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Xur Inventory Destiny 2 – March 3rd to 5th


Xur is back in Destiny 2 again and this is the first time in March 2018. With the Iron Banner starting tomorrow it’s well worth you stocking up on some last minute Exotics in order to have an edge against other Guardians. Let’s take a look at what he’s got.

Exotic Rocket Launcher: Wardcliff Coil – 29 Legendary Shards

This is a truly cheeky weapon, and one that’s bested me in PVP many times, not surprising as it’s ranked #13 in PVP weapons. The weapon fires 60 rounds per minute, has a Blast Radius of 55, Velocity of 100, Stability of 56, Magazine of 1, Reload Speed of 55, and Handling of 82. the hidden stats are Zoom of 15, Aim Assistance of 80, and Recoil Direction of 60.

The Exotic Perk, Mad Scientist, makes this Rocket Launcher fire a volley or rockets as opposed to one. Volatile Launch greatly increases Blast Radius, slightly decreases Handling, and slightly decreases Projectile Speed. Extended Mag greatly increases Magazine Size while greatly decreasing Reload Speed. Mechanized Autoloader automatically reloads the weapon on ammo pickup. Finally Composite Stock slightly increases Stability, and slightly increases Handling Speed.

This weapon is one of the best in the game, and not because of the now patched bug that you could utilise it for. The fact that it’s so widely used in PVP should also show you that it’s worth picking up for the next Iron Banner.

Exotic Hunter Gauntlets: Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves – 23 Legendary Shards

If these Gauntlets have ever been on sale before I haven’t seen them, and that alone is a reason to pick them up, they greatly boost Mobility. The Exotic Perk, Spring-Loaded Mounting, increases your Sidearm ready and reload speed, perfect to have in combination with Wardcliff Coil.

Exotic Titan Chest Armour: Crest of Alpha Lupi – 23 Legendary Shards

This beastly armour increases Mobility, Resilience, and Recovery. The Exotic Perk, Survival Well, generates an additional Orb of Light from Supers, and a healing pulse when Barricade is activated.

Exotic Warlock Helmet: Eye of Another World – 23 Legendary Shards

This helmet looks mental , greatly increasing Recovery. the Exotic Perk, Cerebral Uplink, highlights priority targets and improves the regeneration of grenades, melee, and Rift powers.

This week I have to say you need that Rocket Launcher. Wardcliff Coil is simply far too awesome to pass up, but there are also some very good Exotics on offer here for all classes. If you want to do well in the Iron Banner, pick up any of the items on offer here. Let us know what ou grab in the comments.

I'm an avid Destiny 2 fan and player. I fell in love with Destiny 1 during the early alpha and have been hooked by the universe ever since. I really enjoy playing with other Guardians, speculating about the lore, and writing about as much of the Destiny universe as I can.

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