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Christopher Barrett Gets Lord Of Wolves For His 20th Anniversary At Bungie

All it took was 20 years of his life.

lord of wolves

All Bungie employees get some sort of present for their anniversaries with the company. In this article we’re going to look at one of the most recent, because it’s really bloody awesome. Specifically, we’re talking about the Lord of Wolves replica that Game Director Christopher Barrett got for his 20th anniversary with Bungie.

The Lord of Wolves is an Exotic Shotgun from the House of Wolves expansion, one of the earliest in Destiny’s history. Barett chose this weapon because he worked on the House of Wolves expansion. Yes, he’s worked on other parts of the Destiny universe since then, but clearly this expansion means a lot to him.

House of Wolves was probably my favourite expansion for Destiny 1. It added the game mode that I’ve never found a better alternative for, Prison of Elders, and gave me my fondest Destiny memories. I’ll never top the achievements I made in that expansion, and I’ll always remember it fondly when I think of Destiny 1.

There must be a lot of perks to working at Bungie, but this seems like one of the best. Getting a replica weapon for various work anniversaries is something that no other employer would do. If they do, they certainly don’t share it that much. I myself have never received anything from employers for anniversaries, but then I’v never worked somewhere as great as Bungie.

However, I think that there are a few other weapons that Bungie employees should be choosing as their anniversary gifts when the time rolls around. First of all, why have we not seen anyone go for a Gjallarhorn replica? That would be close to my heart if I worked on this game.

If it were me, I’d got for a Red Death replica from Destiny 1. This is the weapon that I spent the most time with, because I had a gameplay style that made use of the life-restoring intrinsic perk best. I ruled the Crucible for a good while with it before I retired.

What weapon replica would you go for if you were asked what you’d like for an anniversary? I’d like to see something really crazy like the Wardcliff Coil get made and presented to someone. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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