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How To Get To The New Tower Area And See Leviathan’s Breath On Display


A Guardian has discovered a brand new part of the Tower and explored it in detail. The area is intriguing for a number fo reasons, but most of all because the Exotic Bow, Leviathan’s Breath, can be seen on display in there.

One Guardian names Intervex posted a video yesterday that showed them exploring a brand new area of the Tower. I didn’t believe this at first, but really it does exist, and there’s some interesting lore to be found in there as well. Check out the video below, and read on for some more details.

In order to get into the area the Guardian jumps off the edge of the railing to the right hand side of the Tower, gaining a super jump buff by doing so. They then seem to grab the opposite edge, which you’d expect to just be untouchable, jump over, and then bounce around for a bit. I think this bouncing is caused by the game trying to make sense of a Guardian being out of bounds within an area that technically exists. They then use this bounce to move towards a ledge they can grab, and move around above the new area. Once they drop in they move towards the window, just to load the zone, and then they’re free to move around the area as they want.

There is another entrance that Guardians can reach around the outside of the Tower, which is the opening of a vent. However, this entrance is locked, and Guardians can’t come in that way. I also want to point out that it appears as though Bungie has blocked off the area entirely now, which indicates that it’s important.

What is This Area?

I think this area has a lot to do with the Season of the Undying. The Vex Offensive doesn’t begin until October 5th according to the Shadowkeep roadmap, so the area was probably set to unlock then, allowing Guardians to get a good look at the new Exotic Bow. Leviathan’s Breath isn’t actually open in Destiny 2 until the 22nd of October, so it could be that the Bow will be on show in the game until then, when it will become possible for Guardians to earn it.


At the beginning of the video the Guardian scans a bit of lore, a journal. The Ghost says it’s about Ana Bray, but everything is redacted, before saying that everything seems wrong. Part of me wonders if this was put in the area deliberately because it’s meant to be unavailable at the moment. If it was, that is a tremendously funny move from Bungie. Only time will tell if this area is meant for all of us this week, or in a few weeks.

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Image Source: Eurogamer


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