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Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn Season Pass In-Depth Look


This week we got our first look at Season of Dawn first through a trailer, then a livestream. We roughly know what’s coming in the season, which is definitely about Osiris, but what about the season pass? Here we’re going to dive into the contents of the season pass for Season of Dawn, analysing as much as we can of what’s in there. A big thank you to Forbes for getting the image that covers everything in the season pass. Check it out below and read on for more details.

Judging by the season pass contents for Season of the Undying, we should get the seasonal armour set and the Saint-14 Exotic with the first level of the premium season pass. Since we also got Eriana’s Vow pretty early on as well, I wouldn’t be surprised if premium season pass holders got a new Exotic weapon straight out the doors too. Check out the helpful breakdown of the contents, as much as can be deciphered right now, below.

  • 1x Saint-14 starter box that contains seasonal armor set and exotic
  • 1x Sundial Seasonal Armor Set
  • 1x Exclusive Universal Ornament Armor Set
  • 1x Exotic Scout Rifle, Symmetry
  • 1x Exotic Scout Rifle Ornament (level 100)
  • 1x Legendary Scout(?) Rifle
  • 1x Legendary Rocket Launcher
  • 1x Legendary Scout(?) Rifle Ornament
  • 1x Legendary Rocket Launcher Ornament
  • 1x Exotic Emote
  • 1x Headbutt Finisher
  • 1x Shader
  • 1x Saint-14 Emblem
  • 1x Transmat Effect
  • 2x “Target” Icon, probably catalyst booster for Symmetry
  • 2x Enhancement Prism Bundles
  • 2x Raid Banner Bundles
  • 2x Enhancement Core Bundles
  • 2x Legendary Shard Bundles
  • 3x Ascendant Shards
  • 3x Legendary Engrams (should drop at level)
  • 4x Bright Dust Bundles
  • 4x Exotic Engrams
  • 8x Upgrade Modules
  • 9x Planetary Materials Bundles
  • 10x Possible XP Booster Icons
  • 10x Crucible Icons, possibly for seasonal drops
  • 10x Hammer icons, possibly for Energy boosting (drops with more energy slots open)
  • 11x Glimmer Bundles
  • 18x Eververse Engrams (Retro ones? Current season? Unclear)


  • 1x Box Arrow Boost Icon (level 3)
  • 3x Weird Osiris Black Diamond Things From Trailer
  • 4x Honeycomb Icons with different symbols, something seasonal

Our Take

The season pass seems on a par with that of Season of the Undying’s. It’s nothing special, but it does enable you to earn guaranteed rewards for playing every day, and not even that as you approach the season’s end. The issue with the season pass is that it creates an initial grind for all Guardians as they try to get everything, which leaves little to play for after the pass is complete.

At least with Season of the Undying one Guardian was chasing Power Level 999 because of some obscure lore, but we don’t have anything else to push for in Season of Dawn. What would be nice is if there’s a purpose to being the highest Power Level you can be, which the Seasonal Artifact would allow you to do. Hopefully Saint-14 can add some more replayability to the season. I’m just excited about seeing Osiris again.

Let us know what you think of the season pass for Season of Dawn in the comments.

Image Source: Forbes


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