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Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn Livestream Summary


Yesterday Bungie gave us a reveal livestream for Season of Dawn, the next season in Destiny 2. As we always do, we’re covering everything of note that happened in the livestream, so buckle up for a lot of information. If you fancy watching the stream you can probably catch it on the official channel, but we’ll post the video below as soon as we can.


Bungie is doubling down on Saint-14 as the big character for Season of Dawn. Osiris might well be part of the story, but really it seems like the core focus is about Saint-14 coming back to life after dying, mainly because the timeline has been completely destroyed with the murder of the Undying Mind by the Guardians. This has created a possibility for the Red Legion to rewrite the outcome of the Red War, which wouldn’t be a great thing. Obviously, Guardians have to stop this.

Bungie actually released a really sweet piece of art for the season. It’s about the absence of Saint-14, showing his Helmet and Shotgun, the flavour text of which indicated that Guardians may one day meet this great legend once again. The ribbons are part of Saint-14’s story, and we’ll learn about that as we get into the season.


The next thing that Bungie did was release the roadmap for Season of Dawn. We can’t wait to dive into this in more detail, and we’ll get on that later this week. For now we’ll include an image of the roadmap here for you to stare at until the next reset.


Some of the developers at Bungie spoke briefly about the impact of what Guardians do in Destiny 2. They talk about how past DLCs and season have been self-contained, and separate from everything else. Seasons are now more about a continuous story, one that takes the actions of a certain event, and the outcome, and moves forward with it to produce an ongoing story that’s so much more pleasing to play through. This is meant to be the end of the period with lore that never gets used, and the start of lore having a full impact on Destiny 2 and the Guardians in it.

The Lantern of Osiris Seasonal Artifact

The Artifact for Season of Dawn is called The Lantern of Osiris. Bungie has changed up how the Artifact affects Guardians based on feedback from Season of the Undying’s The Gate Lord’s Eye. This season is more about precision and ranged killing, with Solar as the core element, and Void as the secondary element. It seems like the mods for Season of Dawn are more about pushing a Guardian’s abilities, as opposed to mods that purely work in the seasonal activity.

Armour 2.0 Season of Dawn

There are new mods for Season of Dawn Armour that build upon what Armour 2.0 brought to the game. These will be unlocked across Season of Dawn, and provide meaningful improvements that you can take everywhere, not just in certain activities.

Multi-Equip Finishers

With Season of Dawn you can equip up to nine different finishers, and then when you activate your finisher it’ll be selected from those nine randomly. This is awesome, because I’m, getting tired of seeing the same one all the time, because I’m too lazy to change it.

Mercury is Better

Mercury has been irrelevant since the Curse of Osiris DLC. Now Bungie is bringing it back with some proper force. the best change is that you can use Sparrows on the planet at last. It doesn’t look like loads more about the actual are has changed, but I’m anticipating some other quality of life improvements that every Guardian will enjoy.

Showing Off The Sundial

A team of six Guardians, all developers, then went into the brand new Season of Dawn activity, The Sundial. Initially Guardians need to battle their way to The Sundial, Osiris’ time machine (for lack of a better word), which opens portals to different points in time. Within these Guardians will tackle enemies in the potential past, present, or future, all of which might exist now that the Undying Mind is dead. Apparently each run of The Sundial will be different every time you play, but I’m not sure how random that will be.

The mechanics of the event don’t seem too different to Vex Offensive really. Guardians fight enemies, pick up orbs to throw at a large boss, and then head back to the Sundial to enter a new time portal. Bungie says that there will be multiple encounters per run, and then probably a final boss I should think.

More Lore

Leading up to the release of Season of Dawn there will be a lot of lore published, precisely one per day until the 10th of December. We’ll try to cover these in some detail so that you definitely notice them, but be sure to keep an eye on Bungie’s social media if you want to catch them first.

Let us know what you thought of the livestream in the comments.

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