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Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn Could Be About Osiris


Recently I wrote about how Destiny 2 Season of Dawn could be about The Dawning, the Christmas event that comes to the Destiny universe every year. That idea was probably one of the most out there concepts for the season, so now I’m going to look at one that’s far more likely, what if Season of Dawn is about Osiris?


Osiris is one of the most iconic characters in the Destiny universe. He’s a Warlock, the mentor of Ikora, but unfortunately he went and got himself mixed up with the Vex. Using the Infinite Forest, Osiris is now eternally stuck tracking the infinite futures that the Vex have simulated, trying to anticipate how they’ll try to destroy the solar system next. But he has stuck his head out every now and then to get the help of the Guardians.

Season of the Undying has been about the Vex in the Black Garden awakening and trying to invade The Last City. Season of Dawn doesn’t necessarily need to have anything to do with the Vex, but it could have something to do with a new plan from one of the other races dawning, a plan that Osiris has seen in the Infinite Forest.

If this is the case, then Osiris would be guiding the Guardians through whatever new activity Season of Dawn introduces, helping them help him avoid another potential end to the solar system.

The Sun

No, I’m not talking about the trashy British newspaper, I mean old fiery, the big glowing ball of fire that keeps everyone in the solar system alive. Dawn is a word that’s associated with the Sun, and Osiris was the Egyptian god of agriculture, which relies on the Sun. The Egyptian god of the Sun, Ra, was actually a decentant of Osiris, so it’s all linked in a very roundabout way.

I really don’t see a season called Season of Dawn going live without Osiris having something to do with it. The man even has a cult dedicated to him, run by Brother Vance, who live on Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun. If Season of the Dawn doesn’t have anything to do with Osiris, I will eat a chicken waffle.

Trials of Osiris

Before the launch of Destiny 2 Year 3 there was a massive todo about how Trials of Osiris wasn’t returning with Season of the Undying. This was massively disappointing for a lot of Guardians, but essential in order for Bungie to continue fixing the game mode.

I think that there’s a good chance, if Season of Dawn is about Osiris, that we’ll see Trials of Osiris return. Bungie has said that they’re focusing on the Crucible way more this year, and bringing back this amazing game mode would be a big way that they’re fulfilling that promise.

Fix the Timeline

Bungie has revealed in the past that the purpose of Season of Dawn is to fix the timeline. This really does sound as if it will relate to Osiris and the Infinite Forest, but surely that means that the Vex will take centre stage again? Only time will tell.

I have no theory for how Osiris could be part of Season of Dawn, or even what event may be happening in it. What I do know is that it’s way more likley that the season has something to do with Osiris than it is to have something to do with The Dawning.

Let me know if you think Season of Dawn has something to do with Osiris in the comments.

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