare She—

“Do? Child of the Hive, can’t you see? We are one. Do you hate it?”

I cringe with displeasure. Child of the Hive? Am I? Is this why I am still alive? I refuse.

“You are no more my family than a parasite is to a host. You will die, like your brother before you.”

She cackles. My stomach turns.

“If only you had gazed upon the dark majesty that slumbered beneath you…”

Beneath me? Her words are twisted half-truths. Do not succumb.

The dirt and debris in the air spin wildly, colliding into me. I’m trapped in a whirlwind. My chest grows tight. Breath short. I can’t see. It’s all around me.

“To be so near, only to scratch the surface, must tear at the filament of your mind.”

The storm begins to die down; I hack up the grime, regaining my sight.

“Open your eyes, Eris…”

The color dissipates from the world around me.

As the dust settles, I realize I am not where I was. A green-black sun hangs in the sky and a glowing orb floats in the distance.

Darkness is all around me and I am alone. Again.

Our Take

We find it interesting that this chapter is called The Black Needle. If you weren’t aware, that’s the name of the weapon that Whisper of the Worm is based on, and it was a coveted weapon indeed. In this chapter of lore we see that Eris has been exploring the Moon for months, searching for something dark that the Hive are doing.

What she actually finds is a chamber where the Guardians she lost in the Hellmouth, her fireteam, are taunting her. These are no doubt the Nightmares that Bungie teased in their recent Moon ViDoc. Bungie told us that Nightmares are the manifestations of traumas that Guardians have faced, somehow given form through the Traveller’s Light that they hold.

It seems to us like Eris’ Light is bringing back the traumas she faced on the Moon, meaning her entire fireteam is coming back to haunt her. Right toward the end of the chapter however, it looks like the traumas actually show Eris a glimpse of what she’s been searching for. It sounds like somewhere in the ascendant realm, where colour is drained, and a green moon watches over everything.

If you’re a Destiny 1 veteran you’ll remember the huge moon-like structure in the background of the arena where you faced Crota. I wonder if this big green moon is a reference to the Crota encounter, and whether it foreshadows one of his relatives returning. In the last chapter the sisters of Oryx were mentioned. They would be the aunts of Crota, since he’s Oryx’s son.

Let us know what you think of this chapter of lore in the comments.

Image Source: WCCFTech

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