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Theories From The Destiny 2 Return to the Moon ViDoc


Bungie recently released a ViDoc in which they revealed, and talked about, the Moon, a returning destination in Destiny 2. The destination is returning as part of the next expansion, Shadowkeep, which has had very few details spoiled for it so far. In this video I saw a lot of information that was barely touched upon, and some things that I thought could indicate larger features of Shadowkeep. In this article I’m going to cover what these features were, and my theories surrounding them. Check out the video below, and read on for more information.

Dead Guardians

Early on in the video the developers are talking about how the Moon is the same, but very different. At this point we see even more of those shadows floating in the sky, although it looks as though there are dozens within the mouth of a crater. I really do believe that these are dead Guardians who are somehow trapped by the Hive. If you think back to the Song of Savathun Strike in Destiny 2, how Guardians were turned into crystals and used for their Light. Something similar could be happening with the Guardians here, their lingering life essence being stripped away and used to power some horrific Hive machines.

The Fallen are Being Used

The Fallen Ketch that was on the Moon in Destiny 1 is still there in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep, but it’s being torn apart in order to create some sort of refuge for the Fallen there. In Forsaken there was a Baron who managed to fuse himself with the Hive, and use their powers. What if there’s a powerful Hive out there that’s using the Fallen stuck here? I think that these Fallen are ‘trying to survive’, as Bungie put it, because they’re being hunted, captured, and used for something.

Lots of Secret Exotics

We’re being allowed into structures that we weren’t allowed in before with Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. Bungie says this is supposed to give the impression that Guardians could go anywhere, and never know where they’re going, but I think it means that they’ve hidden loads of secret Exotics everywhere. In The Taken King there were loads of different items to collect that related to secret Exotics, and I think that the Moon is going to bring that feeling back.

Eris Morn Starts Something

In the video Bungie show off an in-progress opening cinematic, in which Eris Morn is looking around and uncovers something behind a broken wall. I think she’s the reason that this Hive Keep has woken up in Shadowkeep, and I think whatever evil Hive force lies there has been directed back at Guardians because of her meddling.

Re-Building Golden Age Technology

Part of the story that Bungie is telling with the Moon in Shadowkeep is about the Golden Age of Humanity, where we landed at the height of technological advancement. I think that, beyond the icky Hive weapons we’ll earn, we’re going to be re-building some Golden Age weaponry and armour. I don’t know how this will look, but maybe the tech will form part of the content in the seasons of Destiny 2 from the release of Shadowkeep onwards.

Lunar Landing Site

It’s just been the 50th anniversary of man landing on the Moon. Bungie want to pay homage to this, and I think that will appear as the Lunar Landing Site in Destiny 2. I would also love to have some audio files to collect surrounding the landing, and maybe where Humanity went from here, but honestly any kind of tribute will be amazing.

New Raid

The final scenes of the video show Guardians shooting a lot of Hive. I don’t think this necessarily indicates that there’s a new raid, but Bungie would be mad not to introduce a new one.

Those are all of our theories from the video, let us know yours in the comments.

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