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Destiny 2 Update 2.5.2 Patch Notes Explored In-Depth

Destiny update 2.5.2 is finally live! This brings an end to the terrible reign of the Lord of Wolves, but also signifies the start of the Solstice of Heroes 2019. We’re going to dive in here and take an in-depth look at the patch notes for the update, to see if we can gleam anything extra that might not be mentioned in these always light on the details sentences.


Destiny update 2.5.2 is finally live! This brings an end to the terrible reign of the Lord of Wolves, but also signifies the start of the Solstice of Heroes 2019. We’re going to dive in here and take an in-depth look at the patch notes for the update, to see if we can gleam anything extra that might not be mentioned in these always light on the details sentences.



Lord of Wolves

The amount of ammo that the Shotgun Scavenger perks can give to Lord of Wolves when it’s in the Release the Wolves state has been reduced, which should stop those cheeky Guardians from wiping us out with continuous Shotgun blasts. Lord of Wolves is also now effective over a reduced Range, which should allow us to get a shot or two in before we’re blown away. The real kicker for Lord of Wolves is that the Range reduction is greater when Release the Wolves is active, meaning there’s very little chance of cheesing kills like you have been all this time.


An issue with Feeding Frenzy was allowing it to be attached to any weapon. Bungie has now corrected this, and they have a select list of weapons upon which Feeding Frenzy should appear. See if you can figure out the weapons that are and aren’t on it.


An issue causing the Iron Symmachy Cloak and Terra Concord Mark cloth elements not to render properly has been fixed. This was causing these items to look pretty damn strange in some circumstances, so now everyone who cares about their Guardian’s appearance can rest easy.

Perigrine Greaves, the Exotic Titan Leg Armour, has had an issue recently that caused them to glow 130 times too brightly when the Guardians wearing them were at maximum velocity. To all those Titans who have been blinded by this over the last few weeks, you’re safe once again. The issue was probably linked to the brightness blur that all items in the game experience while moving, it’s just Perigrine Greaves were already extremely bright. In fact, Bungie has apologies for the wrongful programming that caused them to glow 130 times brighter, they meant for the Exotic to help Titans kill with 130 times more efficiency. Enjoy that!


Tribute Hall


It’s no longer a requirement for a Guardian to wear a full Leviathan armour set to earn progress towards the Triumphs: The Emperor’s Gladiator, and the Scoundrel in Uniform. Now Guardians will earn progress towards these through a points based system that works on how much Leviathan armour or weapons they have on them.


The glitch that allowed Guardians to place Tributes on an alternate character, after placing the Introductory one on another, in order to easily place every Tribute and unlock them all has been patched out now. any Guardians who used this glitch to gain the Catalyst or Emote rewards will have those items locked out for them once again. They’re going to have to earn them legitimately this time, I wonder how that makes them feel?

Iron Banner

The Pursuit objective values have been adjusted for the Iron Banner Pursuit. The required Grenade kills have been dropped by 50 percent, and any Grenade kills made by allies count as much as your own. The Sword kill requirement has been dropped by 25 percent, and, like with Grenade kills, any allies who make a Sword kill will count as one of your own towards the Pursuit.

An issue that prevented Guardians from equipping Season 3 Iron Banner Ornaments on their Season 7 armour has been, quite rightly, corrected so that everyone can see how awesome they are.

The daily and weekly Iron Banner Challenges will now no longer drop The Wolf’s Favor, so go and find it elsewhere.

The Triumph, Efrideet’s Gift, has had an issue for Guardians with it not unlocking for those who have earned enough Iron Banner rank up packages during Season 7. A retroactive fix has been applied that will get any Guardians who have met the requirements up to speed, and unlock that pesky Triumph at last.

The Menagerie and Chalice of Opulence

The Heroic variant of the Menagerie will now drop a Sword upon first completion, and this is a 100 percent guaranteed drop. any subsequent completions will have a 25 percent drop rate for Swords, but you are guaranteed one on the first run now at least.

The Triumph, Drink Deep, had an issue where it wasn’t unlocking for some Guardians who managed to claim the Masterwork slot on their Chalice of Opulence. This is now fixed, and man am I happy about it, because I can feel even more inadequate against the 65 year old Guardian a recently interviewed.

The Season of Opulence intro Quest had a bug that would trap Guardians. the issue was that the first slot on the Chalice would be unlocked before completing the Lost Sector, The Conflux, causing Guardians to be on the wrong Quest step. I myself didn’t suffer because of this, but I have heard of others getting stuck, so don’t worry you guys, you’ll be okay.

A huge issue that saw Guardians idling in Crucible and Gambit matches in order to earn Imperials has been sorted out. I myself have seen this time and time again, and I’m really thankful that Bungie is sorting this. I want to put it out there that if you’re playing PVP in any capacity you shouldn’t idle, unless, like me with my daughter, a poo-related emergency arises.

Quest for Truth

The step of the Truth Quest that required the Bounty, Corsair Down, to be completed has been replaced with a step that simply required three Bounties to be completed. I’m a big fan of this because it makes the Quest far more accessible, and there was a hell of a lot of randomness with it at this particular point.

If Guardians opened the Ascendant chest in the Strike, Warden of Nothing, then they’d become unable to earn Truth because they’d have advanced through a step in the Questline, and it bugged out. That’s now been corrected so it won’t stop Guardians from getting the Truth they need and deserve.


A really annoying issue that prevented the notification from showing up when you completed Bounties is now fixed. I can’t stress enough how important this is. I have spent ages on the same Bounty because I didn’t see it pop, and then felt stupid when I checked the Pursuits tab to see it definitely had.

The issue above prevented Guardians from spawning in the Crucible occasionally. Again, this was super annoying, and I can’t stress how great it is to see this finally fixed.

That’s everything for Update 2.5.2. this one is pretty good, with loads of quality of life fixes. It’s odd to think that we’ve only got one more month to go until Destiny New Light launches, and we see an influx of new Guardians playing for free. All of these fixes, and the ones between now and then, will be for them. So let’s all bear with Bungie while they work on creating something special to jump into for the first time.

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I'm an avid Destiny 2 fan and player. I fell in love with Destiny 1 during the early alpha and have been hooked by the universe ever since. I really enjoy playing with other Guardians, speculating about the lore, and writing about as much of the Destiny universe as I can.

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