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Weapon Changes In Destiny 2 Update 1.1.4


We’re covering all aspects of the update hitting Destiny 2 tomorrow, update 1.1.4. So far we’ve talked about the changes coming to Guardians and the Crucible, here we’re going to talk about the changes hitting weapons.

First up, let’s talk about the changes coming for Pulse Rifles. All Pulse Rifles will receive a damage increase in PVE, high-impact and adaptive Pulse Rifles will also get an increased rate of fire. Lightweight Pulse Rifles will have their Precision increased, and adaptive Pulse Rifles will have their Precision decreased. Overall this is an increase to Precision damage, but mostly to body shots so don’t go expecting your headshots to count for far more damage.

Scout Rifles too are getting their damage in PVE increased, and all high-impact Scout Rifles will have their base damage increased. This should bring the weapons inline with everything else out there, but make them a little more useful on bosses I should imagine.

Hand Cannons are also seeing that boost to PVE damage, and Precision Hand Cannons are getting a boost to their Precision multipliers. Console Guardians are going to get increased hip fire accuracy, very useful for players like me, as well as increased ADS accuracy.

Sidearms now, and they’re also going to receive a boost to PVE damage if you hadn’t already guessed. Hip fire accuracy is also getting a buff for Sidearms, as well as ADS accuracy. The inventory size for Sidearms will also get a boost, allowing more space for you to store ammo. Finally the range on Sidearms is getting a much needed boost, in my opinion, as well as an ADS movement bonus.

Linear SMGs are seeing that OVE damage boost, but Set Optics are also getting set to 1.3x. SMGs too will have their inventory size increased for even more ammo, and even more bullet spraying.

Linear Fusion Rifles will get a PVE damage boost, and get an increased Precision multiplier, again much needed in my mind. The flinch multiplier is being reduced, because let’s face it one you fire your head’s in the air anyway, and the aim assist will see a boost.

Shotguns get a PVE boost like all weapons, and they’re getting that increase to inventory size so we can rip more enemies apart with Power Ammo. Suros precision Shotguns will also now have increased aim assistance, making you super deadly.

Sniper Rifles are getting that PVE damage buff as well as an increase to aim assistance, which seems like a bit of a piss take given they’re super accurate anyway. aim assist will also have a buff, as well as inventory size so, like with Shotguns, we all become mad weapons.

Grenade Launchers are getting a buff to blast radius but not PVE damage.

Precision auto Rifles will be getting a nerf to their aim assistance and range, though base damage won’t change, because these really were ridiculous.

There are some weapon Perks that are getting a buff also; High Impact Reserves deals increased PVE damage, Kill Clip deals increased PVE damage, Rampage deals increased PVE damage and has an increased duration, Dragonfly deals increased damage, radius, and has stronger visuals, Grave Robber reloads 5 to the magazine instead of 3, Timed Payload will split damage to explosive 55 and 45 direct, and Explosive Rounds deals decreased PVE explosive damage.

This update to weapons will level them out a lot, particularly Auto Rifles which have been the go to weapon for all purposes since day 1 of Destiny 2. Let us know what you think of the update in the comments.

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