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Guardian Changes In Destiny 2 Update 1.1.4


With a big new update hitting Destiny 2 very soon we’re going through the features to make sure you know what’s hitting on March 27th. We’ve already written about the Crucible changes on their way. In this article we’re covering the changes being made to Guardians in the new update, which affect every single Class, so read carefully.

All three Glides, Catapult, and Strafe Lift have been buffed and renewed to make them faster and more unique according to Bungie. The Mobility stat has also been extended, meaning everyone is faster and the fastest Guardians now have an even higher top speed. Guardian ground speed has also now been increased, making for faster Guardian movement regardless of how you’re travelling.

Supers have been reworked so that Striker, Arcstrider, and Sentinel now all move at the same speed while the Super is active. Arcstrider itself has been overhauled to move it from a neutral option for PVP to a far more competitive one. The attack animations have been accelerated, the dodge animation has been accelerated as well, and the range of all attacks has been increased.

Shoulder Charge is being changed back to how it was so it’s a viable movement option once again, reverting the changes made to it last time.

Dawnblade has seen a number of improvements. Throwing Sword now costs less Super energy, meaning Guardians now have enough energy for one more per Super. Everlasting Fire will grant even more duration to the Dawnblade Super, and all penalties for in-air accuracy have been removed while Swift Strike is active. The Icarus Dash cooldown has also been reduced, and Heat Rises now provides more energy for Grenade and Melee per kill.

Improvements to invisibility and smoke are also being made. The invisibility granted on dodge now no longer breaks aim assist or projectile tracking in PVP, but remains unchanged in PVE. Projectile tracking and aim assist will be broken during the dodge itself but not for any longer than that. The duration of invisibility and doge has been increased by 1 second, and the same increase has been made for the duration of smoke bomb invisibility.

There has been a decrease of cooldown recharge for Supers, meaning they recharge 1:40 times faster thanks to the 25% cooldown reduction.

Finally mods that reduce melee, grenade, and class ability cooldowns have been given a buff that mean they can provide up to 2 times the speed of recharge. This is different to the upcoming Mod update which will affect mods separately.

So Guardians are basically getting faster all over in all ways. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Image Source: AuburnPub

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