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Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn Could Be About The House Of Dusk


With the big reveal stream happening this week, we’re exploring the various possibilities for what Season of Dawn might focus on. We’ve already thought about what it might be like if Season of Dawn was based on The Dawning, or if Season of Dawn focused on Osiris the Warlock, but now we’re going to look at what Season of Dawn could look like if it focused on the Fallen House of Dusk.

The Fallen House of Dusk

Firstly we’ll have to outline exactly who the Fallen House of Dusk are. These guys formed in the wake of the Red War, and they’re engaged with every other faction in the system. Fighting literally everyone isn’t a great idea, but these guys are doing it anyway.

After the Reef’s awful assault on the Dreadnaught, Prince Uldren, having survived, allowed himself to be captured by the Fallen House of Kings. There he forced the House’s Kell, Craask, to bow before him and submit. Submit the Kell did. Following that, Uldren went on a mission, at Craask’s request, to tell all other Fallen Houses to abandon their banners and unite in order to survive.

After the SIVA crisis and the events of Rise of Iron, the Fallen all abandoned their strongholds and recouped together. Now all of the Fallen are united under the House of Dusk, and they’re currently leading assaults against the Scorn in the Tangled Shore, and the Red Legion just about everywhere.

However, the House of Dusk continues to splinter apart, with new factions rising up and being defeated by the Guardians all the time. While the splinters might not survive, the House of Dusk does, and that’s what we’re focusing on.

The Breaking of the House

We know that Season of Dawn will have a theme of fixing the timeline, so it’s probably going to have something to do with the Infinite Forest. However, with Season of the Undying focusing on the Vex, I think the House of Dusk could take centre stage, and here’s how.

It’s generally thought that if the House of Dusk, now living in a last refuge on the Moon, broke and fell apart, it would split into three houses. These houses would be the House of Devils, the house of Judgement, and the House of Light. This last house is where I think the Fallen House of Dusk fits into Season of Dawn.

First we have the link in the names. House of Light and Season of Dawn both share connotations with the sun. There’s also the fact that in order for the House of Light to rise, the House of Dusk would have to fall, or set as the sun does. Season of Dawn could in a way then be a metaphor for the dawning of the House of Light.

Friend not Foe

Interestingly the House of Light isn’t a threat to Guardians necessarily. The House was unofficially formed by former House of Dusk Captain Mithrax. This guy wanted to make House of Light an open-minded house, and work with the Last City, because he believed that Humanity deserved the Traveler, not the Fallen.

I think that Season of Dawn could see Mithrax somehow return through the Infinite Forest. Maybe he wants to go back in time and stop the Fallen from ever coming to the system, which would mean that Humanity has a better chance of defeating their other enemies and living in peace with the Traveler. Of course, the story might look slightly different, but ultimately I think that if it’s going to involve the House of Dusk, we’re going to see something about the House of Light.

Let me know if you like this theory, or if it’s totally bonkers, in the comments.

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