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Have You Seen Kevin The Iron Banner Cat In Destiny 2?


No, you’re not losing your mind because you’ve been playing too much Iron Banner and ignoring your cat, there is in fact a feline in the Iron Banner. This discover was made over on the Destiny 2 Subreddit recently, where every cat-loving Guardian immediately pounced on it. Check out the short clip of the cat below, and read on to find out more about this gorgeous girl called Kevin.

As you can see, Kevin just pops up on the truck, meows, and jumps back down again. Of course the Guardian who posted the video, Cinobite, would never shoot her. Cinobite was also the Guardian to name the cat Kevin, who we’re also pretty sure is female, and so we have Kevin the female cat from the Iron Banner.

As far as anyone can tell, the appearance of Kevin is pretty random. It might be that she shows up at a certain point in each match, or she could trigger when Guardians walk past this truck, we just don’t know at the time of writing.

What is Kevin?

I reckon that Kevin is a Savannah cat, which is a cross between a wild and domestic cat. There are varying levels of wild and domestic with these beasts, but judging from the size of Kevin, I think she’s pretty close to being fully domestic. You can tell she’s a Savannah because of the beautiful stripes across her back, at least that what it looks like she’s got to me.

Kevin may also be a descendent of one of the creatures from Destiny 1 concept art. Bear with me on this one. She has some similar patterns to the huge creature in this image, what do you think?

I like to think that the person who designed the Crucible maps had a conversation with some of the concept artists, or just really liked this image. I think that because of either knowing about this concept art, or knowing the person who made it, Kevin has been added to the Crucible map in the video above.

More than anything, Kevin shows us that wildlife is very much thriving out in the EDZ. A cat could only survive with an abundance of prey, like birds or rats, so there’s got to be enough wildlife that has survived the Darkness for Earth to become a little closer to what it was in the Golden Age.

Let us know your thoughts on Kevin in the comments.

Image Source: VGR, Imgur



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