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Xur Location Destiny 2 – December 1st to 5th


The Xur location changes every week and you can find it from your map of the Solar System all on your own. What you can’t find is seriously detailed information on all of the items this Exotic Vendor is selling each and every week, which is where we come in. As I said you don’t need us to know where he is, but if you’re not sure he’s n the European Dead Zone at Winding Cove.

The weapon Xur is selling is Sweet Business, an Exotic Auto Rifle for 29 Legendary Shards. This gun fires 360 rounds per minute, has an Impact of 18, a Range of 37, Stability of 46, Reload Speed of 10, and Handling of 10. The hidden perks are a Zoom of 16, Inventory Size of 80, Aim Assistance of 80, and Recoil Direction of 100.

The weapon has an Exotic Perk called Payday which provides a larger magazine and increased accuracy when firing from the hip, so avoid the sights! Polygonal Rifling gives the gun a barrel optimised for recoil reduction and increases Stability, High-Caliber Rounds mean the shots knock targets back further and slightly increases the Range. Business Time gives the weapon greater Range the longer the trigger is held down for and automatically loads ammo pickups into the magazine. Finally Composite Stock means this weapon has a dual-purpose stock, with slightly increased Stability and Handling Speed.

If you don’t have this one already it’s probably worth acquiring just for the collection, but otherwise it’s a fairly average Auto Rifle at this point that may well see an upgrade in the new year updates.

Xur’s Hunter Armour this week is Chest Armour,  Lucky Raspberry for 23 Legendary Shards. This armour boosts Resiliance and increased Health Recovery thanks to the built in mods, and the Exotic Perk, Probability Matrix, increases the chaining capabilities of the Arc Bolt Grenade, granting a chance to charge it every time it deals damage.

The Titan Armour for this week is Gauntlets, Synthoceps. These too boost Resiliance and Health Recovery thanks to their Mods, and the Exotic Perk Biotic Enhancements increases the lunge range of your melee attack and improves melee damage when surrounded.

Finally we have the Warlock Armour for this week which is a Helmet, Skull of Dire Ahamkara. This Helmet boosts Mobility and Health Recovery with Mods, and the Exotic Perk Actual Grandeur provides additional resistance to damage during Nova Bomb. Nova Bomb kills will also grant you Super Energy.

As a mainline Hunter I would suggest you get Lucky Raspberry, but really you should go for what’s going to benefit the Class you play as most. However, the collection is always worth bearing in mind because in Destiny 1 it became a core part of gameplay towards the end of Year 3. With that said, the perks here definitely favour Warlocks this week, and if I had to choose one it would be the Skull of Ahamkara because of how powerful it is. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Image Source: Polygon

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