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Iron Banner Tips – 15th To 22nd Of October 2019


Iron Banner is firmly back in Destiny 2. This week it’s the first time the event has come to Destiny 2 since Shadowkeep launched, and things are a little different.

Fear not! As we always do, we’re going to provide you with the tips you need to make the most of this week’s Iron Banner event, and get as much out of it as you can. You don’t need to abide by everything here just to have a good time, but if you want to make the most of the event then you probably should.

Control Is The Name Of The Game

This is easily the most important tip in this entire article. Control is the game mode for this week’s Iron Banner, and that’s the game mode you need to be playing if you want to win the match. Many Guardians simply jump into Iron Banner each time it’s live and try to kill as many Guardians as possible. This is wrong, and will lose you the match.

Every Guardian should be pushing for control over as many points on the map as possible. If you get all three then they’ll lock out for the enemy, and your team will earn maximum points for each kill. That’s the point at which you just go for kills. However, it’s also perfectly fine for your team to sit back and let the enemy have one control point. As long as you have at least two for the majority of the match, the chances are pretty good for you winning.

I tend to find that control point B is always the one that teams fight over the most. Try to keep at least one of either A or C, and battle it out for B occasionally. However, don’t forget that you could go for the enemy’s other control point while they’re fighting your teammates for B.

Get The Pursuit Quest

The big change for Iron Banner with Destiny 2 Year 3 is the addition of an Iron Banner Pursuit Quest. This Pursuit is something you should pick up before you play any matches, because you can’t earn any Iron Banner gear until it’s done. The Quest steps themselves are fairly simple, tasking you with getting the types of kills you’d probably go for in Iron Banner anyway, it’s just that now they’ll eventually award you the entire Iron Banner Armour set for Season of the Undying.

It’s also worth noting that rewards from Iron Banner are locked out until the Pursuit is completed, even rewards from Lord Saladin. If you’re a sucker for the most relevant gear, this is something you need to do.

Complete Every Bounty

There are only four Iron Banner Bounties to complete this week. You should pick those up as soon as you enter the Tower, because they’re a bit of a slog to finish. Not only will these award you loads of Seasonal XP, but they’ll also grant you pretty great rewards on top of that. It’s also worth noting that there’s another Pursuit for an Iron Banner weapon that you can chase for both XP, and an Iron Banner Weapon.

I would also advise you to get every Bounty you can from Lord Shaxx. His Bounties can be completed in Iron Banner, and I’ve completed quite a few in just three or four matches. Once again, these award Seasonal XP that will boost your Seasonal Rank, and it’s just stupid to turn that down when you’ll be playing Iron Banner anyway.

Eriana’s Vow Catalyst Quest


If, like me, you’ve been neglecting the quest for the Catalyst for Eriana’s Vow, get on it right now. The Iron Banner puts you in Crucible matches, and kills there with Eriana’s Vow count towards the Catalyst Quest you pick up for it in Season of the Undying. the kills might not rack up as fast as they would in a PVE activity, but it’s better than nothing.

I’ll also add that Eriana’s Vow is a two shot kill in Iron Banner. It rips through a Guardian’s shield like nothing else I’ve ever seen. It’s super satisfying to use as well because you get four ammo for it every time you spawn. Don’t play it safe with your most powerful weapons, or if you are doing that then infuse the Exotic Hand Cannon so that you can use it without worrying about the drop in Power Level.

Those are all of our tips for this week’s Iron Banner. Let us know what you think of them, whether you use them or not, and if you have any of your own in the comments.

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