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Iron Banner Tips – 27th Of August To 3rd Of September 2019

This week the Iron Banner is live for the final time during Season of Opulence in Destiny 2. This week is the fourth time the event has come to the season, which is uncommon, due to the delay of Shadowkeep.


This week the Iron Banner is live for the final time during Season of Opulence in Destiny 2. This week is the fourth time the event has come to the season, which is uncommon, due to the delay of Shadowkeep.

As we usually try to do, we’ve put together some tips for this week’s Iron Banner event. These aren’t just tips for how to play the current game mode, but also things that you should bear in mind while playing because there are a couple of extra aspects to your time with Iron Banner if you’re doing a lot of stuff in Destiny 2.

Play The Game Mode

This is probably the most important tip in the list, because you’ll be losing most of your matches if you don’t heed it. The game mode this week is a version of Control. There are three zones for each team to capture, and the more you hold, the higher the points you get for kills. If your team manages to grab all three zones, it will trigger a lockdown, during which you gain bonus points for kills. After that lockdown the zones reset, and both teams need to compete for ownership again.

I cannot emphasise enough how important it is for you to play the game mode, and ensure your team has at least two zones at all times. The team that has two zones for the majority of the match usually wins, and that’s because they get two points per kill, while the other team only gets one. Those Guardians who simply run around killing other Guardians in this game mode don’t add anything to the match. In fact they hinder it.

Do yourself and everyone else a favour, if you see that your team only has one zone captured, go and capture another one.

Complete The Quest

Season of Opulence introduced an Iron Banner quest. We’ve been graced with an extra event to complete this in, and it’s worth doing if you want something to work towards with Solstice of Heroes 2019 over now. The quest has many steps, but if you keep on pushing through the matches this week you’ll make it to the end before next reset. Your reward is a complete set of Iron Banner gear from Season of Opulence, and if you’re a collector like me that is super important! However, I will point out that this Armour isn’t going to be moved over to Armour 2.0 like the Solstice of Heroes 2019 Armour is, so you’ll only really enjoy it until the 1st of October. The decision is yours.

Earn Items To Dismantle For Bright Dust

As we mentioned in our recent article about dismantling all of your Eververse items before Shadowkeep releases, many items that currently dismantle to Bright Dust right now will be changing on the 1st of October. After that date they will simply give you Glimmer and Legendary Shards, and that doesn’t help you when there’s a cosmetic item you want to buy. The more you play Iron Banner this week, the more likely you are to earn items that will dismantle into Bright Dust, which means more currency to buy the Shadowkeep cosmetics with on day one.

Increased Valor

Valor Rank gains from completing Crucible matches are increased this week in accordance with the updated Season of Opulence roadmap. this means you can push that rank all the way up, and reset your Valor in order to get a seasonal Triumph, as well as a sweet new Ghost Shell from Lord Shaxx. This point is probably the only reason I would personally play Iron Banner this week. I don’t see the point of the Armour or completing the quest, but I do love Bright Dust, and I want to reset that Valor Rank.

Let us know if you’re playing Iron Banner this week in the comments.

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