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Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn Could Be About The Dawning


Season of the Undying is coming to a close pretty soon, with some of the Triumphs getting locked off as early as the 10th of December according to Bungie. With that in mind, we’ve begun thinking about what Season of Dawn might bring to Destiny 2, and one of the easiest theories to get on board with, because the names work more than anything, is that season 9 of Destiny 2 will be focused on The Dawning, Destiny 2’s Christmas event.

Why The Dawning?

As I’ve already pointed out, Season of Dawn and The Dawning both have pretty similar names, so this is an easy connection to make between the two. While The Dawning traditionally runs from around the 10th of December, which looks like when Bungie is preparing to end Season of the Undying, until the beginning of January, though that could change this year. Bungie is doing a lot of things differently with Destiny 2 for Year 3, and that all started with Shadowkeep. However, Bungie has also said that all of the Year 3 seasons for the game will see events that have been sparked by the events of Shadowkeep.

The Dawning is a holiday event in Destiny 2, and it’s all about giving. With that in mind, it seems fairly unlikely that Season of Dawn will be based around the time-limited event, particularly when there isn’t much actual content associated with it. The Dawning is more about giving Guardians some extra items over the Christmas period, something for them to enjoy whilst they’re actually enjoying Christmas as well.

What Bungie could do is extend the themes of The Dawning throughout Season of Dawn, whilst keeping The Dawning as a time-limited event within that season. They managed to keep Festival of the Lost within Season of the Undying, so it stands to reason that it’s possible for The Dawning to be part of Season of Dawn.

Maybe Bungie will slowly move the Tower into the snowy wonderland we see in during The Dawning, then thaw it out slowly afterwards. There’s quite a lot of fun to be had with a season based around Christmas and winter, and all of the seasonal armour and rewards could use these themes in their appearance.

In this way, Season of Dawn could bring in the new year within Destiny 2, and make for a real Christmas celebration in the game. But I honestly don’t think that this is where Bungie is heading with Season of Dawn. There are two other theories we have at the moment, which we’ll be sharing in future articles, and we think they’re way more likely than this one. Still, it’s fun to think that Bungie could dedicate a whole season to something like The Dawning.

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