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What Are the New Exotic Weapons In Destiny 2 Black Armoury?


With the reveal of Black Armoury Bungie gave us a glimpse at the five brand new Exotic weapons that will be hitting the game in just under a week. Each of these has been built with the idea of secret weaponry in mind, and I have to say they’re probably some of the best in the game to date. One of these weapons is also a cheeky return from Destiny 1, and one I’m sure every Guardian out there is incredibly excited about.

Exotic Grenade Launcher Anarchy


Anarchy is one of the best-looking Grenade Launchers I think I’ve ever seen. Obviously it’s styled after the Fallen fashion, much like Queenbreaker and Dreg’s Promise, but it’s got a far better Exotic perk. Arc Traps turns the grenades Anarchy launches into proximity mines which can stick to surfaces, detonating whenever enemies come near them. This weapon is going to be used a lot in the Crucible, and it’s going to be chaos.

Exotic Bow Le Monarque


Le Monarque is from the French family in Black Armoury, and it’s got a perk that’s reminiscent of Thorn. Pestilence Arrows creates a cloud which will damage enemies around any target you’re shooting at. That’s a bit overpowered in my mind, but then again you’ve got to land the hit in order for it to work so maybe it’s too underpowered.

Exotic Sniper Rifle Izanagi’s Burden


This is the Exotic weapon from Black Armoury that I’m most excited about. As the name suggests, this weapon was forged by the Japanese family in the Black Armoury, with a perk to die for. Honed Edge allows you to hold the reload button in order to cram all four shots in the magazine into one deadly shot that deals additional damage. Apparently this shot will kill anyone with a body-shot, so this is easily going to be a must-have for Crucible fans out there.

Exotic Fusion Rifle Jotun


Jotun is an Exotic Fusion Rifle that engulfs your entire fist. The Exotic perk, which we don’t currently know the name of, makes every blast from Jotun a slug of hot Solar energy. These slugs will not  only blast and set the surrounding area on fire, but they also track enemies like those annoying grenades certain Taken enemies throw out. Time to get my own back.

Exotic Hand Cannon The Last Word


Now this one is more a rumour, since Bungie didn’t come right out and show it to us in the ViDoc. The Last Word is a returning Exotic from Destiny 1 which we’ve talked about in the past. The Exotic perk on it at the time, Last Word, improved stability and target acquisition when firing from the hip. This weapon was amazing in PVP, and I killed hundreds of Guardians with it. I hope we see it come back.

Image Sources: GamursPlus+, Gamespot

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