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Bungie ViDoc – The Moon And Beyond Analysis


Yesterday Bungie released a brand new ViDoc for Destiny 2. While it includes details of Shadowkeep, the ViDoc is really about Year 3 and beyond for Destiny 2, with Luke Smith talking about this being the start of the next 5 years for the game.

In this analysis we’re going to cover the things we noticed that are of note from the ViDoc. Some of these might be recapping and expanding on what developers at Bungie have said, and some will be commentary on what you can see in the video. Check that video out below and read on for our analysis.


Throughout the video we can see vehicles being used as a big feature in Shadowkeep content. Some of the best parts of Destiny 1 and 2 were when they put us behind the wheel of a tank and sent us off to destroy everything in sight. In Destiny 1 there was even a map that utilised vehicles, and it was one of my favourites. With that map being set on the Moon, I could see it returning with Shadowkeep, but I digress. Ultimately it looks like Bungie is listening on the vehicle front, and putting them into more missions at the very least.


We finally hear what the Nightmares in Shadowkeep are, and they’re intrinsically linked to Eris Morn. Nightmares are manifestations of the trauma of Guardians who have returned to the Moon. This trauma can go so far as to become real enemies on the planet, taking the form of old foes we’ve long thought of as dead.

Armour 2.0

If you’re curious about Armour 2.0 we’ve already covered it.

Astro Shaman Weapons

Astro Shaman Weapons, if that’s even their name, are not Weapons 2.0 for Destiny 2. Instead these are weapons earned from Shadowkeep content on the Moon that are geared towards alerting you to Nightmares. These weapons are also pretty much imbued with dark magical power.

Rune Table

This aspect of Shadowkeep was barely shown in the video, but we think we know what it’s all about. The Rune Table is all about re-rolling weapons, but it’s more than that. This appears to be a way to alter the perks of the weapons you get from various Activities as rewards, but it’s still a step away from Shadowkeep’s Armour 2.0.

4 Upcoming Seasons

For Destiny 2 year 3 we’re getting a total of 4 seasons. We already know about Season of the Undying and Season of Dawn, which follows it, but there are two more that are guaranteed after that. The ViDoc also covered Seasonal Ranks and the Seasonal Artifacts, but we’ve covered both of those before.

Nightfall The Ordeal

Nightmare The Ordeal is the brand new Nightfall mode set. At the end of each Nightfall there are Champions that must be defeated, and the harder the level of the Nightfall you chooser, the harder that Champion will be.

Moon Dungeon

The new Dungeon in Shadowkeep is deep within the Moon, guarded by many traps that will trip us up every time the Dungeon evolves.


Crucible Labs is coming back alongside a bunch of Destiny 1 maps. The idea Bungie have for Year 3 is to evolve with player feedback, meaning those Crucible changes we’ve all been gagging for are definitely going to come.

Season of the Undying

We already know that Season of the Undying sees the Vex invade from the Black Garden, and how we’ll be stopping them over the course of the season. Season of the Undying is supposed to give all Guardians the feel of what the system would look like if the Vex were left unchecked.

Our Take

We’ve picked the things we’ve never seen before for this article, but there’s so much more in the ViDoc. We highly recommend watching it if you’re playing Destiny 2, or are considering it once Destiny 2 New Light goes live as the free-to-play version. Let us know what you think of all this exciting news in the comments.

Image Source: GameSpot


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