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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Iron Banner Preview


This week Bungie gave us a glimpse of the first Iron Banner event since Shadowkeep’s launch. The event is a great way to earn new armour and push your Power Level up to 950, but there are a couple of changes with Iron Banner for year 3.

The Iron Banner will run from next week’s reset, the 15th of October, until the 22nd of October. We’ve also got a little video of the Iron Banner Armour for Season of the Undying. These Armour sets will probably count for the Triumph that requires you to complete activities with a full seasonal set on, so it’s worth grinding for.


Bungie says that the way we’re going to earn rewards with this Iron Banner is different. Instead of simply being able to turn in tokens right away, we’ll need to complete a Seasonal Pursuit before we can buy anything from the Iron Banner vendor, Lord Saladin. This pursuit is character-based, so you can complete it for each character on your account, and will award the full Iron Banner Armour set for Season of the Undying once it’s complete. Once again, this is a super easy way to get a full Seasonal Armour Set, so it’s worth doing. Each step of the Pursuit awards a different piece of Armour, so over the course of the week you could pick up every piece.

The important thing about this Pursuit is that it will last for the length of the entire Season of the Undying. That means that if you don’t complete it this coming week, you can pick up where you left off with the next Iron Banner event. There are generally three Iron Banner events per season, so you’ve still got plenty of time if next week is no good for you.


Outside of this Seasonal Pursuit, all rewards will be earned from completing matches in the Iron Banner, and Bounties from Lord Saladin. Until you’ve completed the Seasonal Pursuit, all rewards you receive will be weapons. This is great for those Guardians who enjoy the seasonal weapons, and I think the entire Destiny News Hub team will be thankful for an easy way to pick them up.


The existing Bounties that we’re used to seeing with each Iron Banner event have been adjusted. They will now offer Pinnacle rewards, which drop up to Power Level 960, but there will only be four per event. This is possibly the best way to pick up the most powerful gear in the Season of the Undying, so once again I recommend grinding for it.

Bungie has said that there’s a bug which rotates the Bounties each day, allowing more than four to be completed each day. Whether or not this gets fixed by the time Iron Banner starts is anyone’s guess, but if it doesn’t it could be another way to get as much gear at a higher Power Level as possible.


The game mode for Iron Banner next week will be Control, or the Iron Banner version of it at least. As we always do, we’ll be putting a tips article together for you to use throughout the week, helping you make the most of the event while it’s here.

Image Source: Bungie

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