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Eriana’s Vow (The Weapon I Never Knew I Wanted)

Eriana’s Vow is one of the most interesting weapons to be added to Destiny in a while.

Headshots Galore

Eriana’s Vow is one of the most interesting weapons to be added to Destiny in a while. It’s a 90 RPM hand cannon (putting it in the same RPM as snipers like Izanagi’s Burden), Fires Special Ammo and deals insane headshot damage. This is the only hand cannon in Destiny’s history that comes with a scope and is one of the most powerful weapons damage-wise that Bungie introduced with Shadowkeep. Let’s take a look at all of its stats;

  • Impact: 100 (Jesus)
  • Range: 100 (Also Jesus)
  • Stability: 37
  • Handling: 31
  • Rounds Per Minute (RPM): 90
  • Magazine: 6
  • Intrinsic Perk: Looks Can Kill (This weapon fires special shield piercing ammunition. It comes with a scope)
  • Trait: Death At First Glance ( Bonus damage when aiming down sights on the opening shot of an attack. This bonus is preserved if the shot deals precision damage or strikes an elemental shield.)


Eriana’s Vow is a force to be reckoned with in PVP. Its insane range coupled with its overwhelming damage means that it will quickly 2 shot guardians with ease. While the weapon does have high recoil and performs poorly in close quarters, you can combat this by using an SMG with quickdraw to finish guardians off after getting just 1 headshot in. It’s also possible to 1 shot guardians in the head entirely and you can do this by activating empowering rift and of course standing inside of it. While this does obstruct your field of movement, I found this particularly useful in the control game mode, where I would activate empowering rift near enemies capturing a zone and quickly finish them off with a bullet each. Overall, this weapon works wonders in PVP and I’m having a lot of fun with it so far.


I haven’t played too much PVE the past couple of days, but I did hop into a couple of strikes to test out this weapon. As of now, Eriana’s Vow works pretty well in PVE because of its high damage, and you can often quickly finish off yellow bar enemies before they give you any problems. Eriana’s Vow also does wonders against enemies with solar shields, and I would often 1 shot solar shielded enemies with precision shots (Wizards on the moon beware). I would recommend putting Hand Cannon scavenger on (That’s the first time anybody’s ever said that) as there were some times where I would run out of ammo very quickly, but overall I really enjoyed the weapon in PVE. It’s certainly not going to replace the kings of PVE (I’m looking at you Recluse and Mountaintop) but it’s a good alternative for anybody who doesn’t have them. I doubt we’ll be seeing anybody using it in the raid on Saturday though.

The Verdict

Eriana’s Vow is a blast to use in both PVP and PVE. Its high damage, insane range all added on to the fact that it’s pretty much available from the start make it a must-have weapon in Shadowkeep.

Let me know in the comments what weapon you’d like to see me review next.

I'm a high school student who's been playing destiny non-stop since the glory days of the taken king. I write weapon reviews and spend hours and hours in the crucible testing out different weapon rolls trying to find the best one.



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